Last week, I was on a call with a client. An ambitious guy with lots of goals, he was frustrated because he felt like he was underperforming across the board.


So I told him, I’ll show you how to unlock the results you desire in every area of your life. But it’ll only work if you’re willing to be patient. Are you in?


“Yes Jason. I’ll do whatever it takes to finally get results.”


“Great,” I replied.


I continued, “First, let me tell you a personal story — because I was in a situation very similar to yours. Sound good?”


He nodded. And so I began…


Just a few years ago, I was beaten down.


I had lots of goals, plenty of ambition, and I was taking lots of action, too. Yet, I wasn’t getting the results I desired in any of the areas I cared about in my life.


My business goals? I wasn’t hitting them.


My health and fitness? I was underperforming my targets here, too.


Even the dating life I desired, which had been my bread and butter just a few months before, wasn’t working out as I wanted.


Nothing was working for me. 


I knew I needed to make a change. And I was willing to do whatever it took. I certainly wasn’t afraid to work harder or invest more time into achieving my goals.


But I didn’t know where to start or what to do… I was already working hard, yet the results simply weren’t there. To be honest, I felt trapped. It was like I was at a dead-end, with no clear path in sight. Can you relate? He nodded.


I continued…


Luckily, I didn’t give up on my goals. Instead, I headed to a coffee shop with simply a notepad and some pens. My plan was simple. I was going to brainstorm on a simple question…


How can I finally reach my goals and get the results I desire in the areas of my life I care about most?


Upon arriving to the coffee shop and getting my dark roast, I wrote that very question on the top of a blank page. And then, I began free-writing. Without judgement or hesitation, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote some more. Any and every idea that came to my mind quickly landed on paper.


After a serious brain-dump, I reviewed my notes. Lots of the ideas written down. Upon further examination, few seemed valuable. But one idea really stuck out. Here’s what I’d written…


“My priorities are unclear.”


And just like that, everything gained clarity.  “If I just prioritize my goals and execute properly,” I thought to myself, “I could finally get out of this fucking rut — and finally get some results!”


The truth was, I wanted results in every area of my life (professionally, physically, and romantically), yet I wasn’t hitting my goals in any of these areas. And the reason, I was realizing, was because my focus was spread too thin!


Finally, it became completely clear to me that if I didn’t prioritize and focus, I’d stay stuck, spinning my wheels without getting real results.


This realization was a turning point for me, I shared with the client.


He nodded again, but still understandably looked perplexed.


I continued to share the first piece of advice I’d given in over twenty minutes. I told him the same nugget of wisdom I’d learned the hard way…


Go All In On Your #1 Priority.


First, I explained, you need to prioritize your goals. What matters to you most? Which area of your life do you feel most strongly compelled to sort out first? How about second? And then third?


Using my story as an example, I shared that I began getting results only once I became clear that my business was my first priority, my physical health came second, and my dating results were my third priority.


Therefore, since my business was my first priority, I put total focus on unlocking the business results I craved, and put everything else on hold. Said differently, I temporarily chose NOT to focus on my physical health nor my dating results.


Shifting the emphasis from me towards him, I told my guy, “Once you prioritize, you’ve gotta put total focus on that number one priority.”


At this point, he asked me a great question…


But, you’re saying I gotta give up on my other priorities, Jason?


I explained that I wasn’t giving up on my priorities. And that he didn’t have to give up on his either.


Instead, in my situation, I was simply postponing my other priorities. Because first, I needed to build the habits necessary to automate the results I desired for my first priority — my business.


Remember, the definition of a priority is the one thing that is regarded as more important than everything else.


Therefore, I shared, if I continued to live without successfully executing upon my number one priority, my life would continue to suffer. As Jocko Willink and Leif Babin wrote in their book Extreme Ownership, I needed to prioritize and execute.


As such, until I created automatic habits to successfully execute every single task needed for me to dominate my business, nothing else mattered.


Create a Rock Solid Habit for Priority #1 Before Moving to Priority #2


That’s the secret that unlocked a whole new level of results in my life. With such clarity of focus put solely my business, within two months, my business was hitting all-time highs in leads, sales, and profit. At this time, I shifted my focus on my second priority, my diet.


While continuing to execute the habits I’d build for my business, I then focused all of my spare energy on mastering my diet and my training regimen.


Just as before, after about two months, my physical body was rapidly becoming leaner, stronger, and more healthy. Crucially, my diet and training regimen was comfortable and easy to execute. And most importantly, this was occurring while my business continued to grow!


Now, with habits ingrained for both my first and second priorities, I focused on my third priority, my dating life. Naturally, in about two more months I had successfully ingrained the habit of approaching a woman each day while also executing my business habits and my health habits.


Essentially, I’d gone from overwhelmed and unsuccessful to effective and automatic in the three key areas of my life: business, health, and romance. And I’d done it following a very simple, effective process.


Prioritize, Habitualize, Repeat. 


“That’s the million dollar key to create the results you desire in every area of your life,” I told my guy. I then continued and outlined the entire process, from A to Z…


Want to learn how to prioritize, habitutalize, and repeat in a video format? If so, I’ve got you covered…




First, create your list of priorities, ordered from most important to least important. Then, once you properly prioritize, put 100% of your attention on priority number one. Ingrain the habits and skills needed to dominate that first priority. And only once you do should you move to priority number two.


Repeat this process until your results match your ambitions. And yes, I told him, this process takes time and patience. Its also the only system that produces real results in every important area of your life.


The truth is, it’s impossible to go from zero to 100 in your romantic life, business, and physical health overnight.


But if you zone in on just one priority at a time and ingrain the necessary habits, before moving on, within a year or less, you can enjoy real results in all the key areas you care about.


Upon finishing my story and sharing this advice with my client, I could see the look on his face. He got it. It’d clicked. I knew for certain we’d made a breakthrough when he replied and said the following to me…


Damn, patience really is a virtue. 


He realized this patient, methodical process was the only way to ultimately unlock the myriad results he desired. He needed to deploy patience — and zone in on only one priority at a time, just like I had.


And while we agreed it’d be tough to temporarily stall in on several of his other key priorities, I was certain he got it.


He realized this was the only way to ultimately unlock the results he desired. Prioritize, habitualize, repeat.


Just as our time was about to expire for the coaching call, my guy replied to me with one last statement that confirmed he understood the takeaway he needed, in order to succeed…


Fuck man, you really do have to take five steps backwards to ultimately go ten steps forward.


Bingo. Filled with pride and fulfillment, I just nodded and smiled. I could tell the best period of his life was just around the corner. Results wouldn’t pour in overnight, but they would eventually pour in. And once they did, they’d be consistent and reliable.


Now, it’s your turn to get results.


First, consider the definition of a priority. A true priority means nothing else is more important on the face of the planet.


With that in mind, it’s time for you to prioritize. I’ll ask you, what are your priorities?


Take some time and really consider this question. Once you do, list your priorities in order from most important to least important. Aim to keep your list of priorities to three or less.


Now that you have each priority listed and ranked, consider what habits will you need to ingrain for each priority before you’ll be ready to move on to your next priority?


Lastly, to ensure you’re clear yourself, and to inspire other likeminded readers, I have a challenge for you…


Write both your priorities and the habits you’ll need to ingrain before moving onwards, in the comments box below.


Both myself and the other readers here look forward to reading your response.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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