I just jumped off two client calls with members inside Dominate as a Single Man (and I have two more later today).


Both calls went amazingly.


The first member (a total badass) wrote to me after the call saying the program is “worth every penny.”


Then, the second caller (a champ in his own right) told me as we wrapped up, that he couldn’t wait for our call next month. He then wrote me, “You’re A1 phenomenal at what you do, thanks Jason!!”



Hey, what can I say? I don’t screw around — I get guys results. Period.


I love hooking my best clients up because they 1) ask great questions and 2) take action implementing what the learn.


Can’t ask for more.


Speaking of these calls with these ambitious champs…


Here’s a question that I notice keeps coming up (it came up again today)…


“Jason — what should I prioritize…? Fitness? My career? A morning ritual? Dating? Reading? Or something else?”


The best answer I ever heard came from a Harvard University counselor.


A student asked the Harvard counselor, “To get accepted into Harvard, should I take regular classes and get A’s, or, should I take honors classes and risk getting B’s?”



The counselor responded, “We always recommend applicants push themselves by taking honors. That said, in our experience, applicants who get accepted to Harvard tend to take honors AND get A’s.”


Did you catch that? Harvard didn’t lower the standard. This is what makes Harvard, Harvard.


Instead, the Havard counselor gave a shameless, high standard response. I LOVE it.


And I’m about to do the same thing, for you.


It’s the same with prioritizing between fitness, your career, learning, doing a morning ritual, dating, and socializing.


First of all, YES — I recommend you prioritize DOMINATING your career. And I sure as hell encourage you to work out and eat well.


Equally, I also recommend you start the day with a morning ritual, LEARN each day, AND meet a new cute woman each day. Make each a priority!


Put simply, I recommend you prioritize it all — and make each happen.


That’s my answer.


As Ramit Sethi puts it, when posed with a question between doing A and B, sometimes the answer is YES — as in you should do A, AND you should do B, too.


I agree. To be dominant, you gotta dominate. And the way you dominate is by getting shit done, one by one. Prioritize it all. Here’s how. Wake up early. Knock out a killer morning ritual. Workout. Then, crush your work. Meet women along the way. Finally, read before bed. And then? Do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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