Whether you’re trying to build a big building, lose that belly fat, or transform your confidence and dating results, it’s all about laying a STRONG FOUNDATION of WINNING PRINCIPLES, that you can reliably trust — no matter the situation.


For me, as a professional coach, I’ve uncovered how important it is for me to give men that powerful foundation — to ensure they get life changing results in my coaching program fast.


By laying down a strong foundation, coaching gives men a perfect base to unlock newfound results.


And to ensure yo can make progress yourself, I want to reveal those powerful foundational keys I reveal with clients on our first call together.


Here are the 3 life-changing foundational keys I’ll be revealing with him on our coaching call, to ensure we get epic results together


(I recommend you steal these and put them into play in your own life!)


Let’s dive in…


1. Tracking how many actions you take per day (in our case it will be the number of women he talks to) is paramount to transforming your life.


First of all, tracking the number of actions you take each day keeps you accountable.


And accountability is huge — because taking action IS the ultimate predictor that determines whether or not you’re going to transform as a man.


But tracking your actions each day also trains your mind to focus on factors within your control while equally letting go of external factors (like the validation or lack thereof from a cute woman).


2. Remembering the ONE TRAIT women desire and men admire most, is the essence of both transforming yourself internally and getting epic results externally.


So, I’ll ask you just like I’m about to ask my client in a few minutes… Do you remember the one trait women are hardwired to desire most? Times up.


The answer is dominance.


Carrying yourself in a dominant way is crucial to your success.


You must make your presence felt — with women, in business, and anywhere else you want to get epic results.


With women, this means grabbing her attention unapologetically. It also means knowing how to give her an emotional experience that hits her hard — and snaps her out of her boring day-to-day reality.


3. The #1 mental shift to transform your confidence AND get epic results, is to focus on the bigger mission: reaching your peak potential as a developed, dominant man.


Stop worrying about whether or not Suzy gives you her number. That’s not ultimately a big deal — at all.


By focusing your energy on the process of transforming yourself, not only do you begin seeing how “everything” ties together in every area of your life, but you also take pressure off of yourself to perform.


In doing so, you see each approach (or each action you take) as a training exercise for building yourself up, instead of seeing it as a final exam you have to nail — or else.


Keeping your eye on the REAL prize puts everything into perspective. It’s this mindset shift that helps guys instantly show up more confidently, and with a more “chill” vibe.


And even more than that, focusing on your ultimate mission each day is the REAL secret to showing up as your best self as a man. With this zoomed out perspective on life, no longer do you get flustered by the petty details.


You know you’re focused on winning the war — and thus you’re totally okay with losing a few battles — to achieve that ultimate mission.


There you have it — the three foundational principles that you can use to unlock a whole new life for yourself.


If you master these three principles, you’ll begin transforming yourself as a man. That, I can assure you.


And while you wont results quite as fast with this “DIY guide” as you would if you were working 1 on 1 with me, you certainly WILL make progress by taking action on these 3 foundational coaching principles. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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