It was guys night out. Two of my good buddies and I were in a nightclub — sharing lots of laughs and a few drinks.


After about twenty minutes of enjoying the music and bullshitting, I spotted a real cutie. She was sitting next to her friend — talking at the bar.


Then, about ten minutes later, I noticed she was suddenly sitting alone.


How to Break the Ice with Women: Start Flirting Instantly


This opportunity was too good to pass on. I excused myself from my buddies and approached her. With a smile, I asked if she wanted to dance.


She said yes.


I took her hand and led her to an open space, next to where others were dancing. Then, listening to the type of music playing I spun her around — so that we faced the same direction, with her booty pressed against me.


After setting the rhythm of the dance, I leaned forward and spoke into her ear…


What’s your name?


She responded, I’m Claire. You?


Feeling good, I responded spontaneously, saying…


My name’s Claire.


Still close to her ear, I could see a big wide grin forming across her face. I felt her exhale. Giggling now, she responded in a feminine voice…


You’re ridiculous! What’s your real name, Claire?


After teasing her for doubting my name, I told her the truth. From there, the vibe was set. This interaction reminded me of a lesson I learned a while ago: start flirting instantly in your conversations with women.


Start Flirting Instantly (or pay the price)

You want to start flirting instantly, my friend. It is the only way to break the ice with women you meet in a way that establishes you as the kind of guy she’s likely to be attracted to.


Get a girlfriend already ;)


If you start your first conversation with a woman with a bunch of basic small talk, you immediately create an impression of yourself as a safe, tame guy. And if you like the girl you’re talking to, this is the last place you want to be.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And first impressions last.


Yes — I know that is trite advice your Grandma Sally told you when you were seven. But in this case, Grandma Sally was right. If you make a bad first impression, you’re digging yourself an unnecessary hole.


If you play it safe in that first minute, she mentally labels you as “just another guy.”


Unless if you do something to quickly chance that perception she’s made about you, within 2 minutes, I guarantee you she’s going to be excusing herself.



And she won’t be returning.


Luckily, there’s another approach. On the other hand, when you come out and start flirting instantly, you stand out. Immediately, the woman you’re now flirting with puts you in a special category in her mind.


You immediately get labeled as a fun guy. A guy who makes her feel alive and feminine. This is the guy she’s looking for when she’s out at night. So why not be him?


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


You can become the man who effortlessly flirts with attractive women. Even if you currently don’t know how to.


I know because I used to be extremely awkward around women.


Just take a look at me, not to long ago…




Just a few years later, I’m dating freely and abundantly.


So if I can make this change, so can you. Let me help you, señor. Here’s how to start flirting instantly when you approach a woman.


How to Start Flirting Instantly 

To help you start flirting instantly and effortlessly with women you meet, I’ve made a powerful training available to you.


In this exclusive video, you’ll learn 3 bulletproof ways to instantly spark attraction right from the beginning of your first conversation with women you meet…




Each of these three strategies work a treat. Just try them and see for yourself.


By avoiding too much logic and amping up the emotions of the interaction instead, you immediately break the ice in a pleasant, stimulating way she’ll love…


Here. Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these three examples…


#1: The Name Copy Cat

First, try asking her what her name is. Obviously, she’ll tell you.


Then, nonchalantly say your name is whatever her name is.


This one is so simple it’s ridiculous. But don’t think that makes it ineffective. 


Jason Rogers Peak - - JasonRogersPeak


In fact, I’d bet you $20 no guy has ever teased her like this — in her whole life. Therefore, something as childish and silly as this turns out to be a gift. She’ll love receiving it.


With this one, you start flirting instantly. Names are usually exchanged within 20 seconds of a conversation, right? Once you tell her your name is whatever her name is, you can playfully accuse her of being a name thief.


Or, you can pretend to be absolutely SHOCKED that the both you you were named Claire. What are the odds?!?!?! 😉


How to Break the Ice with Women: Start Flirting Instantly


#2: The Absurd Age 

Next, if she asks how old you are, always respond with an absurdly old or young age. Either way works well.


Sometimes, I tease that I’m a twelve your old boy.


Here, you can tease her that she’s trying to defile an innocent child. This fun role-play always sparks a laugh if you stay playful, lighthearted, and nonchalant.


You’re just having fun with this one!


Dominate By Using Every Motivator Possible


Or, say you’re old — an 86 years old geyser, for example.


When you say your “age”, say it with an a-matter-of-fact tone. This delivery makes it funnier.


If you go with the old man play, tell her you can take her to Denny’s and get her a senior discount. She’ll eat it up 😉


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly


A few last insights for you…


First, if she’s clearly younger than 30, you can always trigger this flirty exchange by asking her how old she is. Before she responds, feel free to tell her you want to guess.


Guessing is always fun.


Then, once you guess her age, she’ll ask how old you are 99% of the time. This is when you can tease her that you’re 12 or 86 or some other absurd age.


When you go with the old man route, ask her if you look good for your age… 😉


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly with Her


This one’s important. Note that if she’s likely over thirty, you can still spark this exchange — but it’s more delicate. Older women are touchier about their age. Here, I recommend guessing she’s at least a few years younger than you actually think she is.


Last point. You can also always trigger this one –and start flirting instantly — by simply stating your (absurd) age. Just for shits and giggles, try randomly saying this in the beginning of your interactions with the women you meet, this week…


I love being 12 years old.


When she laughs or asks you what you’re talking about, you can say…


Yup. Legos are the shit.



With just that one statement, you’ve immediately shifted a boring “how’s the weather,” conversation into a fun, illogical, and playful one. Try it.


#3: I’m a Drug Smuggler

I’ll admit it, I have a fairly twisted sense of humor. But when women inevitably ask me what I do for a living, I love nonchalantly telling them I’m a drug smuggler.


Or, a jiggalo.


Or, a professional homeless person.


Any of these prestigious employment titles do the trick… 😉


With this, you’re instantly flirting with her because you’re entering the world of playful absurdity. This opens up the conversation for more suggestive role playing, teasing, joking, and more…


You can become attractive to women


Once you learn to deliver this one nonchalantly, yet with a playful smirk, the woman will know you’re teasing. And she’ll love you for it. Finally, a guy who’s fun and relaxed, she’ll think to herself.


Just like the other ways to start flirting instantly, you can keep “pretending” you’re a jiggalo or a drug mule for a while. Go into a fictitious story about life as a professional homeless guy. Tell her what it’s like to run drugs through Panama.


Have fun with it. 


Of course, you eventually want to tell her the truth. But don’t be in a rush. When you get this right, she’ll be enjoying herself plenty. She’s waiting for a guy like you who sparks attraction immediately 😉


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Have to Try


Which begs the question…


When Will You Start Flirting with the Next Woman You Meet?

Let me know in the comments below.


My recommendation? Start flirting instantly with women you meet! That’s right, señor… This will be fun…. I guarantee it.


Start Flirting Instantly


Comment “IMMEDIATELY” below if you’re ready to start flirting instantly with the women you meet, from now on…


Best of luck out there, you drug mule, you. Stay flirty, my friend… 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


How to Make Her Chase You


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