You’re about to learn the best opener to get her attention and make a killer first impression!


Here’s what you need to know…


First, once you learn this opener, you will stand out from other guys. And while this opener takes confidence to pull off, you’ll get the hang of it quickly — if you’re willing to take repeated action.


It’s simple…


If you’re ready to make epic first impressions on your cold approach, continue down this page to learn the best opener…



The “Vocal Secret” to Ensuring this Opener Works


Imagine you’re walking down the street. Suddenly, you see the woman walking in front of you has just dropped her wallet. What do you do?


Besides thinking about quietly taking it and walking off quickly… 😆


If you’re looking to help, you’d urgently call out — and get her attention!




You’d likely exclaim something like this…


“Hey, Miss! Excuse me! You dropped your wallet!”


Since the woman would be quickly walking away without her wallet, your voice would convey URGENCY.


You’d speak with CONVICTION and CERTAINTY.


That same conviction in your voice is the vocal secret necessary to execute the opener you’re about to learn, to its fullest potential. 


When you see a stunning woman you want to speak with, just as you’d command her attention if she dropped her wallet, you must command her attention before saying your opener!


Don’t ask for her attention. Claim it. Here’s how. Look at the girl, speak loudly and state, “Hey, excuse me!”


If you struggle to speak up, imagine that instead of speaking “to her,” you want to speak “through her,” as the diagram below depicts…

Here’s the punchline…


The simplest way to train yourself to grab a woman’s attention is to imagine she just dropped her wallet.


Before you use the following opener, to get the woman’s attention, speak with that same conviction as if she did drop something!


This is crucial for your success. As the graph below shows, non-verbal cues like your tone of voice account for the vast majority of how people (and cute women) perceive you.



Now that you’ve grabbed her attention correctly, let’s dive into the best opener for making an incredible first impression with attractive women….


The Best Opener for Making a Killer First Impression with Attractive Women 


Once you get her attention by speaking up with conviction, first, simply say hi.


Take a moment to look her in the eye.



Then, with a business-like tone of voice, say to her…


“I just saw you doing X. And I had to tell you something…”


At this point, you have her attention. She’s going to be curious to see what you’re about to tell her.


Therefore, instead of continuing immediately with the best opener for attracting women, PAUSE.



Remember, embodying proper sub-communications (tone of voice, eye contact, body language, etc.) are crucial to attracting women.


It’s why I urge you to take a nice long pause and look her in the eye.


Here’s a real life example of what you want to do…


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Have to Try


After a pause, continue with the very best opener known to man.


Just say the following. Here it is…


“You. Look. (Amazing, Gorgeous, Adorable, etc.).”


And make the adjective you use authentic!


Don’t pre-plan what compliment you’ll say.


Speak honestly — in the moment — based on how she makes you feel.


Your ability to compliment her using the word you TRULY FEEL MOST about her is paramount.


At this point, for the first time, show real emotion with your tone of voice and your facial expressions.


A warm smile or a smirk are ideal.


As you deliver an authentic compliment like this, she’ll likely blush, she may even be shocked, and then she’ll likely say, “thank you!”


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly


Continue looking her in the eyes and say something like this…


“I’m simply speaking the truth. It’s why I came over here to meet you.”


Then, share your name and fully introduce yourself.


Once she replies with her name, ask her a simple question about what she’s doing today or what’s going on in her day.


Now, Here’s Why This is the Best Opener to Attract Women…


First, I’ve found this to be the best opener because it works in literally any and every situation.


Whether you’re in a bar or a bagel shop, you can use this opener whenever you see an attractive woman you’d like to meet.


This not only gives you something always “ready” to go, but also let’s you practice it daily.


The next reason I’ve found this to be the best opener is because it produces a sharp spike in her emotional state.


Especially when you get her attention and lead her through the first part of the routine with a business-like seriousness, the compliment at the end catches her off guard — in a way she’ll love.


Master Your Dry Sense of Humor


Finally, this opener works wonders because it’s simple — and thus allows you to optimize your all important sub-communications.


Practicing this opener once a day for a week or more ensures you have this bad boy memorized.


Therefore, you can focus on ensuring your pauses, eye contact, body language, and tone of voice are all dialed in.


Again, the key to success with this opener is mastering these all important subtle details. Which is precisely why I created an in-depth video for you, to ensure you master this opener fast…


To take your results (and your confidence) with women to the next level, I recommend you watch this powerful video so that you can truly master the best opener for attracting women…




There you have it. You’ve just learned everything you need to master the best opener for attracting women — no matter where you are.


With some practice, I think you’ll also find it’s the best opener out there. It’s why I urge you to practice this opener once a day for the next week! This will give you real confidence to use it as needed — for the rest of your freaking life!


Now, before we finish here, I know there are other openers out there.


And I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have other “tools” in your tool bag. Having a range of openers you lean on gives you versatility and freedom to approach calmly, confidently, and successfully.


That said, I absolutely recommend keeping this particular opener ready at all times. You never know when you might need it!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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