You’ve been there… Right at a major fork in the road — with a major decision to make.


Both paths look tempting (and maybe even daunting!)


Which way do you choose? 



I’ll never forget the story I heard Tony Robbins tell, four or five years back…


He shared how a top military official needed to decide on a plan — and had two options available.


His decision, on whether to choose plan A or plan B, would impact millions of dollars and countless lives.


And to help him make his decision, the official brought in two highly trained consultants.


The first consultant was to study on the plan A, and give his opinion on how good it would be. The second would study on plan B, and do the same — share how good he thought plan B would be.


After some time, the two consultants were brought in to reveal their points of view. They each presented.


And it became clear that both plans were similar in their potential and quality. So what did the head official do?


Did he tell them to keep researching?


Or, perhaps the official started doing his own research?


What do you think the official choose to do?


Ok, time’s up 😉


Here’s what he did (and what you want to do, too).


The official decisively chose plan A, and then he went on with his day.


The two consultants were shocked. How could he make his decision so briefly? BOTH plans were viable.


And his decision to choose plan A would have such a big impact!


He explained it simply..


“The sooner we choose, the sooner we can find the most effective plan. If we wait, we get no answers. When we act, we get real feedback. If plan A works, great. We win fast. If it doesn’t, we’ll pivot to plan B. And then, we’ll win. Either way, we’ll get results faster if we act now.”




As the great John Wooden famously put it, “Be quick but never hurry.”



You assess. You decide. Then, you move forward. This is how you make decisions. 


Simple enough, right? But I get it — it can be scary to make a decision.  What if your plan of action ultimately… fails?


Then here’s what you do.


If your old decision leads you down the wrong path, then make another decision — so that you can win the next battle, and ultimately win the war!



Remember — there’s no rules limiting how many decisions you can make. 


If a decision you made before comes up short, pivot. Make a new decision based on the new information you have. By continuing to make decisions decisively, you learn more quickly and move much faster than most men. 

It’s simple.


Once you assess the situation, you want to make a decision as quickly as possible.


Want the secret to dominating as a man? Here it is: be DECISIVE. Making decisions rapidly is how you ACCELERATE past the competition. As most men timidly peek around the next corner of life, you’re speeding forward: gaining experience, confidence, and MOMENTUM.


It’s true in sports, dating, leadership, physics, and business…





And making decisions quickly gets speed on your side!


But I know what you’re thinking…


And yes, it’s true…


You’re correct: a decisive action taker will lose a few games along the way…


Let’s be honest: a decisive action taker may even fail for an entire season!



But never forget…


A decisive action taker will ALWAYS outperform someone who stays put, with analysis paralysis, over the long run….


Here’s why: someone who NEVER ACTS, can NEVER WIN.


Not taking action is equivalent to removing your name from the raffle! If you want to win, why in the hell would you remove yourself from the game?


I mean, how could a man possibly win — if he never made a forward move?


Decisive action takers ultimately dominate.



Passive men who ponder, ultimately under-perform.


So GO! Go make some decisions today. 


And no matter what happens, remember that TAKING ACTION is the FASTEST PATH to more confidence, more dates, more success…


…and most importantly…?


TAKING DECISIVE ACTION is the fastest way to unleash your FULL POTENTIAL.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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