You’re about to learn the 3-step friends with benefits formula.


By following the three steps revealed below, you will have the very blueprint you need to create “friends with benefits” relationships. But first, what are the benefits of friends with benefits relationships?


…besides the fun they provide 😉


Here’s the first mistake that keeps guys from these fun relationships: they’re far too quick to “slut-shame” women.


Being Non-Judgement is Required for Success Here!


Simply put, a woman wont sleep with you casually if you judge her and perceive her as a slut for having sex without being in a committed relationship.


This seems obvious, but tons of guys mess this up.



That said, if you’re a nonjudgemental man who values his freedom, you’ll find this sort of relationship to be ideal.


Friends with benefits relationships are perfect for ambitious men for three reasons…


  1. Friends with benefits relationships are NOT time consuming.
  2. A friends with benefits relationship is NOT emotionally draining
  3. Friends with benefits relationships ARE sexually and energetically rich


In short, having a “friend-with-benefits” or three is an ideal way to optimize your confidence, sexual satisfaction, energy, and masculine focus as you look to dominate as a man.


Get Treated like a God (in bed)


I assume you don’t need more persuading regarding the benefits of attracting friends with benefits.


Therefore, we’ll move on to the real question you must be asking yourself…


“How do I create these types of relationships for myself — as a man?”



This is the question you’ll uncover the answer to, right here.


Uncover how to attract a woman so that she RELISHES THE OPPORTUNITY to enter this sort of “friends with benefits” relationship with you.


Let’s dive in…


The 3-Step Friends with Benefits Formula Revealed

To begin, I’n going to simply lay out the 3-steps in the simplest way possible. This way, you can get the main idea before uncovering the nuanced points for unlocking a friends with benefits relationship (or three).


Here we go…


Step One: Meet lots of women. I recommend doing so using your social circle, mastering “popularity game,” and by cold approaching daily.


As I wrote about here, online dating is not as effective as these other approaches for meeting and connecting with women.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


Step Two: Attract these women you meet. While the subject of how to attract women is an article on it’s own, here are the principles to abide by.


The keys to attracting women include putting your work first, creating space for women to chase by texting her sparingly, learning to banter, becoming socially skilled, and embracing attractive body language (as well as using strong eye contact).


Eye Contact: How to Attract a Woman Simply with Your Eyes


Step Three: Maintain attraction without committing. This is the key to success here. Most men become too needy — which ruins the chance for a successful, longer term friends with benefits relationship.


But by putting your focus on dominating your work each day, maintaining space for her to chase, staying mysterious, and being a fun guy to hook up with, you can potentially enjoy a friends with benefits relationship for six months or longer — with one woman.


Never Compromise Your Values or Purpose as a Man


In a nutshell, that is how you spark and create friends with benefits relationships. That said, I must share something important with you…


The Truth About Creating Friends with Benefits Relationships

I would be painting an inaccurate picture for you if I didn’t share the following. And while what follows can be a difficult pill to swallow, you definitely do not want to miss this.


Failing to internalize the following truth will ensure you do NOT successfully create friends with benefits relationships.


So what is this all important truth? Here it is…


Successfully creating and maintaining this sort of relationship, especially with high quality women, requires you to be near your peak potential as a man.



Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be rich. Likewise, you don’t need to be tall, dark, nor handsome to create exciting friends with benefits relationships for yourself.


I have one particular friend who is short and broke. Yet, at the time of writing this, he as an incredibly attractive women whom he’s been in a non-committed relationship with for quite some time.


He is successful (despite being short and essentially broke) because he’s skilled at meeting women, attracting women, and continuously sparking that attraction (without committing).


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


The real key to success is mastering each step I shared above in the 3-step friends with benefits formula.


Here’s the simplest way I can explain it…


To enjoy quality friends with benefits relationships, you must be a dominant man.


As I wrote about here, the simple truth is that a small select group of men enjoy the majority of the casual sex the world has to offer.


To attract friends with benefits then, you must be near the top of the proverbial pyramid.


That’s the simple, no bullshit truth.


You see this fact arise across countless species in the animal kingdom. Here’s an image of a dominance hierarchy amongst a species of humans.


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys explains why most men don't get laid


The “elite” male monkeys at the peak have sex with the most, and the highest quality, female monkeys. The situation is very similar amongst humans.


Top men get the prizes. The majority of men, do not.


The question becomes, how can you reach the peak of this “pyramid” amongst men, as a human?


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


Luckily, to ensure you become one of the lucky few who indeed succeeds, I made an extra resource for you.


I highly recommend you watch this short, powerful video.


You will learn the nuanced secrets to successfully create friends with benefits relationships.


Be an action taker. Let’s get started, sir.




By mastering each step in the 3-step “friends with benefits formula,” you too can enjoy stimulating, energizing, sexually gratifying relationships with women — all while staying noncommittal and freeeeeeeee.


But again, this isn’t an easy task to accomplish.


Only a select group of men indeed attract high quality friends with benefits on a regular basis.


It’s why I want to continue assisting you (if you’re committed to dominating as a man).


First, let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help. Share them in the comments box below.


Then, if you haven’t yet, uncover the number one trait women desire most in men. It’s free.


I’ll conclude with this…


While it wont be easy, if you take action, educate yourself, and get skin in the game, you indeed can unlock the benefits of reaching your peak as a man.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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The ONE Trait Women Desire Most


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