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On average American adults¬†spend 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphone per day — according to the comScore‚Äôs 2017 Cross Platform Future in Focus report.


Just check this out…



That’s nearly 90 hours on a cell phone per month!


The question becomes, what affect is your cell phone having on you?


Could spending hours a day on your cell have negative consequences?¬†The short answer is YES — overusing your cell phone can be detrimental to you, and your confidence. However, using your cell phone doesn’t have to hurt you — or your confidence.


In what follows, you’re going to learn 5 avoidable pitfalls that will keep your cell phone from negativity affecting you — and from hurting your confidence.


#1: Overusing Your Phone De-Regulates Your Ability to Focus

Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that regulates the reward and pleasure regions of your brain. I share this because your brain is triggered to release dopamine whenever you receive a text notification. We know that notifications trigger this dopamine release.



5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


The problem with this notification sparked dopamine trigger is simple: repeatedly spiking your dopamine makes it harder for you to fully focus. If your ringer is constantly on — buzzing you intermittently — you can quickly become a dopamine junkie.


The anticipation of receiving a new email, text, or tweet leaves your brain overstimulated and frazzled.


You’re able to concentrate and produce your best work when you’re devoid of distractions. Obvious, yet important.¬†Flow by Dr. Csikszentmihalyi discusses the power of entering a flow state for unlocking your most creative and confident mental state.




On the other hand, when you can’t stop thinking about an impending email — or when that girl is going to text you back — your confidence isreplaced with anxiety.


The solution: Regularly turn off your phone or place it on airplane mode — especially when you need to be productive.


5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


#2: Using Your Phone Before Bed Negatively Effects Your Sleep

Studies show that being exposed to the light given off by phones, laptops, and other electronic devices before bed keeps your brain from releasing melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep.


From thousands of years of evolution, your body and your brain are hardwired to follow very natural sleeping patterns. Unfortunately, cellphone light is the very opposite of natural, as you clearly know.


Clearly, if you don’t sleep well, you feel like shit the next day. And feeling like shit zaps you of your confidence.


It’s simple: using your phone before bed negatively effects your sleep — due it’s unnatural light.


The solution: Make the habit of not using your cellphone (or any screen) for your final 30 minutes before you sleep each night.


5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


Try reading before bed instead. This is an excellent new habit to replace checking your phone before bed. Not only does reading make you sleepy, but doing so also puts quality ideas in your brain for you to stew on all night long.


#3: Starting the Day with Your Phone Makes You More Reactive

A survey from Deloitte shows that 43 percent of their consumers check their phones within five minutes of starting their day. I think this figure is low — especially amongst people under 40 years old.


Regardless, if you want to dominate your day, I recommend you avoid the temptation to check your phone immediately. The reason is simple: if you’re immediately checking your phone, you start the day reacting to the problems and concerns of others.


The solution: Make the habit of not using your phone for the first hour of your day.


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Instead, make your mornings count. Meditate, exercise, plan your day, or perform a morning routine — instead of mindlessly scrolling instagram.


Get to the phone later. Start your day on offense. 


If you kick ass before checking your cellphone for the first time each day, you will feel more confident — and be more successful.



#4: Staring Down at Your Phone Makes You Look Less Confident

How often have you seen this? Someone staring down at their phone…


5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


You see it every single day, right? Well, there’s a problem with staring down at your phone.


This “head down” appearance is subservient body language humans are hardwired to notice — stemming from millions of years of mammalian evolution.¬†


Just look at this simple cartoon image. Who looks more confident?


Persuasive Body Language


The more upright you hold yourself, the more confident you appear. Clearly. Equally clear, when you appear more confident, people respond to you differently. However, if you look like someone people can walk over, it’s likely they’ll treat you with less respect.


But it’s easy (and normal) to stare down at our phones. Hell, everyone else does it. What’s the big deal?


Simple: besides being a beta male appearance, staring down at your phone sets a bad precedent. It sub-communicates to yourself that comfort is more important to you than looking confident. You’re indirectly telling yourself it’s okay to slouch too, or avoid looking someone in the eye, if it’s more comforting in the moment.


Fuck that.


The solution: Don’t look down at your phone. Make the habit of bringing your phone up to eye level instead.


Be like this guy.


5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


#5: Overusing Your Phone Weakens Your Social Confidence 

Maybe I’ll sound old for saying this, but as a whole, younger generations can’t hold conversations like older people can. Be honest… don’t you agree?¬†To me, the problem is obvious: people (especially younger guys and gals) overuse their cellphone.


Doing so can quickly weaken your social confidence. Think about it like this…


If the only conversations you have during your day are through text, tinder, and twitter, how the fuck are you supposed to sharpen your social skills? Or feel confident socially?


How could you expect to be confident around women, in negotiations, or anywhere else — if you have no experience in these situations It’s simple: if you overuse your phone and underuse your real world social skills, you’re setting yourself up to fail.


Why Do People Ignore Me? Hint: Stop Offering Them Kale!


 The solution: Put your phone on airplane mode and start a real conversation with a real life human being.


Trust me, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so temporarily, in the long term, you’ll be happy as hell that you did. Life is more satisfying and more gratifying when you make more real world face-to-face connections.


I Have a¬†Question for You…

You just learned the 5 ways your phone may be zapping your confidence. Shocking, huh? I know this information surprised me when I started digging into the research.


It’s why I have to ask you something….


Which of these 5 habits has negatively effected you the most? And how are you going to change your behavior from here on out — to ensure you experience more confidence each day?


Share your response in the comments section below.


I look forward to continuing the conversation with you…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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