What feels better than dominating your day?


For me, the feeling is absolutely exquisite. Nothing beats hitting the sheets at night — fulfilled because you know you produced. To dominate your day is to truly squeeze every bit of life, juice, and opportunity from each moment.


Now, if you’re a regular reader here, you know I often start my posts with a story or an interesting bit.


But this post is different. Direct, filled with practical advice, and right to the point.


Let’s dive right into seven strategies that you can use immediately to dominate your day.


Dominate Your Day Using these 7 Tips


#1: Dominate Your Morning Ritual Bright and Early 

As you know, life gets hectic. By eight o clock, the world is up. People are hustling. Emails are bombarding your inbox. Everyone needs you. Your boss, your clients, you team. By this point, taking time for yourself is nearly possible. It’s why having an early morning routine — that takes care of your needs — is so important for optimal functioning.


If you don’t take the necessary actions to ensure you’re operating at your peak each day, who will? Cough, nobody, cough! To dominate your day, you’ve got to start your day in a productive way. Your morning ritual is your time — your time to get your mind right, your body primed, and your daily aims clear.


An excellent morning routine to start your day can literally set an entirely new course — not only for your entire day —but with repetition, for your entire life. This belief is shared by countless successful individuals…


While everyone must find an ideal morning routine for them, I’ll share mine…

  • 4:55am: Bang! The alarm is ringing! I wake before 5am. With my gym clothes and running shoes ready, I stumble over and suit up. Then, I immediately head out and knock out my daily workout. My workout includes stretching — followed by either sprints or intense bodyweight exercises. As I wrote about here, this workout is designed to fuel me with optimal masculine hormonal functioning.
  • 6:00am: I return home. Take a cold shower, Then, I spend about 36 seconds getting dressed and doing my hair 😉
  • 6:20am: Then, I review my daily schedule. And make any notes that’ll help me accomplish my key action items for the day.
  • 6:25am: Next, I read my list of goals — both short term and long term — followed by a 5 minute visualization where I vividly imagine the acquisition of each of the goals I desire.
  • 6:35am: Finally, I mediate for 15 minutes — to finish off my morning ritual. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.


By 6:55am, I’m finished with my ritual. And I’m tackling the day’s most critical task — the one action that most moves me towards my goals. I aim to finish this key action item by 8am, if possible.


Implementing this morning routine each weekday morning fills me with energy, focus, clarity, and optimism. And even more importantly, it ensures I get shit done.


An effective morning ritual is the ultimate productivity “hack.”


In my study of elite performers in various fields and industries, the majority of success stories have — or had — a morning ritual. Tim Ferriss found this in his analysis of high performers, which he outlines in his book, Tools of Titans.


Tools of Titans - Dominate


Now that we’ve finished our kickass morning ritual, let’s start dominating the day, shall we? 😉


#2: Know Your Direction and Dominate It

Let’s go!!! It’s time to dominate the day. As I referred to when outlining my morning ritual, I always knock out the most important task of my day, first.


To ensure I’m actually tackling the most important action item of my day, I use a powerful strategy. Specifically, I always ask myself a focusing question I learned in bestselling author Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing.


The question he advises us to ask ourselves is…


“What’s the one thing I can do today, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”


The One Thing - Dominate


Using this simple focusing question, each day I knock out my answer to this simple question – first thing in the morning.


I recommend you ask yourself this question to focus yourself and to optimize your actions each day. Here’s another productivity tip: As we’ll discuss in more detail later, I actually figure out my most important task to knock out the night before.


This preparation makes me that much more productive. It’s how I catapult myself forward to dominate the rest of my day. The key then, is knowing your direction as a man and ensuring you take the most important action, first thing each day to move your direction forward.


But to dominate your direction, then, you’d better first have total clarity to know what your direction is… Right? Consider: if you’re employed as a sales person, it’s likely something to do with closing deals. For a fireman, it’s being the best fireman you can be. Personally, my direction is all about reaching my peak as a man and moving closer to my goal of helping a million men do the same.


How about you? Where are you headed each day? Are you clear on your direction? 


To ensure you’re heading in a clear direction, ask yourself the following, “What is my current primary direction in life?” If you do not know, ask yourself, “If I had to either immediately pick a primary direction for my life, what would my choice be?”


Now, these questions may seem like a silly exercise or not worthy of participation, but I want to challenge you to do them. Not for me. But for your own good. Having clarity of direction gives you purpose, motivation and meaning — each day.


