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Here’s How You’ll Transform in 7 Days…

In Day 1… You’ll Learn the #1 Secret that GUARANTEES You Destroy Your Social Anxiety for Good

In Day 2… You’ll Discover the #1 Strategy to Ensure You Never Pitfall into a “Confidence Crisis” Again

In Day 3… You’ll Unlock a Proven Sequence that’ll Make You a Confident, Social “Learning Machine” 

In Day 4.. You’ll Uncover the Secrets to Be that Charismatic “Natural” People Love

In Day 5… You’ll Learn the 3-Part “System” You Can Use to Easily Build Deep Connections with Anyone

In Day 6… You’ll Discover How to Develop the Most Unshakable Level of Confidence Known to Man

In Day 7… You’ll Unlock the Blueprint for a Lifetime of Social Freedom — No Matter Where You Go

In the Bonus Module… You Get the Social Freedom Secrets I Normally Only Reveal to My $5k VIP Clients

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Lifestyle Design Mastery…

This Step-by-Step Guide Ensures You Create a Clear Vision of the Exact Lifestyle You Desire Socially & Romantically

Next, Discover Proven Strategies to Quickly Bring the Vision of Your Ideal Lifestyle to Life — Cheap, Fast, n Easy

Third, Learn Exactly How to Carry Out the Social Events You Lead — So That Everyone Loves You and Wants to Get More Invites from You

Finally, Unlock the Secrets to Become the Beloved “King” of Your Hometown. This is Literally the Blueprint for Becoming Popular

Here’s What Others Have Said…

“With Jason, anything is possible. Through his Confidence Building Sequence, he provides you with a strategy to deal with any fear you have, whether it is public speaking or meeting new people. Jason reaffirms this over and over until it is part of your philosophy. Thank you, Jason for making a difference in my life!”

Manny M.

Finance, State of California

My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons. I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.”

Anmol B.

University Student

Here’s What Others Have Said…

“With Jason, anything is possible. Through his Confidence Building Sequence, he provides you with a strategy to deal with any fear you have, whether it is public speaking or meeting new people. Jason reaffirms this over and over until it is part of your philosophy. Thank you, Jason for making a difference in my life!”

Manny M.

Finance, State of California

My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons. I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.”

Anmol B.

University Student


Here’s what’s up.

My palms always got sweaty. My heart would beat to damned fast. And my shoulders were always tight as (f**k).

Put simply. I always felt anxious when I was out socially. At school, work, or really… Anywhere.

Honestly? I thought it was normal. Until one day, I placed an order for pizza.  Since my family was in the room, I felt especially anxious. 

While placing my order, my heart was literally beating like I’d just sprinted up a mountain. I was panting — riddled with stress — simply beacuse I was talking to a stranger (on the phone) with my family present.

Anxious as F**K. All simply cuz I was calling up Domino’s to order some peperoni pizza.

That was the day I knew I had a real problem.


I’d love to say I made the commitment that very day. It’d sound real motivational to declare that it was in that very moment that I COMMITTED to change my life — and destroy my social anxiety for good.

But that’d be a lie. For years after that point, I let myself continue to awkwardly struggle with social anxiety.

Looking back, my social anxiety hurt every part of my life.

I couldn’t talk to girls without acting like an awkward clown, and I got anxious in virtually all professional situations. Hell, I even got nervous at family get togethers and weddings.

Did you hear that? I’d get nervous simply when I thought about socializing with my own relatives!!!

Needless to say, I was really kicking ass… 😏

Finally, I received a blessing in disguise…

I managed to become the valedictorian of the junior college I was studying at. And so, they asked me to give a speech.

At the time, this was a nightmare of an experience.

Me? I have to speak in front of a thousand people? Are you f**king kidding me?

Here’s a picture of me just before going up to speak.

Not looking too confident, huh? You can imagine how things went from there…

I’ll save you the gushy story and cut to the chase.

I absolutely flopped.

If people recorded and tracked the worst speeches of human history, mine may be #1 on the all time list.

My voice kept cutting out when I tried to speak, I made these terribly awkward gestures, and I tried to deliver canned jokes — but heard nothing but crickets.

