Here’s the truth.


Women are attracted to dominant men. Just look at this research.



Did you read that?


Results (from this study) indicate that dominance and the traits associated with it predict men’s mating success, but attractiveness and the traits associated with it do not.


Your dominant, masculine traits make you attractive.


Not your pretty boy looks ūüėČ


Now… I have a question for you…


What do Tom Brady, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, and that one badass you know — who crushes everything he does, have in common?


The Type of Man Women are Hardwired to Desire (backed by research)


And no, their commonality that makes them desirable to women is not their pretty boy looks.


You remember the research, right?


“Attractiveness and the traits associated with it do not (predict a man’s mating success).”


The one commonality each of these men share — that make them highly desirable to women?




They’re each¬†dominant men.


Tom Brady? He was passed on 198 times before being drafted into the NFL.


But since?


He’s a complete leader who’s lead his teams to win 5 Super-bowls, and he’s arguably the best quarterback of all time.


Simply put, he dominates.


And as you know, countless women find him irresistible.


The Type of Man Women are Hardwired to Desire (backed by research)


Next up? Bradley Cooper.


Cooper worked to become a beast of an actor — one of¬†the world’s best.


Many guys think the reason guys like Cooper attract women is because of good looks. Sure, good looks play a part.


But more importantly? He’s dominant at what he does. And women love him for it.


The Type of Man Women are Hardwired to Desire (backed by research)


Third on the list?


David Beckham. The dude killed at one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world — Manchester United.


With the world watching him, he routinely rose above the rest.


He mastered his profession — and won countless accolades, trophies, and awards.


Simultaneously? He mastered the world of fashion and pop culture. To be clear, his good looks aren’t what makes him insanely attractive.


As the research shows, its his dominant persona that underlies the desire he sparks in the minds of countless women.


The Type of Man Women are Hardwired to Desire (backed by research)


The reason Tom Brady, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham and that one badass you know attract women effortlessly is because they are all dominant men.


Women are hardwired to find dominant men arousing, exciting, and desirable. 


Just read this excerpt from Dr. David Buss’ book, The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology


Women want dominant men


It’s simple.


Want to become the type of man women desire? Yes? Then, you need to become your most dominant self — as a man. When you do, you will automatically trigger attraction. It’s a hardwired feminine response.


Like it or not, whether or not you’re desirable to women comes down to you. And how you conduct yourself as a man.


Your desirability does not come down to your looks.


The reason Tom Brady or Bradley Cooper or David Beckham get girls is NOT primarily because they’re easy on the eye.




Women want these champs because they dominate at what they do.


There’s no sugarcoating this.¬†And to play devils advocate for a moment…


Just ask yourself how old and ugly Hugh Hefner (who happened to¬†dominate¬†and build an empire) could create the romantic life he did…



You know the answer: because he built a dominant business and carried himself like a boss.


Looks don’t fucking matter. Neither does age. Those things are NOT what women are hardwired to desire…


Nope. All you need to do is this…


Become dominant and women will desire you


That’s the stone cold truth.


But if you’re like I was, making this personal change wont be easy… I know because I used to be scared and afraid.


But then, I pushed myself hard and changed myself entirely. So I know how this thing works. It’s why i want to ask you the real questions…


Will you finally commit to your craft — and become incredible? How hard will you push yourself in the gym? Will you step up and challenge your comfort zones? Are you committed to¬†experiencing the¬†confidence and the sex life you quietly crave?


These are the real questions you ought to ask yourself.


Luckily, how dominant you are — and whether or not you’re hardwired to attract women — that comes down to the choices you make.



Only you get to decide.


But if you want women to desire you, then you know the truth about what you need to do…


Let me know what you plan on doing to become your most dominant self as a man, in the comments below.


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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