I knew I had to do something…


As soon as I saw her take a seat next to me in the coffee shop I was working at, my productivity took a nosedive.


There was no way I could focus with her sitting there, looking so innocent.



I knew what I needed to do…


So I got up from my seat slowly, walked to the empty stool next to her, and calmly took a seat.


She looked in my direction. I looked back.


And then, with a little smirk forming, I simply delivered these 15 words to her…


“Tell me, are there ANY reasons whatsoever why I shouldn’t be here talking to you…?”


For a second, she looked confused. I held the eye contact and smirked knowingly. Then, I saw the flicker. She got it.


Without either of us ever having to say it, we both understood the romantic dance we were suddenly enjoying together.


With a refreshing smile, she replied to my question, “Nope, I don’t see anyyyy reason why you shouldn’t be here.”


And just like that, I was in.


Within 10 seconds of approaching, I’d flipped the script.


Already, she was the one coaxing me to stay with her. 


If you want women to invest immediately (and you do), using the opener I shared above is like fishing with a shotgun. This works because when your eye contact, body language, and other non-verbal cues are dialed, a woman cannot help but get curious. And this opener uses her curiosity as leverage — and gets her to “invest” right from the start.


By the way, by “invest”, what I mean is that the woman is immediately getting some “skin in the game.” Getting a woman to engage emotionally in a conversation is huge. The last thing you want is to be doing all the work. It takes two to tango 😉


On a deeper, here’s why the opener you just read is so effective for getting women to immediately invest emotionally into the interaction (and start chasing you)…


First of all, women are attracted to dominant men, as this research study shows. Furthermore, women are hardwired to read nonverbal cues first and foremost — when assessing the attractiveness of men.



Just look at that graph.


So, by entering with strong eye contact, slow and controlled body movements, and a voice devoid of any adolescent pitch, you are to a woman what a tan, athletic girl in a bikini is for you — you’re HOT!



Once you master those non-verbal cues, remember — you’re the equivalent to a sexy woman in a bikini for her. You’re an exciting thrill. She can’t help but be curious!


As your non-verbals are strong, remember — getting women to invest immediately is often as simple as opening a conversation with, “Are there any reasons whatsoever why I shouldn’t be here talking to you?”


When delivered well, this innuendo — where you’re immediately hinting that your approach comes with some sexual fire — will excite her from the inside out.


Yet by never explicitly saying what you’re doing — yes, you are hitting on her — and by only hinting at it, she’ll likely catch onto the subtle little game.


And since you never said anything explicitly, there will be juuuust a tad of that mystery factor…  She’ll think to herself, “What exactly does he mean ‘are there any reasons I shouldn’t be talking to you’? Who is this guy?? This is different! I like this…”


This is exactly what excites her soul:


A little bit mystery and a whole lot of innuendo, baby.


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Here’s the best part: unless her boyfriend is right around the corner, the odds that she’ll immediately invest back into the conversation are high. When delivered well, a woman will usually respond to this opener by flirtatiously saying, “I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t talk.”


When she says that, you’re in. And so is she.


Cuz after you invested by approaching her, you got her to invest back immediately — because she just welcomed you to keep talking to her.


This may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but social dynamics are subtle.


Once she’s invested herself into the conversation by extending an invitation your way, really, it’s almost like she’s the one hitting on you. This is the power of getting women to emotionally invest immediately when you approach.


And its easy to do, especially when you sub-communicate your sexuality with your nonverbal cues — like good eye contact and a suggestive smirk!


From here, once she “buys in,” you can maintain this frame — that she’s the one hitting on you — for the rest of your relationship with her.


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But if the woman gets confused when you say this opener to her, stay calm. Don’t crack. Hold the eye contact. Then, you can simply say, “Don’t be silly. Can’t you see what’s going on here?”


Once she gets the innuendo, you can then repeat the question: “So let me ask you one last time, Miss. Are there anyyyy reasons whatsoever why I shouldn’t be talking to you?”


Then, just pause.


Let her respond before you continue. Give her some time to catch up — so she can play along. 😉



Now, here’s the one warning I have for you…


If she gives you a reason why the two of you shouldn’t talk, respect it. 


For example, if she says she has a boyfriend, accept it. And walk away. If she’s too young, respectfully wish her a good day and continue with yours. Or, if she says she’s too busy to talk, honor her word.


There’s no need to pursue so intensely — especially when there’s lots of other pretty girls out there who’d like to talk to you! And besides, a gentleman never makes a stranger’s day worse.


You’re all about making people feel better about life, right?


So remember, if she doesn’t give you a reason why you shouldn’t be talking to her, not only are you in the clear — meaning there shouldn’t be a boyfriend to worry about, but you’ve also gotten her to invest immediately into the interaction, too. Well played, sir 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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