So ya wanna feel confident all day, every day? Good. Then keep reading. 


First, let me say this: I don’t blame you! I wanted the exact same thing…


For years, feeling confident all day, every day is honestly what craved most. I desperately WANTED to feel confident — no matter where I was, who I was with, or what I was doing.


Can you relate?


I tried (and did) everything to achieve this goal of mine: Read books. Bought self-help courses. Learned from mentors.


Here’s me back in the good ol’ days on my quest for legit confidence building knowledge…



And finally, almost 10 years later, I did it…


I learned what truly makes men feel confident.


Now, there were a WHOLE bunch of false starts, mis-steps, and unexpected roadblocks — along my journey towards figuring out how to be confident ALL DAY, every day.


But, as I said before, I indeed finally “unlocked” the vault — and reached my ultimate desire: complete confidence.


Here’s what I can tell you: Confidence doesn’t happen overnight….




Confidence is a habit.



That’s right, if you want to feel confident all day every day, then know this: your confidence each day is simply an output of your habits. And I can tell you the 5 habits you need to feel confident each day.


Here are the five habits I found make me feel confident all day, every day


  1. Meditate for 10 minutes
  2. Read for 20 minutes
  3. Talk to 1+ cute girl(s)
  4. Work out (sprints and/or compound lifts)
  5. Take action on your life’s work


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If you ingrain those 5 habits, and perform them each day, you’ll be VERY NEAR your confidence potential as a man.


But perhaps you’re thinking: “Yea, but Jason — doing ALL of those things EVERYDAY is gonna take a LOT of time!!”


Here’s my response: Yea, what’s your point? What other “things” are more important than the daily execution of those 5 habits?


Here’s the real question: Are you committed to being your most DOMINANT, BADASS SELF — or not?


4 Hacks to Get VIP Treatment (this makes it too easy)


Make the decision.


I you’re NOT on board, all good. FYI: You should leave this website if that’s how you feel. Don’t worry, it’s okay 🙂


I’m not judging either way.


But here’s what I AM saying…


Anyone who tries to sell you a “magic pill” that INSTANTLY makes you confident, is a bullshitter.


Including the guys who make and sell Xanax — trust me — I’ve seen good friends SUFFER cuz they got ADDICTED to that shit.


Ultimately, to feel confident all day every day, so you can attract babes, be a boss socially, and in order to unlock legit success in life, you gotta DO THE WORK.



Don’t let any huckster persuade you otherwise.


It’s clear: the simplest way to “automate” the work needed to feel confident all day every day is to make the 5 habits I mentioned above an AUTOMATIC part of your day.


For more in-depth information on how to ingrain these 5 habits, as well as the reasons WHY these habits are so transformational, I recommend you check out the new video I dropped on this topic, over on my youtube channel.


And after you watch, drop a comment with your biggest takeaway.




Now, I want to hear from you.


Share your biggest takeaway you’ve had here. Write in the comments section below. I’ll do my best to get back to you personally.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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