What follows is your Saturday night pep talk.


You’re going to learn exactly how to succeed both socially and romantically when you “go out”…


I’ll soon reveal a powerful 2-step process that’ll ensure you have an amazing night and get great results, too.


Ready? Let’s begin.


What follows is your Saturday night pep talk that’s about to ensure you have a kick ass night…


It’s Saturday night and lots of guys put pressure on themselves to “perform” or “be smooth” or “make moves” when they go out…


Maybe you can relate to this…


Do you put pressure on yourself when you go out?


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If so, I get it.


As an ambitious guy myself…


I like getting RESULTS (whether it’s in business or the bar)!


But here’s the thing…


If you go out (on a date, or to a bar, club, lounge, house party, music festival, etc.) with too much pressure on yourself to “perform”


Whether that means “being funny and smooth” or “taking a girl home” or whatever your specific end game desires are…


You will actually get in your own way!


Note this: the biggest reason guys struggle to get the social and dating results they desire is their own “NEED” for results.


Instead of putting your pressure on yourself to be witty and charming or to get a girl home…


Let’s try something new…


What follows is your Saturday night pep talk…


We will start with step one of the two step process I mentioned.


You’re going to love the first step…


It’s very easy to follow.


Are you ready for it? Then here it is…


Go out tonight with your #1 intent to do the following…




No pressure — just a focus on fun. This is step one.



Here’s what this essentially means on a practical level…

  • Do the things you want to do. (while avoiding shit you don’t enjoy)
  • Say the things you want to say (even if it’s polarizing — bc you can’t be loved by everyone!)
  • Go to the places and events you want to go to. (and don’t be shy about denying invites to events you’re not into)
  • And spend time with the most awesome people you get a kick out of being around… (while again, avoiding anyone who zaps energy from you and your night!)




While primarily focusing on HAVING FUN…


We’re going to swirl in step two of our two step process…


Here it is…


Also try and do the “right things” socially…


Follow the social “best practices” that open doors of opportunity. Some of these social “best practices” include…

  • Making introductions and connecting new people to one another
  • Spreading your attention to everyone instead of “zoning in” on the one girl you really want
  • Befriending new people and adding these new friends of yours on social media & your mobile contacts (versus strictly staying in your “little group” of 3 friends)
  • Being the cool guy who makes the group more fun to be a part of (as opposed to bitching about how hard your week was)
  • Not showing any “needy” behaviors whatsoever! (and instead, being the cool, laid back guy who doesn’t need anything from anyone)
  • Being the social leader by making decisions that improves EVERYONE’S night (versus being passive and letting others make sub-par social decisions for the group)
  • Flirt and tease everyone (as opposed to clearly showing who you like — by aggressively hitting on just the one girl you truly like)
  • Giving women space to chase you (instead of pursuing her too hard — especially too early in the night)
  • Recognizing that befriending women is a long term play for social success whereas trying to “get some tonight” is a short term strategy (and knowing when to utilize what strategy depending on tonight’s context)
    • i.e. you’re on a weekend trip to Vegas versus you’re leading a night out with your main social circle in your hometown


Here’s the punchline…


Enjoy your damned night first and foremost. And meanwhile, use your brain.


Harvey Specter expects to win


Those are the two steps for Saturday night success.


Also, real quickly…


I also want to share arguably the number one potential “pitfall” that kills guys results (and their following day…)


Beware: While I’m not going to tell you to NOT drink, drinking TOO MUCH is a common pitfall that makes guys do STUPID things that ultimately damages their social credibility for the LONG-TERM!

So be wise with how much you drink!






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There you have it, my friend.


What follows was your Saturday night pep talk for success, in a nutshell…


This 2-step approach of 1) having fun, and 2) being smart socially, is the much better way to go about dominating your social and dating life.


So again…


Instead of aimlessly putting pressure on yourself to get results…


Trust that this 2-step process of 1) having a ton of fun, and 2) being smart socially, is all you really need to win.


Because the truth is, if you follow these two simple steps, you’ll win on all levels.


Now… With that?



Go have some fun, my friend 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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