Just imagine checking your phone. You see you have 11 new messages. And upon further “investigation,” you realize each new message is from a different girl you’re interested in. Ever wondered how to unlock a life like that?


Here’s the real question: Do you wanna get a ton of dates — and create legit dating abundance — in just a few hours?


Before you answer, consider the following…


Think about how different your life would be if you had a way to consistently get women 1) chasing you, 2) asking what you’re doing all freaking day long, and 3) inviting you out.


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


You wouldn’t mind that, now would you? 😉


Here’s the best part: you can create this sort of dating abundance fast — in just a few hours.


All you need are 1) a few hours of spare time in your schedule and 2) some basic attraction building skills. Oh, and the willingness to take action!


If you’ve got that, you’re ready to get you phone overflowing with texts from attractive women


All you gotta do is learn the simplest way to create dating abundance fast!


And I’m willing to spill the beans and share the secret sauce. All you gotta do is take notes 😉


In-Field-Footage Reveals The Subtle Secrets Needed to Spark Attraction


Let’s dive in. If you’re keen to unlock true dating abundance in just a few hours, then watch the video linked below.


It’s not a sales pitch or anything like that. NO WAY JOSE! I just teach best via video. 😉


What follows is an in-depth breakdown revealing exactly how to create dating abundance fast — in only a few hours.





There you have it.


Take an afternoon and go on a pickup rampage. Collect numbers like a dog collects bones. Trust me, you’ll be glad as hell ya did 😉 


Remember — if you see a cute girl who isn’t either 1) with her boyfriend, or 2) crying her face off, then go approach.


It’s how you meet tons of women fast. And get massive dating momentum.


And don’t forget: you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


The worst thing that can happen? You get more experience (and thus more momentum) for your future approaches!


And the best thing that can happen? Well, I’ll let you consider those possibilities 😉



It’s that simple. Note that if you want way more tips, strategies, and secrets for meeting women during your day, this in-depth guide is for you.


Now, I want to hear from you. Are you ready to create dating abundance fast, by using this strategy? Let me know. Share your biggest takeaway, or better yet — your plan of action, in the comments below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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