Hey slick, let’s cut thru the small talk today 😉


What follows is THE SECRET to unlocking carefree confidence — no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing.


You ready for this?


Then let’s roll.


First, let me drop a quote on you.


Here’s what the Greek philosopher Epictetus famously said over 1800 years ago…



“In life our first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories: externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control.” 


Now, I know that quote is a little long — and it uses some big words.



But it’s also GENIUS!


Here’s the essence of what Epictetus was getting at…


In life there’s two categories: The first category contains all the things you can control, and the second is filled with things you cannot control.


It’s simple my friend: stop worrying about the shit you CANNOT control.


And instead, master your ability to control what you DO control. 🙂


Simple, and effective!


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Let’s rapid fire some examples that’ll reveal how to apply this secret for exuding carefree confidence…


#1: Whether or not the girl says YES — when you invite her out? Not in your control! So wear a smirk and continue on your day EITHER WAY. Then, master what you CAN control — and go introduce yourself to another woman 😉


#2: Whether or not there’s traffic on the way home from work? Not in your control. So don’t trip it! Put on a good song instead. Then, see if you can’t find an alt-route that’d be more fun to drive 😉


#3: Whether or not you bump into somebody at the grocery store? Not in your control! So just GO to the damned store, wear a smile, and if you see somebody — either someone you like or someone you don’t like, roll with the punches. 😉


Spontaneity, aka carefree confidence, comes from accepting life as it is — and making the most of it!  Guys (like YOU) who exude carefree confidence aren’t attached to how the external world plays out.


You know the world is a wild place with lots of unexpected turns! Right??


Here’s the funny part…


You’ll exude MORE carefree confidence when you do NOT try to control everything!  


In fact, I encourage you to GIVE UP all concern regarding EVERYTHING thats outta your control!


Harvey Specter Winking


To be confident and carefree — no matter where you go — you’ve gotta put ALL YOUR FOCUS on dominating the factors you CAN control. 


Here’s the final takeaway:


CHOOSE to war a smirk on that handsome face of yours 😉


CHOOSE to stay light-hearted and roll with the punches 😉


And CHOOSE to live BOLDLY — cuz life’s short and you don’t wanna miss out! 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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