Ready to confidently take the lead with women you like? 


If you’ve read David Deida’s work, you know how important it is that you lead. Women get turned off if you don’t. If you’ve ever let a woman lead for any sustained period of time before, you’ve seen this first hand.


Therefore, I want to share with you the EASIEST WAY to always lead when you’re with a woman you like.


By doing this ONE THING, you will find it’s essentially impossible not to lead.


Get the girl. Make her your girlfriend


Sound good? Then let’s dive in.


To ensure you’re always leading when you’re with a woman you like, just do this…


Simply make a decision & act on your decision with certainty.


That’s it. To illustrate, here’s a real life example. Say that you’re on a date with a woman you really like. The two of you just grabbed a beer And now, the two of you have both finished your drinks.


This is a pivotal moment for your date.


If you go soft and avoid making a decision, the woman will likely lose interest.


And for good reason: a man who can’t decide on a date is awkward!



Luckily, the secret for ensuring you’re in a position to successfully lead is just as simple…


Based on the dynamics of the date, and depending on what your instincts tell you the best next step would be, simply take action on the best plan that comes to mind.


Make a decision and act!


For example, say, “Hey, drinks have been fun. Let’s go for a walk. Here, take my hand.” Then, simply look her in the eye, put your hand out, and prepare to continue with your plan. This is how you lead. You simply make a decision. Then, you execute it with certainty and confidence.


It’s all about deciding, acting, and leading with confidence.


Speaking of taking the lead with confidence…


Without a doubt, confidence is key to leading when you’re with a woman you like.



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Ultimately, your ability to decide swiftly and act on that decision is everything.


The last thing you want to do is second guess yourself.


Of course, there will always be another option you could have taken. There’s always another choice. But you can’t do everything. So instead, simply choose something. Then, commit to it and lead!


Harvey Specter expects to win


If this feels stressful to you, you’re looking at this situation from a poor perspective. Let me share with you a little secret about dating, attraction, and women…


She doesn’t care what you choose, she just wants you to lead!


The last thing a woman wants to do on a date is make decisions.


Remember, she’s likely been making decisions all week. And now, by Friday night? She’s sick and tired of leading!



Think about this: Between her career, her family, to her personal life, to whether she should buy cabbage or broccoli (or *gasp* BOTH) at the grocery store — she’s not in the mood to make ANY more decisions — in her spare time.


Never forget that!


Whatever you do, don’t ask her (or even let her) take the lead! 


Furthermore, to become attracted to you, you need to lead. It’s very difficult for a feminine woman (which is almost certainty the type of woman you’re attracted to) to become aroused when not being led.


When a woman is leading, it requires she tap into her logical part of her brain.


Why She Loses Interest


This is the furthest place from the mental she needs to access to get turned on!


On the contrary, if you simply embrace your masculine role of making decisions and leading, she’ll begin to embrace her femininity.


A woman who’s free from the burden of thinking from a more masculine state-of-mind is open to embrace her emotions, experience heightened pleasure, and enjoy her time with YOU!


By taking the lead yourself, a feminine woman will begin to let go and “submit” to you.


Because whether it’s the moment when you ask her out, during your first date, or in the bedroom, a feminine woman is hardwired to desire a masculine man who leads decisively!


So remember — it’s not about how you lead as much as it is that you lead. So just lead, baby! And remember, if the decision you made beforehand doesn’t quite work out, the way you ensure success is to simply pivot! Just make a new decision. There’s no law governing how many decisions you get to make during your time with a woman! Furthermore, as a general rule, the more decisions you make and then act upon when you’re with a girl you like, the better!


Here’s a winning formula: Just take her hand and head off into the wild unknown! With you as her valiant leader, of course 😉 


3 Best Ways to Feel More Masculine and Alpha


To be clear, the way you lead is by simply deciding and then acting. 


As I share in this step-by-step video on how to lead effectively with women (from the first chat to the firework finish)…



Don’t second guess yourself. There’s no need to! Instead, think of yourself as an army commander. After assessing the battlefield, you make the decision. No wasted time. Because just like on the battlefield, on a date, there’s no time to waft or waver. Be a man of decisive action! Just as this is what the troops need from their leader in combat, decisive leadership is exactly what a woman needs from her man.


Now, go make it happen, sir! 😉 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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