I never thought I’d write an article like this.


Less than 10 years ago, I was dateless and clueless and afraid to talk to women! Here’s a picture of me in the must of my “lost years”…



But as you’ll see in this article, I’ve come along way. More importantly, you too get the dating life you desire — even if you’re struggling like I was.


Lots of you guys have asked me for advice about attracting women.  Specifically, I’ve received questions about how to get with the really stunning women — the women all the guys want.


How DO YOU attract the most attractive women?


That’s what we’re about to dive into here. You’re about to learn the 3 simple steps to follow to finally get with incredibly attractive women.


Step One: Get Your Head Right 

Before we talk about what to say or any other “tactics,” lets get your head squared on straight. It’s simple: attractive women like men. And you are a man. So then, it’s only logical that attractive women would like you.


Now before you try and argue with me and disagree, stick with me here. The problem 90% of single guys have is they overcomplicate things. What a shame. Especially since getting with really attractive women is actually really simple.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


To get with the most attractive women, you need to expect that these women are attracted to you. And why wouldn’t you?


Now if your mindset is like mine was, I know what you’re thinking…


  • But, the most attractive women haven’t gotten with me before…
  • Yea, but I’m not tall, rich, handsome, or famous…
  • Um, why would the most stunning women want to get with me?


Like I said: I used to think that way. So I get it. But that doesn’t make this line of reasoning productive or even tolerable. This defeatist mindset cannot be tolerated if you’re serious about getting results — and about living near your peak potential as a man.


My dating life changed when I simply said, “Fuck excuses — I’m committed to results.”


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly


Here’s the Truth…

While it wont be a cake-walk, the truth is that normal, regular guys like you and me can get with incredibly attractive women. But only when we get our heads around the inevitability that we’ll get with attractive women — once we take consistent action.


You can get with incredible women. Say it out loud! It’s the fucking truth!


To help reprogram your mindset to expect that sexy women will like you, visualize yourself flirting with, and attracting, amazing women –each night before bed. Create vivid images in your mind — of you seducing the most sexy women.  Summon all 5 of your senses when you do.


Repeatedly visualizing this new reality changes how you think. And this new mindset is the first domino — that’s going to start a cascade of changes in your romantic life.



Step Two: Meet the Most Attractive Women

Who would have thought? To get with the most attractive women, you need to meet them! You have to approach the most attractive women! It’s funny, but most guys want to change their dating lives, yet they don’t take the logical actions necessary to get new results.


They don’t approach attractive women!




It’s juuuuust a WEE BIT difficult to get with amazing women — if you don’t talk to any amazing women! If you want to get with stunning women, you’ve gotta put yourself out there and chat with them.


Whether you prefer daygame like I do, using your social circle connections, or going out at night and mingling in the club, you absolutely need to approach the most attractive women! There’s no way around it.


Online dating is oversaturated — too many guys and not enough quality women. Equally, unless you’re famous, the most amazing women wont be approaching you.


As the man, you’ve gotta get the ball rolling. It’s that simple.



How to Approach Her…

How you approach her? When should you approach? Look. There’s tons of content here on the blog for that. And we’ll talk about this some, in a minute.


But the truth is the “tactics” or “what to say” — those things are secondary!


The key is that you actually DO approach attractive women regularly. It’s why I recommend you memorize the following mantra. Here’s what I repeat to myself, no matter where I am….


If she’s stunning, I’m gunning.


By gunning, I mean I’m going for it! I’m going to start a conversation and see what happens if I see a stunning woman. As I wrote about here, when you see a babe, just go break the ice already. Say hi, crack a joke, be bold and direct — do whatever the hell you want.


You can walk up and immediately propose to her if you want.


Here's what happened when I proposed (plus two life lessons I learned)


Tell her that you’re going to be her boyfriend for the next 45 seconds. Ask her out to a romantic dinner at Long John Silvers … (the fast-food seafood joint). 😜


What you say really doesn’t matter. Trust me on that.


It’s about your mindset and your masculinity and the confidence you display.


Remember this too: you’re giving her a gift by approaching her. Deep down, maintain your positive mindset — where you’re expecting good things to happen.




Last point here: When you see a stunning, attractive women, don’t delay.


Do not hesitate.


As I talk about in the quick video below, the best time to approach that stunning woman is right freaking now.




Even if you’re nervous, and even if you don’t know what you’re going to say… Act like a man. Get over there and open the fucking door of opportunity.


You’ll be glad you did.


Step Three: Ask Out & Date the Most Attractive Women 

You’ve been chatting with this gorgeous brunette for a while now. The two of you are really hitting it off. That’s great. But now, will you capitalize on this moment — or play it safe?


Here’s the real question: What would your best self as a man want you to do?


How to Get with the Most Attractive Women (3 steps)


Make no mistake, if you want to get with the most attractive women, you need to lead the interaction forward. As the man, it’s your job to set the direction of the conversation, the interaction, and the prospect of the two of you dating.


Never wait for her to make the move! That’s your job!


How to Ask Her Out…

My recommendation? If you’re in a conversation with a woman you really like, ask if she has time available right now. Say something like this…


“Hey, do you have twenty minutes right now to go grab a drink?”


She’ll either say yes — or she’ll say no. That’s not what’s important. What matters is that you’re moving the interaction along. You’re on offense. And you gotta go on offense to score!



Now, if the woman says yes, take her hand and lead her to a local bar or coffee shop or somewhere to grab a drink. And if she can’t come with you right now, because she has other plans, stay cool. Stay calm.


Instead, simply grab her humber with the full intention of establishing a future date. In this situation, I usually say this…


“No worries. We’ll plan another time to grab a drink. What’s your number?”


Daygame is a Numbers Game


Once you have her number, ask her if there’s a day in her week when she’s free and available. This is huge. It’s by far easier to lock down logistics face-to-face than it is over a phone call or text.


Often, a woman who likes you will happily share when she’s open. And the two of you can make future plans right then and there.


Putting it All Together…

Regardless of what happens, what counts is that you approach attractive women, lead your conversations forward, and move things down the romantic path…


Sometimes you’ll get the exact outcome you desire, and sometimes you wont. But when you commit to this process, you’ll be a happy man. You’ll be able to sleep at night without any regrets.


Better yet, by taking action as discussed, you’ll start going to sleep at night with a fellow troublemaker… 💄😉


Revealed: The Exact 3 Steps My Clients Use Transform as Men


Ultimately, what counts is that you take action, learn from every interaction, and pat yourself on the back for staying on offense.


Here’s the cool thing: if you maintain the right mindset, approach the most attractive women regularly, and move your interactions with these women towards dates, you will get dating results.


So get out there, my friend. Go make it happen.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


The ONE Trait that Makes You Attractive


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