Let’s talk about a BIG MISTAKE guys make — that makes them look creepy!


Because the truth is, there’s a chance you’re accidentally doing this yourself!


Okay, to introduce this creepy mistake you NEVER EVER want to make, play along with me here…


Imagine you’ve just walked into a bar.


You’re not there specifically to meet women, but you’re certainly not opposed to the idea either ūüėČ


So, what do you do?


Do you enter, and then look about the venue? To see if there’s any cute women there?


Well, if you¬†do this — there’s a hell of a chance you’re coming off as a CREEP!


One of the biggest “creep” moves you can make is to turn your head on a swivel and “scan” a venue for women when you enter.


You may think nobody can tell…


But the truth is, women can QUICKLY tell if you’re scanning the room for girls.


Here’s the punchline…


This “scanning for women” move makes you look creepy and very low value!




So instead, do this…


First, whenever you enter a venue, hold upright body posture and don’t turn your head.


When you enter a room, look for a spot you want to go relax at.


Next, once you find a suitable area, walk in a straight line towards it.


When you’re walking — look straight ahead.¬†Don’t crane your head. Don’t try to “sneak a peak.”


Then, once you get to wherever you’re headed, take a seat or lean up with your back against the wall.


Only once you’re “posted up” in your new spot, is it socially acceptable to observe the room.


Now, from your new “spot,” when you look about,¬†it looks like you’re checking out the artwork on the wall, looking for your friends, or just observing the place…


And that’s chill.


See the difference?


If you walk in and immediately go “prowling” — by turning your head all over the freaking place, you look like a creep who’s desperately hunting for chicks.


That’s the last thing you want — even if you are actually looking for women!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — attracting women requires you wear your poker face ūüėČ


So instead of scanning the room like you have a mutated neck, do this…


Here’s the summary for how to not be creepy (look high value instead)…


First, enter the venue. Keep good body language. Next,¬†choose a spot where you want to relax, stand, or sit. Then, go there in a straight line. Take a seat and/or make yourself comfortable.¬†Finally, once you’re posted up, feel free to take a look around the room — but do so smoothly, gracefully, and slowly.


The more controlled your body language, movements, and head turns, the more high value you appear.


Make this shift and you’ll instantly look WAY MORE COOL — and you’ll lose any “creepy vibes” instantly.


Cool?¬†Cool. ūüôā


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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