And if that sounds bad, that’s just the beginning. The warmup round….

The real turning point came when I looked down at the audience — and saw two kids hysterically laughing at me. At that moment, I couldn’t deny the truth:

I was laughingstock.

Making a fool of myself in front of a thousand people. That’s the moment that changed my relationship with social anxiety forever. 

In that instant, literally in front of everyone, I mentally committed to stop being an awkward, anxious motherfucker.

I knew I HAD TO stop being so nervous, and so clumbsy, socially. Finally, I was DETERMINED to destroy my social anxiety for good.

That day, in front of everyone, it finally clicked. And I knew that if I didn’t change soon, my personal life, social life, romantic life, and career would all suffer — for my WHOLE life.

It was a wakeup call. That’s for sure.

So, I got busy: Finally began doing the things I was most afraid of. 

Right after my disasterous day, I signed up for Toastmaster’s and started giving local speeches, even though I was (of course) terrified.

I knew speaking up in front of people would help me combat my social anxiety.

Here’s a picture of one of me giving one of my early speeches.

I wont bullshit you: as you’d expect, my initial speeches didn’t go well. But I knew that I had to stay persistent. So I kept showing up for more.

Around the same time, since I’d been soooOoooo awkward around women my whole life, I just knew I had to face my fear of talking to women, too.

So, especially once I transferred from the junior college to U.C.L.A. the following fall, I began mustering the courage to approach the attractive women I saw on campus each day.

But without a clue of what to say, or how to deal with my nerves, my results on my approaches weren’t exactly Hugh Hefner esque.

Here’s the honest truth…

Girls looked at me like I was a mix between Frankenstein and the 40 Year Old Virgin. 

It wasn’t exactly fun to see these horrible responses — directed straight at me — from women I desired. But, despite struggling with emotional pain and intense anxiety as a result, I stuck with it.

Results didn’t come quick. But finally, I started getting decent at talking to girls.

And after months of approaching women all over my college campus, I began getting a few dates.

Daygame is a Numbers Game

Then, more dates came my way.

Finally, by the time I graduated with a degree in psychology at U.C.L.A., I had more dates than I had time.

I was appraoching women with overflowing confidence damned near every single day! I felt at ease. Everything I said suddently sounded smooth. And the women I’d chat up were LOVING it!

At the same time, my public speaking skills were taking off. Awards and accolades started coming in. I started getting nominated to compete in public speaking competitions.

Even more important than these tangible results?

My social anxiety was finally gone!

Perhaps best of all? I felt confident everywhere I went socially for the first time in my life.

Seriously, it was a 180 degree shift.

Now, if you’re struggling like I was, I’m sure you have some questions. Namely, what catalyzed my transformation? A major key was that I took lots of action.

No doubt about it — action is crucial to destroying your social anxiety and replacing it with confidence.

Another reason why I finally destroyed my social anxiety? Everything I’d learned studying psychology, both in the classroom and in my own spare time, helped me transform my mindset.

What I didn’t tell you is that when I wasn’t giving speeches or approaching women, I was studying behavioral change like a maniac.

In fact, the main reason I transferred to U.C.L.A. to study psychology in the first place was to uncover answers to help me with my own troubles. 

Well… My plan had worked.

My confidence was suddenly soaring. I could speak up anywhere freely and comfortably. And my phone was blowing up with texts from attractive women — for the first time ever. It felt amazing.

Yet, I didn’t feel like just sitting back and soaking up the newfound results my transformation was presenting to me.

I knew my job wasn’t done. In fact, I had more motivation to take more action and to make a bigger impact than I’d ever felt before.

Specifically, I felt (and still feel to this day) deeply inspired to help other men make the same transformation I’d experienced first hand.

Yes, the confidence I now have helps me earn more and date abundantly. And that’s amazing. But ever since my transformation, I get most excited to help guys like you experience everything I have, and hopefully more

I want guys like you to unlock more confidence, and have the freedom to date abundantly and to speak up with certainty.

This is why I created peakunderpressure.com.

It’s why I spend 80 hours every week committed to my mission: to reach my peak as a man and to help a million men like you do the same.

