You can become attractive to women.


Whether you’re short or fat or tall or poor. I’m certain you can. Hell, you can attract a woman even if you’re into dorky things, dressed like a dork, or if you tell her you’re broke!


Need a little proof? Just watch this video, if you don’t believe me…


Watch me make a fool of myself and still attract this adorable chica…



Here’s the thing: today’s gonna be a great day for you… The beginning of something.


The reason?


This blog post will teach you to become attractive to women — no matter who you are or what you’re into.


But first, let me tell you a quick story…


Last week, a woman I liked teased me for being pudgy. Pudgy…  AKA fat. Very funny, Natalia..


The truth is, I had put on a few pounds.


And I’ve never been the sexiest guy around. But that hasn’t slowed me down.


The truth is, that very same Natalia got alllllll kinds of freaky with me, the same night she said that. And before you blame her for getting with a chunky chap, let me say this…


I’ve spent years shifting myself from an awkward guy into a smooth son of a bitch. I’m the same guy. But I carry myself completely differently and therefore, people respond to me in a completely new way. (You can do this, too).


Persuasive Body Language


Making the change wasn’t easy… But it’s paid off in spades. I’ve experiencing a romantic lifestyle I never knew a guy like me was capable of experiencing.


And more importantly, I’ve since seen that other normal guys like me can replicate these results.


You can become attractive to women.

Whether it’s popularity, dating abundance, or respect in your hometown that you desire, if you sharpen your social skills and your game, you too can win.


No matter who you are or what your past looks like…. You can get real results in the near future.



You can become attractive to women


But instead of guessing the steps to success solo, let me help. I’ve been down this road. I was the awkward loner. Now, however, I’m walking around with options and freedom.


And if there’s anything that’s helped me, it’s been this: learning the skills of natural attraction. Becoming naturally attractive, by sharpening my social skills and my masculine nature, has changed my life.


The reason? Simple. Women experience attraction not primarily by a man’s looks, but by their behaviors and actions.


This biog post, then, will teach you to become naturally attractive by changing what you can control — your behaviors and actions. Because as I’ve seen repeatedly, you can become naturally attractive when you embody the 7 keys that follow.




Rather you’re fat or short, tall and handsome, or blue haired, you can attract women. Embracing these 7 keys will ensure you actually do become attractive to women! K? 😉 


Become Attractive to women


Key #1 to Become Attractive: Make Strong Eye Contact

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Rock solid eye contact, as I discuss here, instantly reveals your masculinity. By looking that cutie in the eyes, she feels you.


She gets a whiff of your masculine sexuality and as long as she’s not lesbian, she can’t help but get a wee bit excited.


But here’s the thing: most guys fuck up eye contact. They usually do one of two things wrong…


First, most guys look women in the eyes with ugly, creepy bug eyes. Bug eyes? Not familiar with the term? Here’s a picture to explain this mistake…



Bug eyes are the antithesis of attraction! Never look at a woman — or anyone — like this…


Instead, narrow your eyes.


I worked with a guy recently that stared a chick down like it was a staring contest. He was relentless. And not in a good way. She was creeped out.


The second mistake guys commonly make with eye contact is they overdo it. Don’t get overly dramatic with eye contact. Yes, you want to make strong eye contact.


But it’s okay if you look away every once in a blue moon…


If you make strong and narrow, albeit not overdramatic eye contact with her, she will enjoy it.


Eye contact


She wants to experience a man who pierces her with his eyes.


Give her that gift. When you do, you’ll be much more attractive to women.


Key #2 to Become Attractive: Tease Her and Flirt it Up

The sooner you break free of the logic and travel to the land of flirty fun, when you’re with women, the better… 😉


Most guys think they need to carry out a proper business chat with women when they meet ’em… Almost as if they’re interviewing for a promotion.


To be honest, I used to think this way, myself. But I’ve since discovered a powerful truth about attraction…


Want the flirting masterclass? Learn how to break the ice and kickstart a conversation right every time. Bookmark this article here as well as this one. Both are killer free resources.




