You’re about to uncover the mental trap that keeps you from unlocking your goals. But first, let me keep it real with you…


Look, I know what it’s like to buy into my own bullshit.


I’ve fallen for this mental trap countless times. You probably have too.


Here’s an example.


We’ve all had an early morning when the alarm has gone off… and we’ve persuaded ourselves of why “it just makes sense” to hit the snooze button.


It’s true, isn’t it?


Ultimately, my brain, your brain, and the brains of all our fellow humans are DAMNED GOOD at rationalizing.


Rationalizations are the mental trap sabotaging your results.


And while they can be bloody persuasive in the moment, those rationalizations (aka EXCUSES) make us weak, soft, and unproductive. They literally are THE ENEMY keeping you and I from our goals.


So, the next time you notice yourself rationalizing…


Tell yourself what I tell myself when I spot a little rationalization crawling around in my brain…


I tell that EXCUSE to go screw off. I’ll then literally tell myself this…



This is how I combat this mental trap — so that I can dominate.


I call out excuses — and ensure I maintain a mental standard of excellence that DOES NOT TOLERATE EXCUSES.


I tell my excuses to go fuck themselves, and then I get back to taking focused action towards my goals.


And I recommend you do the same, if you’re serious about achieving epic goals in your life.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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