Are you secretly pretty much broke? And do you desperately want a killer dating life? If so, I can help you. Really, I should say this…


I can help you under one condition.


Can you consider dating advice that proposes you can win without having money — with an open mind?


If you can consider what follows openly, you will learn to create epic dating results without any money.


I know from experience that it’s possible.


Here’s the truth: Just 2 years ago, I was broke. Less than $1,000 to my name. What this meant? Dude, I had no money for dates whatsoever.


But that didn’t slow down my romantic life…


When you click the video below, you’ll learn the exact system I used to win with women even though my money supply was dry.


So what are you waiting for…?




You can get epic dating results — without having money.


That’s the truth.


Lacking cash is no reason to suffer romantically.


But, being broke does make things more tricky. Unless you know what you’re doing, that is…


In fact, once you learn how to handle the money part when it comes to dating, women quickly realize you’re not like the masses of guys who LOOOVE to pay.


I’ve seen it first hand many times: most women become MORE INTERESTED in you when you do NOT pay — especially right in the beginning.


The reason? By not immediately buying her a drink? And by not paying for her things right when you meet her? It sub-communicates your value. Shows her you’re a cut above most guys — who feel the only way to hold her attention is pay for it.


Not paying right away shows you’re different from the rest.


Not paying immediately displays your confidence and high self-worth. 


Of course, there are traits women desire in a man, Likewise, women are NOT hardwired to desire a guy who simply floats the bill.


Hell no.


Deep down, she wants a masculine man who makes her feel amazing.


Remember: there’s plenty of guys who can (and will) happily pay for her things… She doesn’t need that from her lover. So instead of suffering either because money is tight, or paying heavily whenever you do date….


Stand out and let other (more desperate) guys pay right out of the gate.


In this case, money does talk. But paying immediately often says all the wrong things about you.


Let your masculine traits and social skills do the talking instead.


And now, I have a question for you…


What was your biggest takeaway regarding money (or a lack thereof) and your dating life? What’s the #1 change you’re going to make as a result of watching the video above?


I want to know.


Share your response in the comments section below. Let’s continue the conversation…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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