While you may not be the CEO at work of the captain of a professional football team, you can quickly and easily become the leader of a badass social circle in your home town.


And make no mistake, positioning yourself as the leader of a social circle has tons of benefits. One of them? The masculine feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction you get from being a true leader in your home town.


Likewise, leading a social circle will not only will give you something fun to look forward to, but it will also position yourself as an attractive guy in your hometown that women desire and men admire.


The truth is women desire a leader. They want a man who is popular, liked, and in demand. We know this from research and from sheer common sense.


Women Desire a Leader of a Social Circle


Perhaps, best of all? Leading a social circle doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming, either.


Let’s break down how you can quickly begin leading a fun, badass social circle – even if you currently all alone at home. Sound good?


And lastly, before we begin with the three steps to start a social circle… In step one, you’re going to be asked to complete an exercise. I recommend you do it!


Even if you feel like it doesn’t turn out the way you want – meaning you don’t yet have a big shortlist of people to invite – don’t worry. We’re going to show you multiple ways to meet badass people you can get to join your budding social circle. Cool?


With that, let’s begin…


Social Circle Step 1: Get A Shortlist of Awesome People

First, take out a blank piece of paper or open a fresh word document. Once you have that, set a timer for 5 minutes on your phone.


Do you have that? Once you do, I want you to press start and then, I want you to free-write the name of every single acquaintance and/or friend you can think of. Both men and women.


Meeting Women is Like Going to the Movies...


They can be family friends, acquittances from work, buddies of yours from the old softball team, and women you’d like to sleep with.


This is not the time to be picky or to filter yourself.


Just write, write, and write some more until the timer stops. And, if the timer beeps but you’re still actively coming up with more names to add to the list, then keep writing.


Next, once you have that list down, circle the three guys you’d like to spend time with most. These don’t necessarily need to be your best buddies. They simply need to be three awesome guys you’d like to spend time with.


Then, put a square around each of the females who made your list that you’d like to spend time with. They don’t need to all be attractive… They don’t need to all be women you’d want to get married with. But if she’s cool, put a square around her name.


This is your shortlist of badass dudes and cool chicas. It can (and should) be edited and modified as you meet new guys and as you approach new women.


Ideally now, you have a shortlist of three guys and five or more women you can invite to future events you’re going to lead.


Ps – If you don’t have an ideal shortlist just yet, then I recommend you add in some cold approach to your routine to meet more women. Likewise, you can attend other social events that are in line with your interests to meet cool guys and quality women.


Social Circle Step 2: Strategically Plan Your First Event

Ask yourself, what do I like to do? Start there.


Do you like movies? Picnics? Nice restaurants? A fun night in the club?


Perhaps, you into bowling? Video games? Or other things you think are dorky or weird? Doesn’t matter. Just watch this quick video and see what I mean…



As you saw in that silly, quick video, you can make just about anything seem cool, fun and compelling.


The secret? Simple: Just amp up the excitement around your interest(s) and build buzz and hype around it. People will follow your lead when you inject positive energy into the shit you like.


The key here is, pick an event that you like doing. This is crucial. Because at the end of the day, when you commit to leading a social event, the only person guaranteed to be there is… YOU. Therefore, you’d better make sure you can have fun there!


When you’re having fun, it’s easy as hell for everyone else to join you, let lose, and to have some fun.


Emotions are contagious. Make sure your event is infecting people with the energy you’d want to feel if somebody invited you to their event.



Then, once you pick the event itself, think about when the greatest amount of people on your shortlist would be able to make the event.


Usually, Friday nights, Saturdays, or Sunday evenings work pretty well. But I recommend you analyze your unique situation (the venue/event, your shortlist, and your own availability) before making any final calls.


If your event (i.e. going to see a movie) is associated with a 3rd party venue, event, or business, be sure to coordinate accordingly. The last thing you want is to pick an event and invite everyone, only to found you didn’t take the 126 seconds required to ensure your event time wouldn’t bust.


Once you make these decisions, you’re ready to move to the third step in the creation of your social circle….


Social Circle Step 3: Invite Your Shortlist & Lead them to Glory

Okay, so you have your shortlist, you have an event planned, you know when it’s going down, and you’ve taken 126 seconds to do an internet research so that you’re confident your event has every chance of being a success.


From here, all you need to do is invite each person on your shortlist. Here’s a script you can use.


Hey (their name), we’re doing (describe the event and highlight how fun it should be) and I thought you’d be an awesome addition to the crew. It’s taking place (time & location). Let me know if you wanna join the fun. Talk soon


Boom. Send that invite personally to each person on your list using either text message, whatsapp, or email.


If you’re clever, you can imbed humor, have confirmed people reach out to awesome, desirable people they know and spread the invitation to their network, or you can really personalize each message using a voice recording.


Contact Peak Under Pressure Jason Rogers


Also note that, if you’re reaching out to people you’ve not talked to in a while, you should either talk to them a but before making your invitation, or, acknowledge it’s been a while and you’d love to re-connect.


This empathetic touch will go a long way in getting people you’ve not seen in a while – but that you’d like to reconnect with – to join you at your upcoming event.


Lastly, if the event has a price tag and you’re not looking to pay for everyone (which is totally acceptable), note that in the invitation. You can mention the price required, say that each person should bring their own beverage, or otherwise note the cost.


This is how you can easily quickly lead fun events without getting a massive bill at the end.


Secrets for a Successful First Social Circle Event

Make sure everyone has some damned fun!


Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun! I swear, that’s literally the only metric to focus on when you lead your first social circle event. Ensure everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and really, everything will take care of itself when everyone who attends has fun.



A great way to ensure everything goes well? Make introductions when people have yet to meet one another. Give the people you introduce a shared topic they can discuss, tell a story that highlights their personality, or crack a joke to help break the ice smoothly.


Likewise, lead your new group to whatever offers the greatest chance for excitement, thrill, mystery, excitement, and you guessed it… FUN.  I recommend you flirt with the women, crack jokes and talk sports with the guys, and do everything you can to amp up the emotions of each badass in attendance.


One more jedi tip for you… If you’re looking for a little extra boost in confidence before your first event, you can take a few minutes before your event itself and brainstorm some fun ways to bring the fun.


This brainstorming session could include stories you can tell, other places you can visit, a backup plan if something doesn’t work out, and fun topic threads you can bring up if the vibe dies down for a moment.


Steps to Lead Your Social Circle to Even More Glory

Once the event is over, you now have a fun, badass group of people who had a fun time. And best of all? When you do this correctly…


Everyone is going to look to YOU for future events that offer them more fun!


This, my friend, is exactly where you want to be. From here, you’ll have no problem getting people out to future events.


Build More Masculine Confidence Fast


Big league tip: As the group grows bigger and more successful, ensure you craft and mold it into the very group you’d want to be apart of. Make your social circle exclusive. Ensure only quality people get invites.


And if you’re single, limit the number of guys who get invitations and create a desirable male to female ratio. Aka, invite way more women than men.


Truth is, this is a good idea whether you’re single or not, because badass, successful guys want to be a part of a group with only a few men and lots of attractive women.


This will only further position you as the alpha leader of the social circle that men admire and women desire: especially as you continue to attract lovely looking women into your crew, which you can do from cold approach, warm introductions you receive from your existing friends, as well as from attending other social circles and events.


Final Words on Social Circle Success

Boom. This is your guide to creating and leading a badass social circle. Make no mistake, leading a successful social circle is a powerful way to attract an awesome sex, a fun social life, and even financial successes, your way.


Get this right, and you indeed will become a true champion of your hometown.


Can you say… winning? 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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