It’s almost 2018, and I canceled my phone plan.


It’s true… you could say I went old school.


I Canceled My Cell Phone Plan (and real benefits that came from it...)


I never thought reverting back to the way life was 20 years ago would actually make my life better — and have benefits both to my happiness and my dating life.


But that’s exactly what’s happened.


To share the reasons why I’m loving life without a cellphone plan, I released this exclusive episode, normally only for the members inside  Dominate as a Single Man, to you…



Why I Stopped Paying for a Cell Phone Plan

by Jason Rogers | Dominate as a Single Man


Crazy, huh? Canceling my cell phone plan was a great choice.


I’ve Seen These Benefits Since I Canceled My Phone…


  1. I Feel Shaper Mentally  — More Able to Enjoy the Moment — and More Fulfilled as a Result.
  2. I’m Able to Attract Women More Easily — Likely Because I’m Harder to Get a Hold of — Thus Giving Women Space to Chase Me.

    Jason Rogers Peak - - JasonRogersPeak

It’s why I recommend you — at minimum — try throwing your phone on airplane mode more often.


Or, try canceling your phone plan all together. Either way, disconnecting has benefits.


Try it. You wont regret it.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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