Harvey Specter Confidence Breakdown

Be Confident & Charismatic like Harvey Specter


After in-depth research, I’ve found the keys to unlocking Harvey Specter’s inner confidence and his charisma.


It’s your time to feel and act like Harvey Specter does in Suits.


Let’s begin with the keys to be confident like Harvey Specter…


1. Raise Your Standards:

How you feel on the inside is a consequence of the actions you take each day. No rocket science there. But what many of us do is let ourselves off easy. We go in to make a sale and “hope” that the client will talk to us, giving up too quickly.


And when we get home, we know we should go to the gym, but instead, we sit at home, watching TV, eating Oreos. Harvey Specter, throughout the show, holds himself to a higher standard than his peers.


He doesn’t hope to win, he expects it. He promises it. His standard is success. As the scene below depicts perfectly, he sets bar higher than anyone else in New York — which is what makes him so dominant.


Harvey Raises the bar


This elite standard fuels his inner belief in himself, which translates to his continued success. The continued success then ignites even more confidence. It’s an upwards spiral.


You MUST raise your standards — to feel more confident.


Raise your personal bar for what you’ll tolerate. Only allow the best foods into your mouth. Spend time only with winners. And instead of wasting your time on social media, spend your time improving the skills necessary to dominate in your career.


When you raise your standards, at first, it’ll be difficult. You’ll feel like regressing back to your old self. However, if you’re able to use willpower to push through the initial discomfort of raising your standards, soon, your standards WILL rise. Suddenly, like Harvey Specter, you too will expect more out of yourself. This will translate to experiencing more confidence in every area of your life.


2. Express Yourself More Often:

Have you ever wanted to share something about yourself, but instead, you kept it in? Do you sometimes feel trapped in your head — when you most want to be social? Although coaching is the fastest way to blast through this, you can learn to sound more confident — all on your own.


While the article linked gives you specific step-by-step advice for expressing yourself confidently, consider that the more you speak up, the easier it becomes to keep speaking up. It’s all about momentum.


Simply saying “Good morning” to the person next to you in line, when you buy a cup of coffee in the morning, gets you in a more socially confident state of mind. Expressing yourself, even by simply saying “Have a good day,” or “I like your shoes,” begin giving you more confidence. The more you express yourself, the more empowered you’ll feel to KEEP expressing yourself.


It’s all about getting momentum on your side.


In the show, Harvey Specter always speaks his mind. He never represses his thoughts. Until season 5 — and remember what happens to his confidence? Other than that quick blip in his confidence, when someone crosses the line, Harvey tells them to back up. If he needs to make his point, Harvey does so with certainty. In short, Harvey Specter expresses himself confidently, decisively, and powerfully. It’s his continued social expression that fuels his sustained confidence!


Aim for this standard — where you express with confidence all day long — in your life. Practice speaking up often, like Harvey does. Just try it for one day. See how different you feel. My guess? You’ll feel more confident when you start projecting your voice and expressing your thoughts openly, like Harvey does.


If you want an extra resource to help you express yourself openly, and with more confidence, watch this quick, yet powerful video…



3. Hold Yourself Up Right:

Body language cannot be ignored.  Dr. Cuddy of Harvard discusses and shows how important your body language is in determining how confident you’ll feel, in her TED talk that’s linked above.


One reason Harvey Specter is so confident is that he always carries himself upright.


Harvey Specter stands up straight


He’s never slouched, and he’s never looking down.


He’s made it a habit to hold amazing body language. Do the same. Pull your shoulders back, keep your chin up, and walk with your head held high. It makes all the difference in the world. Changing how you carry yourself changes how you think, because the difference in body language influences your internal hormonal functioning!


ALWAYS CARRY YOURSELF AS THE CEO. Watch this video for more on how to do so:


Harvey Specter gets respect – and looks insanely confident – because he never shows doubt. Do the same.


Trust me, by carrying yourself like a boss, people WILL respond to you differently.


This improved feedback you’ll receive will only fuel you with even more self-confidence. As a result, carrying yourself upright can quickly become a new habit — because the newfound results you’ll start getting quickly becomes empowering, and even addicting!


There’s no doubt about it. Holding yourself upright, like Harvey Specter does, makes you appear more confident and more charismatic.


Persuasive Body Language


4. Over-Prepare

Life favors the prepared. Harvey Specter never walks into a courtroom, a settlement negotiation, or even a simple meeting without being buttoned up and prepared fully.


But how about you… Have you ever skipped out on doing the homework before class, so to speak? Tsk tsk.


Remember, raise your standards!


When you know your material cold, you feel more confident.


Spend the extra time practicing your upcoming speech. Put in the extra work to memorize your sales script. And practice asking for the girl’s number in private, before you ask for it in public. It’s cliche, yet it’s true: practice is the mother of all skill.


So put in the work ahead of time, so that you’re ready to dominate when it’s game-time.


Harvey Specter expects to win


Although you may not have a genius in Mike Ross to help you prepare, you have yourself to rely on, and that, is all you need! Over-prepare so you can boom with confidence when it matters most.


An equally important of Harvey’s confidence comes from his smooth social skills.


