First of all, what is a “shit test” ?


Essentially, a shit test is a challenge or a test a woman will often give you as a man.


Women do this to get a real sense of how reactive you are to her. It’s her way of gauging your core traits as a man. She’s trying to see if she’s legit attracted to you.


How you respond to these inevitable shit tests really does impact whether or not she’s going to become super attracted to you or not.


Get these tests wrong and you’ll flunk — and she’ll get turned off.


But when you get them right? Fireworks, baby! ūüėČ


Now, what do shit tests look like? Here’s a few general examples…

  • She may¬†tease you about something…
  • Perhaps she’ll question why you did something…
  • Or she’ll ask you to explain yourself regarding a potentially touchy or vulnerable situation you’re in (i.e. employment or living situation)


You can think of a shit test like the most difficult part of the job interview — except in dating terms.


So, how do you respond to a shit test?


It’s actually much simpler than how you’d respond in a job interview.


Because while in a job interview you need to respond with something that shows your qualification for the job…


When a woman gives you a shit test, even though she’ll NEVER verbalize what I’m about to tell you (or even admit it most likely)…


She’s not looking to see what you’re going to say… But rather, how you’re going to say it.


(and how comfortable you remain when she cranks up the “heat”)


First of all, the FASTEST way to FAIL a shit test is by GETTING EMOTIONAL.


If you allow her teasing comment, difficult question, or backhanded comment to affect your emotional state, you’ve lost.


Simple as that.


Luckily, the way you “pass” a shit test is equally simple.


Just don’t get emotional. Or more specifically, don’t show your emotion.


Remember this epic hack: all you gotta do is look chill.


For example, if you live at home, and she asks you about it, just say, “Yup. Right now I live at home.”


Now, if you have a gameplan for moving out, you can share it.¬†But don’t share it to “appease” her. Share it only¬†because¬†you’re EXCITED about how/why you’re moving out.


Essentially, you don’t want to start jumping through her hoops in attempts to “pass.”


Rather, you¬†wanna own your situation wholeheartedly and ACCEPT yourself entirely — and show this by staying non-reactive.


(even if you are a bit insecure about something).


Here’s the thing. Your insecurities?¬†They’re yours to deal with. Not hers!¬†It’s not her job to find out your insecurities¬†or see you squirm —¬†she’s not your wife!


She’s not a damned¬†auditor. So¬†don’t sweat it when she¬†comes in to “investigate.” She can’t sue you! Stay relaxed. And DEFINITELY DO NOT hand over all your “secret files”


If she asks why you work in the career you do, explain why simply, succinctly, and most importantly —¬†without getting defensive or butt-hurt.¬†Don’t qualify yourself.


None of this, “Well, yea my career sucks now… but once X and Y happens… I’m going to get a promotion!”


NO! Do NOT qualify yourself.


Here’s another one…


If she teases you because of the type of music you like… simply own it.


“Yup. I like listening to Brittany Spears.”


Here are more kick-ass examples¬†(notice how there’s no self-qualifying!)


That’s correct. I’m broke.


“Mmmhmm. I work as a garbage man.”


“You heard that¬†right Susan,¬†I live at home.”


“Absolutely, bowling is my favorite thing to do.”


“Yup. I have a tiny penis.”




(For the record, I’ve tested each of those lines — except the garbage man one — and women do NOT get turned off when you own seemingly bad things about yourself wholeheartedly!)


Remember — it’s not what you say, but how you say it.


See, in each of these examples, you’re OWNING whatever it is the woman is trying to make you uncomfortable about.


Again — no explanation needed.¬†No jumping thru her hoops.


And here’s¬†the coolest part.¬†When you get this down cold? And master the art of staying non-reactive when she hits you with shit tests?


She actually gets turned on when you DON’T react.


Trust me… ūüėČ


Try this out.


You’ll get results. I pinky promise.


And to wrap this email up (cuz she’s getting long…)


If you still have questions…


Or if you’d like¬†even more¬†real examples of how exactly to respond to shit tests…


I gotcha covered ūüėČ


Check out the newest video¬†about shit tests I made for you…



Now, I want to hear from you. What was your #1 takeaway from everything you’ve learned on shit tests?


Reply in the comments below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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