Besides, how can you dominate your day if you don’t know what direction you’re aiming to move in? Without direction, you’re actions are aimless. But with it, your every action becomes precise.


I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your direction — what the fuck you’re here to do as a man. David Deita explains the power of having a purpose as a man in his book, The Way of the Superior Man.


Way of the Superior Man - Dominate


But I get it… It’s tough to truly internalize what your purpose and direction as a man should be. If you’ve yet to find yours, here’s a little secret…


You can make finding your long term direction as a man — your current mission.


Yes! For now, make your direction the discovery of a meaningful direction to center your daily efforts and actions around! This will give you a sense of meaning, curiosity, and purpose each day — until you find that core direction you want to center everything around, long term.




Now, whether you’ve already zoned in on your long-term direction like I am, or your current mission is finding your long-term direction… Get your day rolling by taking the most important action that moves your direction forward — first thing after your morning ritual!


#3: Turn Your Problems into Challenges You Embrace

This may seem cliche or trite at first. But let’s dive deeper, and explore why turning your daily problems into challenges you embrace massively supports you.


Here’s what we know: the psychological effect of re-framing a “problem” into a challenge you embrace is well researched. In fact, we know that embracing stressful situations gives you increased confidence — and improves your odds of success. In the moments that matter most, your mindset regarding your adversity directly influences your inner chemical functioning and your outer ability to perform.


Dr. Kelly McGonigal writes in her book, “The Upside of Stress,” that seeing your stress response as useful has three powerful benefits….


Upside of Stress - Dominate


First, seeing stressful problems as a challenge improves your ability to perform.


This new mental appraisal actually helps your blood vessels to dilate — meaning more oxygen and blood gets to your brain and other key organs!


Seeing your stress response as helpful increases the flow of testosterone, dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline. Improved levels of these chemicals — especially testosterone — improve your functioning as a man in countless ways!


Dominate with More Testosterone Production

Simply embracing your stress response — i.e. sweaty palms, faster heart rate,  tightness in your neck — actually gives you a massive chemical cocktail of confidence! Choose to embrace the stress — and thrive. Or, resist stress — and crumble.


As you think, so shall you be.


This ancient adage is now backed by cutting edge research. It’s simple. Choose to embrace the stress — and thrive at your peak. Or, resist your stress response– and crumble under the pressure. 


Secondly, McGongial outlines in her book that seeing a socially stressful situation as a fun challenge gives you and your brain a huge advantage. You become sharper socially by learning to love the nerves that come with social stress! 


By embracing the social stress before a big speech, interview, or the nerves before you approach that girl, you’ll actually perform at a higher level! It’s the secret to putting your best foot forward as a man, in social situations.


I learned to attract chicks


Learning to love the butterflies you get in socially tense situations helps you maximize your social skills and heightens your social acuity. But why? And how?


The simple answer is, a chemical called oxytocin is released in greater amounts when you see a social stressor as a challenge worth embracing. Oxytocin, through complicated chemical processes, helps you stay smooth and sharp. The body is the ultimate machine — built to help you succeed.


The end result? By repeatedly putting yourself into challenging social situations, and embracing the stress during the process, you quickly become a more socially smooth man. Doing this very thing changed my life profoundly — and rapidly. It’s the inspiration behind this very website.


And it’s why I recommend you push your comfort zones socially, each day!


If you’re an ambitious single man, the easiest way to do this is to talk to women each day. But if you’re single, you’re probably asking yourself, “When should I approach her?” I talk about that here, in this short video…



Thirdly, Dr. McGonigal outlines in her book that seeing stressful situations, as challenges worth embracing, improves your ability to both learn and improve your skills  In fact, embracing stressful situations turns your brain into a supercharged learning machine!


The reason? DHEA, a chemical that helps your brain grow, is released in heavy quantities during stressful situations — especially when you see that situation as a challenge to be conquered, as opposed to a fear inducing threat.


New research like this provides yet another reason why you want to embrace the stressful situations you face as you dominate your day. Upon feeling the stress, your brain produces tons of brain-altering DHEA!


This chemical is like an all natural mental steroid — encouraging your brain to grow! To get your daily dose, just push your comfort zones, embrace the challenge, and enjoy the wild ride! 


By facing some stress and embracing the challenge, you’ll be better equipped to dominate the same challenge the next time you face it. Your brain gets an upgrade each time you push yourself.


