Brad Pitt has it going on, doesn’t he? What if he could help you get a date with the girl of your desires…? Dude. He can. This blog post is going to help you out brother. So that you can get a girlfriend.


A girl like Angelina, perhaps 😉


Brad Pitt and his girlfriend, Angelina


I have to ask you…


Do you have your eye on a girl? Want to ask her out? Make her your girlfriend? Would you like a bulletproof step-by-step process for doing so? Yes?


Then you’re in luck. I’m about to deliver you the goods. A six-step sequence you can follow to make her your girlfriend 😉


But first, let me hit you with the stone cold truth…


The sooner you make your move, the better.


But are you a bit unsure how you should ask her out? What you should say? And how to optimize your odds of success?


Then what follows is for you. You’re about to learn a proven 6 step sequence to successfully ask her out and make her your girlfriend. 




While I could tell you the six steps in writing, you’ll be far better off if you see them in play using video. What follows is a video breakdown. I’m going to show you a scene from a movie and break down each of these 6-steps for you.


Maybe you’ll end up with a girlfriend as delightful as Jennifer Aniston…


Jennifer wouldn't be a bad girlfriend


Who knows… 😉


Click the video below to learn how to get a girlfriend in 6 simple steps!


Boom! There it is, señor.


Apply these 6-steps in order. And watch the magic happen. The girl of your dreams can be your girlfriend in no time — if you take action!


Below is a review of the 6 steps for asking her out, getting a first date, and ultimately — making her yo girlfrannnnn 😉



Ask Her Out & Make Her Your Girlfriend Using these 6-steps…

  • Step #1: Build Good Rapport
  • Step #2: Indicate You’re Interested in Monogamy
  • Step #3: Paint a Playful Picture of the Two of You in a Relationship
  • Step #4: Stay Light and Keep things Fun Throughout
  • Step #5: Lead Conversation Towards the Two of You
  • Step #6: Ask Her Out with a Specific Invite


Again, each of these 6-steps are covered in detail in the video breakdown above.


I urge you to watch that now if you haven’t yet. You’ll feel far more prepared to ask out that special girl you have your eye on. And make her your girlfriend…


Get the girl. Make her your girlfriend


Cool? Cool.


Now, a few last things…


First, is there anything you’re confused about?

What’s the one area you’re most uncertain about when it comes to asking out the girl you desire?


Write below — in the comments box.


I’ll get back to you personally.


Then, check out this awesome dating content I’ve created for you…


You’ll love these. Each are epic resources for you — designed to get you peak results in your dating life.


Which is what you want… Right? 😉


If so, then there’s only one more big idea you need to read…


Get a girlfriend already ;)


Lastly, be sure to put what you’ve learned into play!

It’s all about executing with decisiveness – not only in your dating life – but in all of life! Practice makes perfect my man! The more you take action, the better the odds are that you’ll get your dream girl.


I know from experience…


Taking action repeatedly is how I personally transformed my dating results.


It’s how I went from an awkward, anxious guy with ZERO options into a gent who now has an abundance of dating options!


I learned to attract chicks


In fact, taking action has been the secret to the transformation of lots of guys — gents just like you.. You can read their stories and get some motivation from them, here.


So get out there… Make your move! Go get the girl! Even if you’re anxious or afraid, take action!




You’ll be glad you did — I promise.


And be sure to write to me and let me know when you get the girl and make her your girlfriend… 🙂


To your peak,

Jason Rogers



Ps – Did you get value from this blog post? Yes?


Then check this… You’ll love it…




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