Last night after my gym sesh, I did a full assessment of my WEAKNESSES as a man… Yup. I searched deep into my weaknesses. But why? Why would I take time to review all the things I suck at??


I will explain in a minute. But first, I don’t normally refer to this mental exercise as reviewing my “weaknesses.” Instead, here’s my mindset: I was looking for my areas for GROWTH — in every area. That’s how I see the process of self-analysis.


Yes — self analysis is the life-enhancing mental exercise we’re discussing here today.


This Mental Exercise is like Rocket Fuel for Your Peak Potential


The wisest thinkers, from Socrates to Einstein, shared the commonality of regularly practicing self-analysis. They did so in order to heighten their self-awareness, creativity, and mental capacity.


Self analysis is paramount if you’re serious about unlocking your highest potential — both in terms of your happiness and success. Just take a look at Aristotle’s quote…



But this exercise of self-analysis is only effective if you tackle this exercise in the proper way. If you perform this mental exercise incorrectly, you can actually do more harm than good.


It’s why I created an in-depth video for you — to reveal the exact process you want to use when practicing self-analysis.


If you want to overflow your life with newfound insights, creativity, and radical growth, then the video below will detail exactly how to get started.




The 101 of Practicing Self-Analysis

Here’s the truth: you gotta look in some uncomfortable spots inside yourself to find nuggets of insight. Growth, rather that be a mental insight, emotional growth, or an idea to spark my business… these things don’t just fall into your lap.


Though not physical, this isn’t “easy” work. But it’s rewarding as fuck and super useful, too. Self analysis as discussed in the video above helps me in business, life, with my family, romance, health… all of it.


Again, the way I do this is pretty simple. First, I go somewhere quiet. Then, with a pad and pen out, I write down at the top of the page, “what are all the things I can I improve upon in _____ area of my life?”


From here, the mind starts brainstorming ideas for growth. This mental exercise is a complete game changer — but only once you get good at removing the ego from the equation. Ego is a force of power. When used properly, ego drives you to take action and pursue your goals with passion and focus.


But time and place for ego is certainly NOT when you’re self reflecting on areas for growth (aka weaknesses you want to eliminate or improve). To be clear, this process should be devoid of self-judgement.


The Secret: Don’t Judge Yourself; Observe Yourself

Rather, you simply want to find areas for growth with the same observation “black and white” perspective that a scientist conducts his studies. He’s simply looking for empirical data to move his studies forward.


This Mental Exercise is like Rocket Fuel for Your Peak Potential


No emotion. No attachment. And no self-destructive self-judgement.


Just an analytic focus on uncovering insightful ideas. You’re like a a miner, searching for mental nuggets that’ll lead you to improved results and newfound inner-peace.


That’s the secret to mastering the mental exercise of self-analysis — so you can unlock next level progress in every area of your life.


If you’re ready to skyrocket your results and your internal development on your route towards your peak potential as a man, then you absolutely have to give this self-analysis exercise a try!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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