Become a Learning Machine | 10X Your Growth


In short, seeing problems as challenges has benefits far beyond the cliche “it’s an opportunity,” adage.


By seeing problems as challenges, you literally unlock what Stanford researcher Dr. McGonigal called the biology of couragein her TED talk. 


This biology of courage gives you more confidence and composure, sharper social skills, and the heightened ability to learn new skills by structurally growing your brain.


I can’t say it enough…


Practice the art of embracing stress. It’s a skill you can learn. I know because I used to hate anxiety and now I welcome the very same sensations I once loathed!


Welcome “the butterfly” feeling when you’re anxious or stressed about performing at your peak. When you train yourself, through daily repetition, to embrace these feelings, you will kick more ass.


That’s what researchers at schools like Harvard are finding.


#4: Master Your (Entire) Body Language 

Rather you’re a manager, athlete, salesperson, or entrepreneur, your body is either fueling your success or, it’s holding you back. And while I urge you to strengthen your body as a part of your morning ritual, this isn’t about exercise. We’re passed that. We’re in the midst of your day now.


This is about resourcefully using your body to give you a competitive advantage when you’re out dominating your direction.  


Because as you’ll soon see, your body is a resource — but only when you know how to tap into it. What follows are the best ways to use your entire body to achieve mastery as you dominate your day.


First, gain conscious control of your facial expressions.


People forget about their face — when discussing body language. Why? There’s not a good answer! Your face is a part of your body!


And realistically, it’s the first place people look when they meet you! Mastering your facial expressions will both boost your confidence — and it’ll sharpen how attractive and confident you appear to others.


My first recommendation: consciously choose to smirk and smile more!




Smiling instantly makes you feel more confident and more happy. This is what research conducted at U of Kansas found. When you smile, others perceive you more positively, too.


Duh! 😉


And yet, most guys walk around all day long with a straight or sullen face… They look like they’re constipated! Ugh! Don’t follow their example! Make this simple change — wear your smile and your smirk on the daily! Reap the rewards


But when it comes to facial expressions, it’s not just about your smile.There’s more ways to take control of your facial expressions that’ll help fuel your daily success…


How you hold your eyes themselves have a powerful effect, both on how confident you feel, internally — and on how others perceive you, externally.


Men with narrower eyes, on average, have higher testosterone levels. Research also indicates that women find narrower — squinted eyes — more attractive.


To potentially fuel your body with more testosterone, and to look more attractive, narrow your eyes.


Check out this image of Bobby Axelrod, to see how you want start holding your eyes more regularly…


Narrow eyes


Notice he doesn’t have big wide eyes — or “bug eyes.” But rather, his gaze is narrow, almost as if he’s squinting slightly… By just smirking and making strong eye contact with this narrower gaze, you’ll feel more confident while equally appearing more in control.


Now that we’ve talked about your facial expressions, let’s help you master everything below the neck.


While I go extremely deep into material like this in my premium courses, I’ll give you a quick 101 right now. Here’s what we know: embodying a “superman” like pose literally changes your hormonal functioning and makes you feel more confident in under one minute.


Superman Dominate


Now don’t over-do this — by striking an over-the-top superman pose all day long — or you’ll look like you’re trying way too hard!


But yes, hold your shoulders back and keep yo damned chin up! People will see you as more in control and more confident when you hold great body language.


Again, not a shocker! But most guys don’t hold proper body language. Most guys have shitty posture — they’re hunched over like gorillas all day long!


Dude, stand up straight! You’re not a gorilla!


Stand up straight! Dominate!


These poor body language habits sabotage both their confidence and their real world results! How you carry yourself absolutely matters. People are judging you based on your appearance. Why would you compromise that?


Especially when it’s so easy to simply carry yourself well. If you want to dominate, stand up straight! By simply committing to proper body language, you support your hormonal functioning! Translation: your body is going to — through all natural processes — make you feel like a champ!


Making great body language — and proper facial expressions — an everyday habit is a must since you want to dominate as a man.


You can see Harvard researcher Dr. Cuddy’s TED talk on the power making some of these simple changes, here.


Persuasive Body Language


Lastly, when it comes to mastering your body, we cannot forget about the power of your breath. Breathing unlocks heightened control over your body, your mind, and your nervous system.


To calm yourself down amid a pressure moment, breathe deep, repeatedly, pulling air from your belly.


