“FUCK. I’m gonna be late if I don’t get my ass outta bed.”


The alarm screeched out and I knew I needed to get up.


My college class started in just 15 minutes.


So I jumped up, ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack, and headed down the stairs.


Within 30 seconds of waking up, I felt the sun shining overhead. It was a perfect day.


Then, just moments after exiting my apartment, I saw her.


A beautiful, foxy brunette — who looked like a university student as well.


Sure enough, she was walking towards campus — likely heading to her 8am class like I was.


Instantly, without thinking or hesitating, I spoke up.


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly


She looked over at me. I smiled. And I told her we should head to class together.


She happily agreed ūüôā


That was THE MOMENT where I realized I’d finally done it.


For the first time, chatting up cute chicas felt as automatic as brushing my teeth after getting outta bed!


The fact that I had instinctually approached a stunning woman with total confidence — just 30 seconds after waking up — confirmed in my mind that I’d finally become “a confident natural.”


This whole “approaching women” in a fun, confident, charismatic had become AUTOMATIC!


But here’s the thing…


Later that day, I thought back to who I was only several months before, when I wasn’t confident…



I remembered the days (not long before) when I couldn’t even order a pizza over the phone without getting deathly awkward and anxious.


I thought back to when I couldn’t approach a cute woman to save my soul…


It was refreshing to look back on these memories because I was truly blown away by what a transformation I had made.


Now, almost 10 years after this story of approaching that cutie on my way to my morning class, I’ve helped lots of men transform — and become confident.


What I can tell you is that YOU TOO can unlock confidence, decisiveness, and charisma.



YOU TOO can attract women, speak up with conviction, and get the results you desire socially, romantically, and professionally.


And to help you become more confident, I made a quick video for you.


This video will reveal why expressing¬†yourself socially each day IS THE KEY to unlock permanent confidence — and the charisma to match.




Ultimately, by expressing yourself often in social situations, you get massive social momentum. As I shared in the video above, your metaphorical “social muscle” becomes stronger as you put yourself out there more and more.


This is how I trained myself to make a killer first impression just seconds after getting out of bed, even though I used to be stifled all day long just a few months before!


The “expression secret,” which I explained in the video above, is all about taking social action each day — to get yourself massive, life-changing momentum.


As I tell my top clients; express, express express! The more you put yourself out there, the better!


Make a quick chat with everyone you can!



Here’s the punchline: The more you express yourself, the more socially confident and the more charismatic you become — it’s that simple.


Now, I want to hear from you in the comments section below. Reply with your biggest takeaway, or your #1 question. I read every response. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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