And it’s why I’ve since spent 3+ years since college working closely with my male clients, testing cutting edge strategies, and refining my methods.

All of these actions and experiences lead me to create what we’re here to discuss today: 7 Days to Social Freedom.

7 Days to Social Freedom is an online training system specifically designed to destroy your social anxiety and replace it with rock-solid confidence in just 7 days by using a proven process. 

You should know: Years and years of preparation and study and testing went into the creation of 7 Days to Social Freedom. This system certainly wasn’t just slapped together and put for sale.

It’s quite the opposite: a research based system we’ve tested and optimized. It’s why we’re guaranteed that 7 Days to Social Freedom will get you results, just like it was for all the guys who’ve used it before you.

7 Days to Social Freedom is the step-by-step research based training program I wish I’d had when I began my journey, looking to destroy my social anxiety.

A comprehensive system with daily lessons and challenges that are grounded in research psychology, this program is the fastest way men like you can destroy their anxiety and replace it with confidence.

Now revised in it’s second edition. 7 Days to Social Freedom 2.0 equips you with everything you need to thrive socially.

No more guesswork. No more awkward conversations. And no more wondering how to kick ass socially.

Say goodbye to the days of wondering how to be the smooth, charming, charismatic mofo everybody loves!

If you’re sick and tired of getting tightness in your neck, a dry mouth, and that pounding heart — when you speak up, present at work, or talk with women — this is for you.

If you’re DONE worrying about who you’ll bump into today… If you’re FINISHED feeling afraid and anxious whenever you walk out your front door…

And if you want to experience CORE CONFIDENCE that stays with you everywhere, from the boardroom to the bar, then 7 Days to Social Freedom is for you.

I’ve taken the guesswork out of transforming your social anxiety into rock solid confidence. You’ll learn exactly how to get the results you desire socially and romantically when you enroll into this life changing training system.

It’s simple. If you’re sick of living with social anxiety…

Now is your time to unlock a better social life, an abundant sex life, core confidence, and the freedom to say what you want, when you want, to whoever you want…

To Ensure You Have Zero Risk, We’ve Done This…

To Ensure You Have Zero Risk, We’ve Done This…

When You Enroll Today, Here’s Everything You Get…

7 Days to Social Freedom 2.0 Training System ($1500 value)

The Lifestyle Design Mastery Course ($1200 value)

Charisma X 17 Course ($400 value)

The Become Naturally Attractive Mini Online Course ($270 value)

The Compelling Conversation Playbook Course ($240 value)

7 Days to Social Freedom 1.0 Training System ($800 value)

7 Days to Social Freedom Blueprint ($207 value)

30 Minute VIP Coaching Call ($500 value)

That’s Over $5007 Worth of Life-Changing Trainings! 

And because these training systems produce such epic results, everything included is easily worth that much.

But I understand that most guys don’t have four thousand bucks in spending cash just laying around on their coffee table…

You know what I’m saying?

It’s why I wanted to do something incredible for you…

Here’s what’s up…

In order to get lifetime access to this world class training system…

You Wont Pay $5000, $2000, or Even $1000 When You Enroll Today…

No way, Jose. Not even close.

I wanted to make this life changing system available to lots of guys. Guys like you who are ready to make a real transformation fast.

It’s why you’re being given access to an INCREDIBLE opportunity at an EPIC discount!

Let me cut to the chase.

You Only Pay $397 When You Enroll Today!


Here’s the simple truth: Because as the science shows, and my coaching experience with clients of diverse backgrounds and talents validates, social freedom is obtainable by all.

You can do this!

Just one of many reasons I’m so sure…?

You’re hardwired to thrive socially.

New brain research indicates that because of your evolution, your brain is meant to connect with people (and women) — and your brain is hardwired to learn the skills needed to do just that — to thrive socially and experience social freedom.

So… What does this mean for you? It means even if you feel very awkward and anxious in social situations right now…

You can make a breakthrough.


Ready to Experience True Freedom?

Ready to Experience True Freedom?

That’s right.

Only $397 to create the confidence, the composure, & the freedom you truly desire in 7 days.