Practice breathing from your belly. Breathing in this way let’s you tap into an all natural, calming confidence. Yes, the breath is that powerful. But only when you breathe correctly, as our buddy here shows us below… 😉


Breathe from the Belly


Belly breathing works great when you’re aiming to stay cool, calm, and collected. But what if you feel tired, and you want more energy — as you’re dominating your day?


To energize yourself, a lesser known breathing strategy you can use is to sharply inhale through your nose.


Do this five to ten times in quick succession and you’ll feel jazzed up! This exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system — which is associated with alertness and focus.


But how exactly do you do this exercise? The simplest way to perform this exercise is to imagine you’re trying to snort a bunch of lines of stuff, through your nose — in rapid succession.


By simply doing this breathing exercise — without the stuff — your body will receive a jolt of all natural energy 😉


There it is. Smirk, smile, keep your chin up, hold good posture, and breathe well.


Do those things, and your body is going to be optimized to help you dominate your day.


#5: Remind Yourself WHY to Become Re-invigorated 

As Simon Sinek popularized in his book, Start with Why, uncovering why you do what you do is a powerful source of consistent motivation. Motivation you can use to discipline your hard work into habits that produce you with results for years to come.


Start with Why - Dominate


If you find yourself regularly feeling lazy — filled with the desire for an afternoon nap, then listen up.


Simply put, you can kickstart your energy and re-focus on dominating your day by taking a minute and tapping into your core motivators  — the core reason(s) why you’re inspired to do what you need to do.


You want to find a strong why — or better yet, a strong set of whys. Once you do, you can remind yourself of why you do what you do. Upon doing so, you’ll notice a natural burst of energy rush over you. Energy that lasts just long enough to kickstart you back into the action taking flow.


For example, if you’re a banker, do you have a deep reason why you want to dominate your day at the office? Are you there to get filthy rich? Because you’re saving money for your upcoming family vacation? Or maybe your why is more spiritually connected.


If you don’t know why you’re committed to dominating your current direction each day, it’s easy to see why you become tired each afternoon.


But what if you had powerful reasons why you wanted to dominate at work each day?


The thing is, you can find reasons why you could get excited to dominate each day. I’ll help you find yours in just a minute. But first, to get your mind going, here’s a list of three core reasons why I’m committed to dominating ever single day.


Personally, running my business and managing peakunderpressure has deep meaning to me. Three of the reasons why are because…

  • I’m able to instruct and inspire men to reach a higher level in their lives — which makes the world a slightly better place to live in.
  • Dominating my day moves me closer to experiencing total freedom — and gets me closer to giving my family total freedom, too
  • My direction challenges me each day which grows me into a better man — which in turn helps me further my personal mission of helping a million men improve themselves and their lives.


Reminding myself of these three reasons of why I do what I do — here as the leader of peakunderpressure.com — re-invigorates me whenever I need a boost.


Dominate by Connecting to Your Mission


For you, even if you aren’t working the job of your dreams each day, you can still find powerful reasons why you want to dominate your day.


For example, dominating your day may move you closer to finally saving the money you need to pursue the career of your dreams. Maybe your current job is your gateway to acquiring the skills or discipline you’re going to need to make your long term goals into a reality. Or perhaps, dominating each day allows you to support your family with quality meals and traveling opportunities.


By now, you should have some idea of the most exciting reasons why you want to dominate your day. But let’s not stop with mere ideas. Let’s document the most powerful reasons why you’re excited to dominate your day.


Similar to what I shared before, make a list of three core reasons why you can be excited to do what you do each day.


Get relentless here. Really dig deep and figure out why you’re inspired to put your best foot forward each day. Once you have that list, you can review them when you need a kick in the ass. Use your whys to get you back into the groove.


#6: Channel Your Inner Darkness

Michael Jordan’s trainer, Tim Grover, put to words a feeling I’d experienced my entire life. Grover explains in his book Relentless, how top athletes, like MJ, Kobe, and Dwayne Wade are able to perform with such commitment and drive.


To Grover, their dominance largely is largely because they each tap into what he calls “their dark side.”




Upon reading his description of the dark side, it became clear that I’ve always performed my best when I’ve used both positive, inspiration motivation — as well as my “darker” motivators — to truly drive me to dominate.


Channeling your dark side is about using your secret, less socially acceptable, sources of personal motivation to drive you towards relentless action. To dominate, you need every competitive advantage you can get.


