You’ve seen Suits. You’ve seen Harvey Specter dominate. Now, you’re about to learn his 9 secrets behind his confidence, charisma, and success…


Learn Harvey Specter’s 9 Rules for Success. So you can be successful just like him…





Harvey Specter’s Rule #1: Raise Your Standards

Raising your standards is the secret to success.


No image encapsulates Harvey Specter’s first rule to success quite like this…



It’s simple. If you want to reach the next level, you must set a higher standard for yourself. Push beyond your prior self-imposed limits. Imagine a higher, better level of performance from yourself.


Rule #2: Stay Loyal to Your Squad

Though Harvey certainly can operate on his own, he’s a fiercely loyal character.


Whether it’s his loyalty to Donna, Mike, or Ms. Jessica Pearson, Harvey realizes that you cannot reach the next level without a core team around you.


Harvey Specter's 9 Rules for Success


Yes. Harvey is comfortable stabbing his enemies in the back. But he remains loyal to his squad.


Rule #3: Make a Killer First Impression

Nobody makes a first impression quite like this man.


Your ability to create a magnetic first impression will help you go far in every area of your life.


Be Charismatic & Smooth like Harvey Specter


Work on your smirk, making strong eye contact, and your tone of voice. These non-verbal cues go a long way towards making the killer first impression that’ll help you achieve success.


Rule #4: Take Calculated Risks

Nobody created massive success by playing it safe. You must be willing to play to win. Taking calculated risks is part of that process.


Think of the real world version of Harvey Specter — Elon Musk.


Become Attractive: Focus on Your Mission like Elon Musk


Here’s a man who’s risked it all many times. And guess what?


It paid off. The most successful are often the most willing to take calculated risks.


Rule #5: Get in Your Enemies Head

Yessir. Nobody said mind-games were off limits. When you’re trying to achieve massive success, you will have competition. Competitors who will try to beat you, defeat you, and squash you into submission.


You need to get into their head — like Harvey does.


Harvey Specter's 9 Rules for Success


Whether it’s by being cocky, staying silent, upgrading your individual skills, teaming up with a new partner, or bluffing, getting in your enemies head gives you the advantage.


And that’s what you want… right? 😉


Rule #6: Play to Win

Here’s another all-time Harvey Specter classic quote…


Harvey Specter's 9 Rules for Success


It’s simple.


Most people focus on avoiding what they don’t want. But not you.


You focus on what you do want. And you focus on winning big.


Rule #7: Always Think Creatively

These quotes are just too damned good to ignore.


Here’s a classic Harvey Specter quote that gets right at the power of thinking creatively.


Harvey Specter's 9 Rules for Success


Be like water. Fluid, adaptable, and changeable. Find one of another 146 other available options to counter with, when you find yourself in a jam.


Rule #8: Leave When You’re Ahead

You’ve surely heard the quote, “leave when you’re ahead,” right? Well, most people suck at this.


They don’t know how to determine the right moment to make an exit.



Realize that if you’re always available — and always around — you seem less significant. We value that which is scarce.


So leave sooner rather than later. And certainly leave when you’re ahead.


Harvey Specter’s Rule #9: Never Make Excuses 

We saved the best for last. Because if you’re going to be a success, you CANNOT make excuses.


Harvey Specter doesn't make excuses


It’s that simple. Winners don’t make excuses.


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers



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  1. Isaac H.

    I love these small analysis of characters and their traits. Could I recommend you doing a small analysis of Tyler Durden from Fight Club? He seems pretty successful in his own way.


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