Like I was saying…


Too much logic turns women cold! Whereas jokes, flirting, banter, and storytelling create real, raw attraction. 😉


The more you can keep her guessing, emotionally stimulated, and engaged by your delightful concoction of humor, sarcasm, wit, banter, and storytelling, the better.


She probably wont say it, but she quietly craves an experience WITHOUT much logic.


And she’s definitely NOT trying to talk all about work and her daunting responsibilities and her taxes, once she’s off work!



So start telling her she’s a naughty trouble maker. Accuse her of stalking you last night… Have some fun.


Joke around. Be a dork. And tell her that crazy story of yours from last spring break.


Trust me, she will love you for doing so… 


Be attractive and have fun


Key #3 to Become Attractive: Abide by the Law of Preselection

Just shoot me straight: are you sick of chasing the babes only to get rejected or ignored? If you are, listen the hell up, my friend. Boy do I have a treat for you…


The secret to exponentially supercharging attraction women feel for you is simple: abide by the law of preselection.


But what’s preselection? I’m glad you asked…


Simple: preselection is the process by which a few men are favored, or preselected, by lots of women. Essentially, a preselected man has received interest from multiple women.


Become that guy


When a woman sees a man other women are chasing, even if she’s yet to meet him, it’s probable she’ll immediately find him attractive, too. The reason? He’s preselected by other women. So he must be amazing… Right?


Just see for yourself… The more you’re around women, the more other, different women will fight for your attention.


You’ll become the guy alllllll the women want.


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


Preselection is a self-fulfilling feedback loop that turns you into a chick-magnet…


It’s an avalanche o’ chicas, baby!



But actually, it’s just science.


Because unlike societal rules favoring monogamy, women are driven by their biological desires.


And her DNA craves a true alpha male. A male that’s preselected — in high demand.


So in order to use this scientific reality to your massive advantage, all you need to do is win over the good graces of a few women.


Just go befriend some ladies, dude!


When you go out to the bar, the club, or even the local bookstore, with a few of your female friends, other women will find you way more attractive. 


Preselection creates natural attraction


Don’t believe me…? Try it for yourself!


Key #4 to Become Attractive: Put Your Mission First

Ready to both succeed and attract amazing women? Good. Then this is for you.


This one’s simple. Put your mission in life as your number one priority — above your dating results — and women will find you far more attractive.


David Deida writes about this extensively in his book, The Way of the Superior Man, which I highly recommend you read.


Way of the Superior Man - Dominate


In the book, he accurately states that a man on a mission not only feels more fulfilled, but he’s also far more attractive to women. The reason? Simple.


A man on a mission is less needy, and far less reactive, to the advances of his romantic interests. Because he has an all encompassing mission that he cares about so deeply, his unflappable. And because he’s so focused on his mission, he naturally gives her the space to chase him.


A man on a mission is focused, difficult to have, and therefore, far more attractive.


When you focus more on your career, your sport, or your business, women will become naturally attracted to you. Meaning, you can earn more respect, success, and dating abundance. Not too shabby, huh?


When unsure of what to do next in life, be like Elon Musk. Focus on your mission as a man. 


Become Attractive: Focus on Your Mission like Elon Musk


You wont regret it… And she’ll quietly thank you for it… 😉


Ps – need help identifying your mission as a man? Check out this guide.


Key #5 to Become Attractive: Be the Decision Maker

Nothing burns my insides more than watching a man asking a woman what they should do next, on a first or second date. Guys look to the woman to make the decision! What?? No!!!


As if she should be the one leading… (Hint: she shouldn’t!).


I’m shaking my head right now as I imagine some sad chap asking his date, “So… Um… What do you want to do next?”


But I think the idea is popular because of all of these cringe-worthy images floating around on social media — that show the woman leading the man. I’m sure you’ve seen them… 😤


Don't follow


Regardless of how many pictures there are online of women leading men, disregard them! Women don’t want to make decisions on dates!


Don’t ask her to lead or expect her to lead.




That’s your job!


Be the fucking man. Make the fucking decision, already!


When you simply practice the art of DECIDING and making fast decisions when you’re around her, she instantly feels attraction for you. When you routinely decide, she gets to relax. For once, she can chill and not worry!