But how do you tap into your dark side? But what exactly is this “dark side” we’re taking about? What are these darker motivators you can use to make you a next level, dominant action taker?


Examples of “dark motivators” include your secret desire for sex, money, power, fame, greed, and/or prestige.


The dark side


At least one of these less socially acceptable, or “darker” motivations secretly influence you, true or false? Be honest. I wont tell anyone 😉


Whether it’s power or a thirst for recognition or your secret urge to have tons of sex, you’re driven by things you keep to yourself… Aren’t you?


But are you tapping into them and maximizing them? I believe every man has a dark side. I know I do. If you can, embrace at least one of these dark desires that fuels your actions. You don’t need to tell anyone about this. But you sure as hell do want to remind yourself of your darker driver(s) when you’re being pushed to the brink — but you know you should keep going.


Digging deep into your dark side is how you stay driven when others drop off.


While controversial, your dark side isn’t something I recommend you repress or deny from yourself.


Dominate By Using Every Motivator Possible


Personally, embracing my dark side combined with my more pure motivators has given me a real competitive edge.


Especially when you combine your dark motivations with your more inspiring “why” motivators that were discussed in tip number five, you’re going to have tons of motivators fueling your actions — as you turn daily actions into daily habits that become nearly automatic.


It’s this combination of both light and dark drivers that sets you ahead of the competition. While most men either deny their inner darkness, or, become consumed by them and live a criminal lifestyle, your ability to balance both make you uniquely capable of dominating daily.


Last note here: tapping into your darker desires is excellent motivation to do the shit that scares you.


Whether it’s making sales calls, challenging the status quo, or approaching women, your darkest places can deliver you the sharpest motivation — when you need it most.



Once you can acknowledge and respect all of your drivers — both the “pure” ones and the darker ones — you’ll find you’re far better at pushing through the fear or the laziness in pursuit of your goals and dreams and desires.


My recommendation? Make a list of at least three dark motivators you secretly draw inspiration and motivation from.


Doing so will give you real insight into the full spectrum of your true motivations. You’ll know the entirety of exactly why you’re committed to dominating as a man.


#7: Create and Repeat a Nighttime Routine

Just as starting the day with consistent morning ritual gives you an edge, so does ending your day with a repeatable system. But whereas a morning routine is all about revving you up, a nighttime routine is meant to help you relax.


It’s why I recommend your nighttime routine each weeknight be easy to follow. And enjoyable, too.


Because let’s be honest, a strenuous routine just before bed is going to take lots of willpower. Willpower you’ll be struggling to summon after a full day of grinding.


Again, each person must find a nighttime routine that works for them. To get you started, I’ll share mine with you…

  • 8:30 pm: I review my day’s schedule, ensure I hit each of my goals for the day, and plan my upcoming day accordingly. This includes scheduling the most important action item I need to complete — right after my morning ritual the following day.
  • 8:45 pm: I usually watch tv, read, bullshit with buddies or spend some intimate time with a lady friend.
  • 9:45 pm: I lay out my clothes and shoes for the next morning, clean my desk for the next day, and go to bed.


That in a nutshell is my nighttime ritual.  I recommend you incorporate something similar.


An evening routine is all about helping you rejuvenate, refocus, and rest. This is crucial to consistently dominating your day, week in and week out. Without the ability to recharge, you’ll be unable to tap into your potential.


In fact, getting to sleep at a similar time during the week is one of the biggest factors that’ll determine if you can stay consistent with a rigorous day like we’ve laid out here.


If you don’t sleep the night before, good luck dominating the following day bright and early!


After being in such an aggressive, action taking state all day long, your body and mind will be in go mode. You’ll need to give yourself time to unwind. A consistent nightly routine lulls you down and gives you a sense of closure each evening. That closure calms your mind and settles you into rest mode. And into a good night of sleep.


Trust me, you wouldn’t see me making videos, working out and inspiring my guys before the sun rose in the morning if I didn’t get to sleep at a good hour the night before!



You’ll also notice the prep work that goes into my evening ritual for the following day.


Doing this work each evening ensure you can get up and immediately, without thinking, get that morning momentum!


By preparing your gym clothes the night before and by organizing your upcoming day before you retire each evening, you’re investing in your tomorrow. You’ll see below that, while my daily calendar isn’t perfectly organized, it’s filled out and clearly being used. This gives me a clear direction in which I can attack my day!