7 Days to Social Freedom is where I encourage you to start. Over a $5007 value, this is the comprehensive course you’ve been waiting for. And right now, you can enroll for a fraction of that price.

On the inside, once you kickstart the 7 day challenge, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to systematically…

  1. Destroy your nervousness and anxiousness socially
  2. Build social confidence and the social skills that go with it
  3. Create the lifestyle, social popularity, and respect you really want

Because time is short and life is precious. And if you’re like me, you believe in the power of choices and freedom. You want more. And if you’re willing to invest in yourself and take action upon proven principles, you can have it.

7 Days to Social Freedom shows you exactly how to socialize and date with confidence and skill.

You were made to thrive socially.
To create the life you really want.

I’ll show you how: step by step, day by day. Just follow along and take action along a proven blueprint using tested psychological, social, and in many cases… SCIENTIFIC principles.

Principles I’ve passed on to help lots of men…

– reduce their nerves

– get out of their heads

– get dates

– land the job

– sell more

– flirt freely

– get promoted

– meet their girlfriend

– create core confidence

– move towards SOCIAL FREEDOM

Because let’s keep it real… Life’s better when you can attract quality dates! Your network of friends DOES predict your net worth! And who you know DOES trump what you know.

As the saying goes.. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. It’s why you need to skill up and level up socially if you’re serious about reaching your peak as a man.

So you can begin attracting MASSIVE SUCCESS in every area of your life.

I believe just about anything is possible if you’re willing to follow along and take consistent action. The real question becomes…

Are you ready to be the next guy to make this shift?

This comprehensive training – beginning with a done for you 7 day challenge – gives you the exact step-by-step blueprint for massive growth FAST.

But make no mistake: You must do the work…

Luckily, it’s never been easier.

The reason?…I challenge you and persuade you right on into it! After each day’s lesson, you’ll be given clear “challenges” that you must do outside of the home! 😉

They’re specifically designed, using the psychological principle of repeated exposure, to build your confidence and improve your social skills FAST.

By following along, you’ll create a positive internal feedback loop that helps you self-generate massive inner motivation.

Inner motivation you then leverage into more confidence, more momentum, more dates, a better social life, and ultimately, true confidence and freedom.

After you complete the 7 day challenge, you’re going to feel like an absolute beast.

From here, you’ll be led even deeper into the program.. Here, we really dive into the “secret sauce” behind to creating the lifestyle results you desire.

You’ll learn exactly what it takes to thrive in your romantic and social life. You’ll learn to leverage the principles of influence, persuasion, social status, and charm to create the lifestyle you desire after going thru the lifestyle design course.

You’ll learn exactly how to skyrocket your social proof, preselection, and authentic charisma…

Soon, you’re going to know exactly how to attract true abundance into your life: socially, romantically, and professionally. You’ll be amazed what action combined with a wealth of information will do to your self image.

Upon going through this program, you’re going to become a truly abundant man. I’m confident that you’ll look back on this investment with true happiness. The reason?

You get the blueprint for developing popularity and respect in your home town.

And since you’re here, reading this far down… I’ll be honest: I think you’re at the right place at the right time. I think you feel a connection to the cause. And I think you just need a blueprint to the life you desire.

Because it’s all about taking action upon a proven path. The question becomes… Will you take action? That’s a matter of desire.

So let’s make this simple: Do you have the desire? Do you desire a life of confidence, abundance, and opportunity?

In your social life, your dating life, and your career?

If you’re looking to save time and get real results with women, in your social life, and in professional network, then this course is for you.

Keep reading on… Because it might be your time. Your time to regain control. Because I’m certain about ONE thing…

You can do this.

But you may still have concerns…

It’s why I mandate a 30-day money back guarantee on this program.

Along with everything I ever offer to my loyal audience of badasses.

I am passionate about my 30 day money back guarantee for two reasons.

1. I stand behind my programs with 110% conviction and the guarantee is a simple extension of my certainty that you’ll never ever want a refund.

2. I don’t want you to enter this training program with any concern whatsoever! And with the ability to get your full refund by simply sending us an email at [email protected], you literally have ZERO risk.

Epic, huh?

And yet, with my experience in personal development, I know that you still have several little nagging voices inside of your head…

“Can I trust everything I’ll learn inside this program?”