In what follows, you’re now going to learn 3-keys for being your most charismatic and smooth self socially, just like Harvey…


Be Charismatic & Smooth like Harvey Specter


If you’ve ever wanted to carry yourself like Harvey Specter in social situations, then you’re in luck. What follows is the blueprint for acting more like Harvey Specter in social situations. Steal 3 of Harvey Specter’s most charismatic, smooth social skills, right here…


1. Harvey Stays Light and Calm Under Pressure

We all want to stay non-reactive and “cool, calm, and collected” under pressure. It’s one of the reason so many men look up to Harvey Specter — because he conducts himself like a boss when the stakes are highest. Luckily, this isn’t a gene some were born with, while others lack.


Rather, you can learn to stay calm and composed under pressure, too. Exercises to help you train your ability to stay light and calm under pressure include regular high intensity exercise, meditation, and cold showers.


Exercise, Meditation, Cold Showers


Doing each activities regularly trains you to stay relaxed and emotionally lighthearted and easygoing. You’ve probably noticed that men who stay the most “cool” under pressure tend to be the men with the most attractive women, the best jobs, and the biggest commission checks!


Learning to stay calm under pressure is paramount to your success as a man. Can you stay cool when you’re just about to close a massive sale? Are you able to stay relaxed when giving a big presentation in front of a huge audience? And can you control your approach anxiety just before approaching that stunning woman? The most successful, attractive men know that staying cool under the heat is how they get ahead!


Carrying yourself in a light and playful way when the going gets tough establishes you as a leader.


We admire and respect the rare few men, who do keep it cool when everyone else loses their head. Luckily for you, if you’d like to start becoming “icy cool” under pressure, build  new habits of regular meditation, taking a daily cold shower, and regular high intensity exercise, into your lifestyle.


For a quality guide on how to do just that, bookmark this in-depth blog post.


2. Harvey is the Master of His Facial Expressions

In the show, you see countless examples of Harvey Specter’s facial expressions. His wide range of facial expressions indeed help him express himself charismatically. From the wink, to the poker face, to the smirk, to the genuine smile, you too want to master on your facial expressions. Because remember, the face is the first place people look when they meet you!


Yet, many men forget about how important their their facial expressions are. As such, they look like big goofballs, or even creeps!



Don’t be this guy! Be conscious of your facial expressions! They’re paramount to making a killer first impression romantically, professionally, and socially. Here’s why…


Simply put, your face is the very FIRST place people look.


As you know, you can never re-create the first impression somebody has of you. It’s why I recommend always wearing either your smirk or a smile, when you first meet somebody. This also holds true for people you’re already acquainted with — remember to wear your smirk or your smile whenever you’re socializing! Doing this makes you more likable, more attractive, and more charismatic.


For more on mastering your smooth facial expressions like Harvey Specter, so you can unlock more charisma and power, watch this video…




Consider, your facial expression makes you appear like you’re angry, nervous, or pissed off, people will immediately be put off by you.


And you don’t want that… do you?


Be like Harvey Specter instead. Work on your poker face, your smirk, and of course — your wink.


Harvey Specter Winking


3. Work on Your Sub-communications 

Most people think it’s the words they say that matter most. Well… Most people are wrong. The truth is, your sub communications matter far more.


But what are sub-communcations?


As the graph below shows, your sub-communications include your tone of voice, your physical gestures, your facial expressions, how you carry yourself, and your body language.


Persuasive Body Language


Mastering these sub-communications is the secret to projecting yourself in a confident, charismatic way.


This is what Harvey Specter has mastered in the show. Whether it’s ability to use sarcasm, wit, dry humor, or his comfort with embracing silence by taking long pauses in conversations, Mr. Specter has his sub-communications dialed in.


Luckily, you can quickly improve your sub communications, too. What follows are two quick ways you can sharpen your social skills by improving your sub-communications.


First, speak more slowly.


Most guys, especially in pressure filled situations, speak too quickly.


They speak as if they’re in a footrace. Don’t do this. Instead, breathe deep, pause frequently, and slow the pace of your speech.


To see what this looks like, I have a resource for you. The 60 second video below shows you the proper pace with which to speak. What follows is a recording of me successfully asking a woman out. Notice how my vocal pacing is controlled, slow, and steady. This is what you want to aim for…



Secondly, start working on a more nonchalant tone of voice.


Speaking with a nonchalant tone of voice absolutely make you appear more confident and smooth. Communicating with nonchalance, which alpha males do naturally, is a powerful way to stand out as a confident leader. One person who’s mastered the art of speaking nonchalantly is Robert Downey Jr., the American actor. For an in-depth dive into his communication, check out this in-depth post.


Speaking with nonchalance can also make your normal comments sound much funnier.


In fact, the nonchalant tone of voice is perhaps the #1 secret to mastering your dry sense of humor. Note that if you’d like more help nailing this smooth, charismatic social ability, check out the blog post I wrote for you on that very topic, right here.



There it is my friend. Your guide to becoming confident and charismatic like Harvey Specter. But, before we wrap this up, I have to ask you..


You want to become a dominant man like Harvey Specter… Don’t you? 


Now, let’s be honest…


When you become confident, smooth, and charismatic glorious things happen.


Better invites. More money making opportunities at work. And a far more exciting sex life. You can get these results. And feel like Harvey Specter.


Here’s the great news: if you cut the excuses and continue learning, you WILL get there.


Harvey Specter doesn't make excuses


As this study shows, being desired by women and successful in life isn’t about your looks.  It’s about your traits as a man.


Traits are learnable and within your control. You can grow yourself and become the kind of man that attracts the goods, my man. Since you’re here, you’re serious about leveling up as a man.


And I have the perfect opportunity for you…


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