Secondly, when you make decisions and lead, she gets to feel your masculinity. 😉


Become attractive - make decisions and lead


Your decision making ability is a core extension of your masculinity. By getting good at decision making — you turn her on simply by advancing through the world with her.


Where you choose to take her… What you choose to discuss… And how you decide to act… These choices and decisions literally define you.


Now, before you overthink this…


Remember: most guys don’t decide at all. They fail before they even receive the test!


So instead of overthinking your decisions when you’re with a woman, just start making decisions. Chances are, she’ll love it. And, if you ever find you made the wrong decision — a decision she’s not vibing with — just pivot.


Swiftly make a new decision.


Nobody ever said you have a limited number of decisions in which you’re allowed to make…


Key #6 to Become Attractive: Give Her Space to Chase

When you stop speaking for a second, she can feel your masculinity. And by giving her space before responding to her texts or calls, she gets to think about you.


It’s simple, by not always responding, she has the space to chase. If you want to make her like you, stop being so clingy. And so needy. Stop “being there” all the damned time.


Give her a break, my good sir… 😉


This way, he gets to think to herself… Why isn’t he responding?? Where is he?? Who’s he with?? 


She’s investing in you. Literally putting emotional money in YO BANK ACCOUNT.  🤑



Give her the gift of wondering where you are and what you’re up to. When you give her space, she gets to play the game, too.


She gets to wonder and even dream about you, where you are, and what you’re up to.


So don’t be selfish…


Give her the gift of some space. Doing so makes you far more attractive to her.



Key #7 to Become Attractive: Start Saying No

Okay, so she’s into you. Not surprising… I mean, you are a badass that’s giving her space to chase, after all…


The truth is, once you start putting these keys into play, women will quickly become mare attracted to you. And that’s just what you want.


However, just because she experienced some attraction for you doesn’t mean she’ll continue to…


To keep her interested, you need to create a challenge. You need to continuously entice her. And keep her on her toes. A great way to do so? As you just learned? Give her space.


You need to separate yourself from her. But this one goes a step further… Once she begins asking you to meet her out, or when she begins asking you out, do what most guys simply cannot.


Say NO to her requests. 😉




Because once she’s attracted to you, she’s going to start inviting you out REPEATEDLY! Saying NO is the secret to making her get ridiculously excited about you.


But I get it, these invites will be tempting.


Most guys go bananas when they receive a personalized invite from a real cutie. They immediately say YES!


But not you… You’re different…


You stay calm. And instead of instantly confirming, you do the opposite.


If you have other plans, you stick with them.


When you have a task to complete that’d help you move your mission forward, you stay to it. Because that’s what a man does.


You don’t bend just cuz she wants you to bend.


Deep down, she doesn’t want you to bend to her will .


She wants you to make her bend 😉


Saying no instantly ensures you stand out in her mind — in a delightfully glorious way.

The Compelling Conversation Playbook

In the short term, sure, saying NO will keep you from hooking up with her. Saying no keeps you from the chance at experiencing some fun right now.


But like a proper cheat hack in a video game, saying no to her will also ensure you score massive points down the line. She’ll become even more attracted to you when you have the masculine confidence to put your mission and your other plans first.


When you say no, she fully witnesses your value. She sees you as the prize. The prize she now needs to work for, and win over…


Try it. You wont be disappointed…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – What was your biggest takeaway? I want to hear from you. Write below…



  1. Hank Reed

    Well done Jason. Biggest takeaway is giving her space to chase and saying no if she gives a invite. I say this because I’ve always thought those were beta male moves. I’ve always thought as the man, I need to chase her, and if she texts me or wants to hang out, immediately say yes. However, it makes sense that you shouldn’t do that. It comes off as needy or that all of your focus is on her, which honestly I can see 90% of guys always doing. Definitely going to put these rules into practice.

    • Jason Rogers

      Hank –

      Realizing that giving women space is actually a proactive move — that makes her MORE attracted? It’s a huge mental shift (that’ll quickly improve your dating life).

      Keep up the good work.



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