“Will this thing really work for me?”

“How long does it take for me to get results?”

“Should I buy it?”

Again, I don’t want you to experience any stress about this investment. I want to make your life MORE ABUNDANT, and more FREEING, not more stressful!

To ensure you move forward with confidence, I’ve answered the 10 Frequently Asked Questions guys like you who I’ve worked with generally have.


 10 Frequently Asked Questions


Is this course for everyone?

No! This is only for men who are… 1) Ready for Serious Change! 2) Willing to Invest in their Personal Growth! 3) Amped to Take Action!

But I’m awkward… Can I do this?

You bet your sweet ass you can. I was awkward as HELL only a few years ago. Now, I have it. If you embrace the challenge and take action, you WILL see SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE within the first 7 days. Guaranteed. Does that appeal to you? If so, you need to join this course.


I’m super busy. Can I do this course over a 14 or 21 day period instead of 7?

Yes! I actually reach out to each new member of the course once you’re inside and discuss whether the 7 day plan, or, a longer plan, would be more ideal for you based on your current life situation.

Can I trust the information inside this product?

Everything you’ll find in the flagship 7 Days to Social Freedom training series comes from my studies at top schools like UCLA and Stanford. Beyond that, every social skill or psychological secret mentioned here has been tested by yours truly (that’s me) and used to help other men create success in my coaching programs. I stand behind everything here. I believe you should feel 100% confident in the information listed here.

Does this training program have flaws?

It has one flaw. Because I am not there with you, I cannot ensure you take daily action. That’s it’s biggest flaw. It’s the same flaw any personal development offer besides 1on1 coaching has. However, this is compensated for in the program by teaching you exactly how to self-generate motivation. How do you self generate motivation to take consistent action? By creating a positive validation feedback loop. This is a core principle – discussed in deep detail inside – that I used (and my top gents use) to make radical growth. Getting action taking momentum is like an avalanche. By self-generating a positive feedback loop, you trigger that motivational avalanche. (And it’s liberating as F*$K)!

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. Downloadable trainings give you a lifetime of value. You receive a course that’s crammed with life-changing content you get access to for life.

How long until I see serious improvement in my confidence and my results?

When you act daily and trigger your inner avalanche of internal motivation by kickstarting the challenge, you will see SUBSTANTIAL growth in the 7 days. Guaranteed. Or you get every penny back. And that’s just the beginning… Since an avalanche doesn’t just “stop,” expect to see LIFE CHANGING progress that’ll hold for a lifetime.


When does the course start and finish?

You have unlimited access for life. This includes audio, video, & digital downloads ensure you have premium content at your fingertips anywhere, anytime — yet another core benefit of this opportunity. Because there’s so much content, you can drench yourself in the growth process when you’re out and about. Always staying connected to these trainings motivates and instructs you upon the very best strategies for creating newfound freedom and success.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I stand behind the 30-day money back guarantee because I know this training program is truly life-enhancing. In fact, if you go thru the initial 7 day challenge and don’t find it life changing, I encourage you to request your refund (which we’ll fulfill within 24 hours).

Can I actually transform myself like promised?

Absolutely. We know this from science.. and we know this from case studies… You can SUPERCHARGE your skills socially. Cuz read my mentor Dr. Matt Lieberman’s book, “Social.” We’re hardwired as humans to grow our social skills. And confidence? Building confidence is a step-by-step process. Of course, we teach you this process. In fact, you’ll get the exact blueprint when you enroll…

But Wait, There’s More!

When you enroll right now, I’m hooking you up with a killer extra resource…


The Epic Extra Resource Library!

In this comprehensive library, you’ll find never before seen Q&A’s, video breakdowns, and more. 

A $297 value, you get this bonus LIBRARY of masculine content — completely FREE.

My gift, to you when you enroll today. 

So… My friend… What are you waiting for?!?

End the frustration of social anxiety!

Enroll into the most powerful online training system known to man! 

Destroy your social anxiety!

Replace it with confidence!

And create the lifestyle of your dreams!

Enroll into the

#1 Training System

for Men Now!

Enroll into the #1 Training System for Men Now!