You’re about to uncover the magic behind building complete confidence…


Yup. I’m talking about complete confidence to speak your mind, start conversations with sexy women effortlessly, speak up in public with conviction, and to create the life you truly desire.


You’re going to learn to create complete confidence that you can use to build a business, create an epic social circle, and yes — spark attraction effortlessly!


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Ready? Then let’s dive in. Here’s the simple truth…


You are only ____ hours of action away from complete confidence.


Let me explain…


See, every guy has an anxiety “breaking point.” This is the moment when he begins to feel anxiety (in a way that’s harmful to his inner confidence and his outer results).


For example, my anxiety “breaking point” used to be simply speaking with a stranger.


Here’s a picture of me back when getting anxious simply because I was meeting somebody new was a very real phenomena…



At this point in my life, any interaction I had with somebody I didn’t know sparked anxiety inside of me — and that anxiety messed with me both internally and externally.


For you, your anxiety breaking point is the “least challenging” social situation where you notice negative anxiety for the first time.


Uncovering your current breaking point is important.


Taking actions necessary to push it further back is even more important. Because as I wrote about recently here on the blog, the most common trait amongst confident men is their willingness to take action — even when it’s uncomfortable in the moment.



It’s the action taking itself that destroys anxiety and creates confidence. Hence, you are only so many hours of action away from unlocking complete confidence.


Here’s what I mean…


For example, if your current anxiety breaking point is when you enter a conversation with a woman you find attractive, you are likely less than 100 hours away from “destroying” that breaking point.


Meaning, if you went on to spend 100 hours in interactions with different attractive women over the next month or two, your anxiety would completely disappear. And once that anxiety vanishes, confidence fills in the gaps.



Now, that’s not to say that 100 hours is a magic number. This is an example.


However, 100 hours is a reasonable estimate.


But here’s the main idea: no matter where you are — regarding both your confidence and your anxiety — you can defeat the anxiety and replace it with confidence, by taking action.


You are only ____ hours of action away from destroying that anxiety for good.


So then… How many hours away are you? Personally? From destroying your anxiety and experiencing complete confidence — by taking action in the area(s) that cause you anxiety right now?


I cannot say given that I do not know you.


But I can state with certainty that it’s a far lower number than what you’re capable of doing over the next year.


And once that anxiety is gone, you’ll feel a whole new sense of complete confidence you will absolutely love.



This is a powerful idea because it’s true (and you know it). 


Simply put, the more you expose yourself to that which causes anxiety, the less power that anxiety has on you. If you take action long enough, and consistently enough, the anxiety will literally die. And core confidence will grow in the space where your anxiety used to live.


Just cuz it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true: Taking action will change your fu*king life.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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