Are you looking for your sweetheart?


The girl you can spend eternity with?


Then this is for you! There’s real (hidden) risks that come with marriage! Watch this and you’ll see what I mean…




As the boys explained above, making relationships into legal contracts makes things messy!


And nothing turns a woman off faster than being “bound” to a man (or a situation)…


Marriage Often Kills Romance 

This is the problem with 21st century marriage. Getting married is literally entering a glorified contractual agreement! And sometimes, the binding, strict nature of marriage contracts kill the romance it was intended to heighten!


Likewise, entering a marriage removes you of options.


No longer can you date someone else if the woman’s health declines or behavior worsens. No longer does the woman have to fight for your attention!


Marriage Often Kills Your Bank Account

You equally remove yourself from the freedom of pocketing one hundred percent of what you earn!


To paraphrase what Joe said, getting married is a terrible decision for a wealthy man!


As you heard in the video above, there’s massive financial risks that come with marriage! Similar to the story Joe shared, I know a guy who’s paying a woman — who literally just chills and shops and collects her free money — for the next 15 years!!!


So unless you’re into paying a woman “just because,”, get a prenuptial agreement!


Because Remember, 50% of Marriages Fail

And a smart man like yourself doesn’t want to hedge himself against the house when he bets!


Statistically speaking now, getting married is a situation that often brings upon more head aches and heart aches than it does joy.


Sure, the wedding day is incredible. I get that.


But everything after?


Risk risk risk risk risk risk risk risk RISK!


So What Should You Do Instead?

That’s your call. This is your life. Get married if you’d like. Personally, I’ll most likely never marry.


Here’s what I’m going to do. And here’s what I recommend you consider…:


Go monogamous with your girl if you really love her. Try that out for a few years. If it’s working, keep with it. And if it ever stops working? Break up with her.




Case and point: You can still have a loving, monogamous relationship without signing the dotted line — and entering a legal marriage!


At the end of the day, it’s your call. I just wanted to create this article to support you in reaching your peak as a man.


Be smart when it comes to where you put your signature and what you agree to. Actions have consequences.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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