You spend two hours writing a perfect bio, uploading your best photos, and customizing your profile. Then?




For the vast majority of men, online dating is a waste of time. I explain why in the video below…


I also share what you should do instead to create the dating life you desire…




Like I said, online dating doesn’t work for most men. And the reason is simple…


Supply and demand.


Remember that term from 10th grade economics class? Here’s what it means applied to dating…


There’s too many damned guys on these online dating sites!


Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to stand out!


The #1 Trait Women Crave Revealed


Instead, I recommend you try either cold approach — where you start a conversation with an attractive woman you don’t know, building a social circle, or a combination of both.


Another effective way to meet attractive women is to become popular at several trendy locations in your hometown. I wrote about how to put this strategy into play here.


Any of these aforementioned avenues work better than online dating.


The reason they work better is simple.


Unlike online dating, cold approaching, building a social circle, and becoming popular in prime locations each let you stand out from the masses of men.


So get out there and put one or more of these more effective strategies into play! And let me know how else I can help you get next level success faster…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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