That's the game – in any endeavor

A post shared by Jason Rogers (@jasonrogerspeak) on


Organizing everything before bed reduces the number of stray thoughts you’ll have in bed.


We’ve all had it where we’ve been laying down in bed, trying to sleep, but our mind is racing! A nightly routine will go a long way to soothe your over-active mind.


However, if you find you still have lots of thoughts even with a nightly routine, start putting a pad of paper and a pen by your bedside.


With this simple strategy in place, you can quickly jot any thoughts you have down. Upon doing so, you (and your mind) can get some much needed rest.


To wrap up this final tip for dominating your day, I’ll leave you with this: It’s not only about how you start your day, but also how you finish. How you finish your day directly ties in with how productive you’ll be the following morning.


If you finish your day’s haphazardly, your following morning will begin the same way: unproductive, unclear, and unfocused. Spend the time to organize an ideal evening ritual for yourself. Use the example I shared from my life as a starting point. But mold yours into a personalized system that fits your unique goals, lifestyle, and personality.


Then, commit to it.


Once you have a consistent, productive system for finishing your days in place, you’ll notice you begin reaching a whole new level of productivity. By taking control of everything we’ve discussed here, you’re going to dominate with a whole new level of both confidence and results.


In Conclusion…

To dominate your day as laid out here may seem intense. In a way, it is.


To maintain this level of excellence, you’ll likely need a minimum of one day off per week. Maybe two.


This allows you to tackle you “on” days with a complete and total focus. And to unleash your peak potential and maximum masculine energy as a man, this is exactly what you’ll need. By embracing this level of intense focus for a minimum of 5 days a week, you’ll make massive progress each week and feel amazing while doing it.


The adrenaline you’ll receive — from all the progress you’ll make each day — will become addicting. I know from first hand experience… 😉


Let's Get Started - The PEAK Potential Accelerator


However, getting to the point where you’re truly dominating your day at this peak level of performance — this takes time.


For me, it took many months to make each of these strategies habitual.


If you feel you have a long way to go, I have some advice for you: take your time. Take one tip at a time and work on mastering it into your daily routine. Take your time. Make it a rock solid habit. 


Then, once the first habit is secure, add a second. Like when you built your first habit, take your time. Only when ready, should you work on a the third; following the same process. Patience is a virtue. Fortify one rock-solid habit before stacking on another.



The story I’ll leave you with, to ingrain this lesson, is a story about you — as the master craftsman of your life…


To build your impenetrable wall, you lay one perfect brick. Then, once that brick is laid, you repeat. While slow, this is the system for success that’s sustainable. With time, you have a rock solid wall that nobody can break into.


It’s the exact same when it comes to solidifying new habits. You’re not trying to build a wall the fastest — you’re trying to built the best, strongest wall.


Slow and steady wins this game. Lock in on one habit. Ingrain it deeply. Then, and only once it’s fully ingrained, do you want to continue on. I know this can be tough to hear because it’s not a solution for “overnight success.” But be wary of magic pills. And “get rick quick” schemes.


Real success takes time. And that’s okay. Because it makes the flavor even sweeter when you finally taste it.


In time, you’ll have a powerful arsenal of habits that are easy to execute. Habits that help you dominate as a man. You’ll be indestructible. 


Now, to conclude, I have a few questions for you…


How are you going to start dominating your day? What habit will you ingrain first? And second? Is there a third habit you want to ingrain?


Let me know in the comments. Taking a minute to engage with these questions is the perfect first step forwards becoming the man that routinely dominates his day.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – If you’d like to receive even more strategies, systems, and specific advice to help you dominate as a man, then I have a special opportunity tailor made for you, sir…


To learn exactly how I can help you further accelerate your growth — and results — as a man, click the red button below


Ready to Double Your Confidence?


  1. Steven

    This is nice! I have to work on doing mine!

  2. Terry

    Great stuff Jason, I have to share with you a quote from Julie Andrews. I read it back in Junior High, 40+ years ago. “Discipline to me is not a chore, it is a tool I use to set myself free”

    • Jason Rogers

      I love it Terry. I’ll match you with another quality quote.

      Jocko Willink, “Discipline = Freedom.”


  3. Tyler

    What’s the situation with women? I’ve read and been told women like a man who makes the first move, others say let the woman chase. I know putting her on a pedestal makes you less attractive and dominant but should you just let her make the first move and react accordingly?


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