I’ll cut to the chase.


Most guys think that in order to earn more respect, they need to change the topics they talk about.


Or bring up “cooler” things in their conversations.


If they do that, then people will see them differently… And in turn, they’ll gain more respect.


But here’s the truth…


This is NOT how you earn respect.


Besides the obvious fact that you need to be a man of character to earn respect…


You earn respect not by what you say, but by how you carry yourself. 


Whether you like it or not, people are judging you based on your body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues.


Research clearly shows this to be true…


In fact, up to 93% of the perception people have of you comes down to these sub-communiactions.


Just take a look at this…

It’s simple.


If you want to earn more respect from women and men alike…


You need to carry yourself with more confidence…


When you carry yourself like a confident, composed man, people will treat you differently.


They’ll treat you with more respect…


Now, in a moment…


I’m going to share with you three secrets you can use to look more confident in a flash.


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For your well being as a man…


I hope you just took a moment to enroll into that free training, where you’ll learn to double your confidence in just 5 days.


Because at the end of the day, while the following respect earning secrets will help…


Nothing earns you respect like carrying yourself with authentic, solid, core confidence…


But what can you do now to earn respect fast?


Remember this, the game of earning respect comes down to those sub-communications. Again, these are non-verbal cues like your body posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, and your movements.




What follows are three quick tricks to mimic the body language movements of men who naturally earn respect from their peers.


Here you are…

  • First up, speak half as frequently as you normally do.
  • Second, double the eye contact you make with people.
  • And third, move half as much, ensure you don’t fidget, and cary yourself with a calm, “in-control” grace.


These three changes in how you carry yourself work magic. 


But there is ONE caveat. Are you ready for this? Because what follows is crucial in your quest to earn more respect…


Here’s the real key…


It’s all about embodying these three principles in a natural and authentic way.


If you clumsily try to speak less frequently, if you force eye contact awkwardly, and if your movements look stunted or contrived, you’ll actually LOSE RESPECT.


In fact, implementing these tricks incorrectly could actually decrease the amount of respect people have for you…


Here’s why: nobody respects a fake!


So make sure you really embody these three tricks wholeheartedly!


To ensure you get this right, I created a powerful video for you to help you further ingrain these “respect earning” tricks…


Watch the following video so that you learn to implement what you’ve learned in a natural, authentic way…




Now, it’s your turn to implement what you’ve learned in the real world. Because knowledge is only half the game. The real points are scored on the court! 😉


Remember: action breeds the invention of all skill!


This includes the “skill” of carrying yourself in a respectable way! So get out there! And practice what you’ve just learned — in an authentic, natural way!


So own what you learned!


No half-assing the principles you’ve learned! Go all in!


From this moment on, you’re officially the kind of man who carries himself respectably! 


You don’t waft. You don’t waver. Rather, you own your masculinity. Because you sir, are a highly respectable man.




Right. 😉


Now, before we finish here…


I have two questions for you…


First, what was the biggest takeaway you gained here? I want to know. Equally, I’m curious — do you have any questions?


If so, share them in the comments section below. I’ll try to get back to you personally.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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