I was walking thru a shopping mall just yesterday… 


I felt good. And I was keeping an eye open for cute women I could potentially approach.


Right then, a very heavy woman entered my vision.


And I’ll be honest: Without any hesitation, I immediately thought to myself… “Damn, that’s a BIG ol’ bitch.”


Not exactly my best moment, that’s for sure!


But here’s the kicker.


The person who was hurt most by that nasty, judgmental thought was me. 


The first reason why is because I didn’t communicate my judgment to her out loud.


Therefore, she wasn’t actually hurt. Yet I was — judging her actually hurt me.


And it’s the same for you: you’ll get hurt if you judge others, too.


This is precisely where this topic goes WAY deeper.


Here, let me explain.


I’ll start with the punchline…


The “mental hack” that makes you confident, attractive, and successful is NOT JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE.


How to Overcome Negativity - peakunderpressure.com


Judging other people is a nasty mental habit that zaps you of your confidence, attractiveness, and even your potential for success!


As you can see, this mental hack isn’t easy to master! I’m still working on not judging others.


Luckily, the ability to catch yourself — when you judge another person — keeps you from letting this nasty mental habit gain traction.


So if (and when) you do judge someone, catch the thought ASAP!


But you’re probably wondering…


Jason, why is NOT judging people the “mental hack” that leads to more confidence, attractiveness, and success?


My Dirty Little Secret About Getting Rejected


Great question 😉


This is the topic I discuss in great detail in my newest video. You don’t wanna miss this one. Here’s why…


You’ll learn EXACTLY why catching yourself when you judge others will make you a MORE ATTRACTIVE MAN — who simultaneously unlocks his desires WAY FASTER. Even more importantly, you will also uncover HOW to stop judging others! Lastly, you’ll learn why doing so will strangely make you feel FAR MORE CONFIDENT in your own skin — and how to get started!



So what are you waiting for?


Make sure you take some time out of your busy day to master this powerful mental hack, by watching this video, so that you KEEP GROWING towards your most dominant self as a man.




Now, I want to hear from YOU.


First, tell me about a time when judging somebody else ultimately hurt either your internal confidence, your outward attractiveness, or your end game results.


Then, share with me your biggest takeaway. Doing so is SO IMPORTANT for YOUR SUCCESS as a man! Here’s why…


Engaging here will ensure this lesson gets deeply ingrained into YOUR BRAIN. So write your response in the comments box below. I’ll do my very best to get back to you personally.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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