When it comes to mastering your dry sense of humor, it’s all about getting your facial expressions and your tone of voice right.


It’s the disconnect between your sub communications versus your explicit, verbal communication that creates the humor.


You’re going to see how Johnny Depp creates hilarious comedy with his dead panned dry sense of humor in just a moment.


You’ll see it’s his voice and his facial expressions that do the trick. This isn’t a new idea.


Dry humor, like most communication, is all about what’s “under the surface.”


It’s everything beyond the words themselves, and rather, how the words are delivered, that create the dry humor.


It’s about how you deliver your jokes…


Though some dispute the exact percentages, we know from Albert Mehrabian’s research that it’s the sub-communictions that make a massive difference. This graph really sums it up best…


Master Your Dry Sense of Humor


To be clear: you master your dry sense of humor by taking conscious control of your tone of voice and your facial expressions. You’re about to learn how…


When you do, you’ll be more likely to create the success you want socially, romantically, and professionally, too. We all love a good laugh and when you learn this skill, you’ll have a leg up.


This video breakdown, along with the written blog post below, show you how to master your dry sense of humor…


After watching, read on below the video. I share the review the 3 main points that make up 80% of his success in the video. Let’s begin…




While the video breakdown makes these points most obviously, I wanted to add a bit of extra value for you. What follows are 3 essentials for improving your dry sense of humor.


#1) Master Your Dead Pan 

You saw this multiple times in the video breakdown. Johnny Depp’s dry sense of humor comes to life because he doesn’t laugh at his own jokes. Instead, he maintains a steady facial expression.


He’s wearing the same face you’d expect from a person telling you about their day. And yet, while maintaining the dead-pan, he’s cracking real zingers. Perfect. Master your dead pan.


And here’s the beautiful thing about wearing your dead pan when it comes to your dry sense of humor: you can only win. Its impossible to lose. And by that, here’s what I mean…


If you maintain a neutral facial expression, and you crack a “joke,” all that can ever happen is A) people get the joke and laugh; or B) people don’t laugh and it didn’t even look like you were cracking a joke.


That’s the beauty of dry sense of humor. When you get it right, there’s only upside.


#2) Use Misdirection in Your Stories 

You saw Depp do this countless times. A perfect example was when he shared that there were piranhas in his luggage. Of course, this is extremely unusual behavior. And that’s what misdirection is all about.


It’s about throwing in the unexpected. People find things they aren’t expecting funny — especially when you deliver the misdirection with good pacing, tonality, and yes — a dead pan!


When you’re telling a story or sharing about something, look for ways to make everything seem like it’s going in one direction. Then, just when your listener(s) assume it’s going to stay in that predictable direction, give them a 180 degree flip.


This takes practice. But having the awareness of using misdirection is half the battle. Re-watch the video breakdown for more examples if this concept isn’t making sense just yet.


#3) Focus on Speaking with a Nonchalant Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is extremely important when you’re delivering dry humor — and really — any joke. It’s even more important than the joke itself, as you can see with this graph:


To master your dry sense of humor, however, the tone of voice we focus on is nonchalance. Just like with your deadpanned facial expressions, your tone of voice should sound eerily similar to how you’d carry out normal, casual small talk.


This is what makes the misdirection, under/over-exaggerations, and jokes you share with a dead pan so funny. The nonchalance in your voice and the straight dead-pan are in complete opposition to the words and content with which you’re actually sharing.


This pattern interrupt, this disconnect, is what creates the humor.


Bonus) Your Next Steps

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to deliver your stories and ideas with a touch of dry humor, your next step is simple: go practice! You’ll never level up your social skills if you don’t put them into use in real life!


Luckily, as research continues to show, you’re hardwired to socialize – and therefore – we’re also hardwired to learn social skills very quickly. It’s literally in our DNA. Our ancestors survival is largely attributed to their (and thus your) social abilities.


I believe it’s this scientific underpinning in your brain that is the biggest reason why guys make rapid social growth in only a month. Does that seem too good to be true? Rapid growth in only one month? You can see one gent I worked with talk about his rapid growth in 30 days here.


But to be clear: this rapid transformation only happens if you take lots of action and learn the very best practices. And while I can’t make you take massive action, what I can do is deliver more high value training for you.


As you may be acutely aware of, one of the biggest struggles guys have socially is making women chase them. It’s exactly why I created this high value training for you… 


You’re going to love this…



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