You don’t have to cold approach to meet quality women! There’s honestly an easier way… And it’s simple too!


And just because the following strategy for meeting women (without approaching) is simple doesn’t mean it’s not effective…


Best of all? When you master this “approach free” strategy? She’s going be the one CHASING YOU.


If you’re interested in that power, then watch this quick video below…




Hopefully you just watched that.


But if you didn’t, here’s the gist…


Becoming popular at a few of the coolest spots in your hometown has serious benefits.


Best of all — learning to become popular is a SKILL.


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


Whether you prefer spending time in the bar, club, gym, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel lounge, barber shop or co-working space…


When you repeatedly carry yourself with charm and confidence in these trendy places in your hometown — where attractive women like to spend time — you’re going to create a presence and people will begin talking about you.


Which is exactly what you want!


You Want People Talking About You

Once you become that cool, well liked guy guy in a specific venue, people will talk about you when you’re not around. People will essentially talk you up, recount the fun they had with you, and re-tell your stories.  And this is precisely what you want.


The reason? This spark attraction in every women who’s listening. Hearing about you from others absolutely gets women interested in you. Best of all? This is all happening when you aren’t even there. You aren’t “selling yourself” or putting in any work!


Other people are doing that for you!


This is how you become THAT GUY the women fight for.


Remember — women instinctively crave that cool, confident guy who everyone talks about, and who’s well liked.




Best of all? The way you become popular — and thus desired by women — in these cool spots is actually quite simple!


Just show up regularly, meet the staff, and bring good vibes! Be that fun guy who cracks that edgy joke, who tells awesome stories, and who makes everyone’s day better.


In a very organic way, once you get to know the staff and the other regulars, you’ll effortlessly begin meeting women, connecting with potential clients, and receiving social invites…


When you get this right, people will begin introducing you to women! And your introductions will often be made to these attractive women who’ve already heard amazing things about you!


Can you say, winning?


Again, when you get this right, by establishing yourself as a cool guy at a few trendy spots, you won’t be coming in “cold” when you meet women at these places…


Once you build up you reputation in your favorite spots, women and men alike will be EXCITED to get to know YOU!


This strategy is highly effective — and works best without approaching people cold. Give it a try! Here’s how to start…


First, make a short-list of 3-5 trendy places you can begin frequenting — starting tomorrow!


Then, get to work. Start making yourself a familiar face at these places.


Simple enough! You can do this!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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