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Insight #1: Get Near the Top of The Dominance Hierarchy

Dr. Jordan Peterson, as you know if you’ve studied his work, regularly comments on the dominance hierarchy. Dominance hierarchies arise when members of a social group interact, often aggressively, to create a ranking system. In social groups, members are likely to compete for access to limited resources and mating opportunities.


This image gives an example of what a dominance hierarchy looks like in a specific species of monkeys:


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys explains why most men don't get laid


The truth is, as Dr. Jordan Peterson regularly states on his youtube channel and blog, is that human beings exist in dominance hierarchies. Our society is filled with “lower” and “mid-level” men — who struggle to attract desirable women. In fact, being low on the dominance hierarchy IS the reason most men struggle to date as they desire, as I discuss — and back with research — here. 


But the real question you’re probably asking is this:


How can I climb towards the top of the dominance hierarchy and be an “elite male,” so that I can enjoy an abundant dating life? 


In short, there’s two clear paths I recommend for rising towards the peak of the dominance hierarchy — so that you can attract women far more easily.


The first is becoming popular and well connected socially in your hometown.


There’s lots of research, which Dr. Cialdini discusses in his book “Influence,” that reveals how much more attractive (and high value) popular men are perceived to be than men who lack such social connections.


Become that guy


And to help you build up your social circle, while becoming that “cool guy” at high value venues, check out the imbedded links.


Now, onto the second way to climb the dominance hierarchy: become a beast in your career, your industry, or build a highly successful business.


The reason why this works is simple: we know that women are attracted to successful men. One study found that women perceived the same man as more desirable if he was in front of a Bentley than if he was standing in front of a Ford. Another study found that men are perceived as more attractive by women simply if they have a luxury apartment. 


Research like this illustrates the power of dominating your career. Becoming the best at what you do wont only lead to newfound accolades and success, but it’ll also help you easily purchase these status symbols that women indeed desire.


7 Secrets to Get Treated Like a Boss (LIFE CHANGING)


If you’d like to uncover seven keys to dominate your career, so that you too can turn women on by being near the top of the dominance hierarchy, then check out this in-depth post. 


And now, let’s move onto the second insight you can use from Dr. Jordan Peterson and his teachings to attract women…


Insight #2: Master the “Social Game” Women Are SO Good At

In a video I recently watched featuring Dr. Jordan Peterson, he sited multiple studies that clearly indicate that women are more skilled in “social warfare and manipulation” than men, on average. Dr. Jordan Peterson went on to say that whereas men tend to solve their issues, or gain power, by using physical violence and brute force, women have mastered the art of subtle social manipulation.


It’s why you must get good at “playing the game” if you indeed desire sexual abundance in your life. The simplest way to “combat” the social warfare women use to get you hooked, and leave you wanting more, is to STOP texting women so often.


You’ve surely seen this: when you’re texting a girl you like, it’s pretty normal for her to show interest one minute, only for her to go “cold” the next. As I wrote about here, the best way to keep women from wrapping you around their pinky is to simply throw your phone on airplane mode!


The less time you spend looking at scantily clad pics of chicks on instagram? The better! The less time you spend messaging women you like? The better! Furthermore, all this newfound free time you’ll have — when you stop engaging with women via your phone — frees you up to dominate your life’s work!


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


When you stop communicating with women so often, you give her space to chase you. This is the simplest and most effective way to combat women who love “playing the game” and “getting YOU hooked,” while they simultaneously do the same to 10 other guys.


Insight #3: Practice Speaking and Acting Truthfully

If you’ve studied Jordan Peterson and his work, you know how much he stresses the importance of speaking truth. He equally lectures on how destructive lying and manipulating is on the human psyche. Luckily for you, speaking and acting truthfully not only will improve your life, but doing so also makes you more attractive to women!


Now, this doesn’t mean you run down the street, get her attention, and tell the obese woman that she looks like a whale! However, I am suggesting you own and embrace the truth — in a calibrated way.


In fact, one of your most effective weapons to combat the “games” women play is to simply speak truth. For example, if a woman is trying to play you, and you can tell, simply and directly calling out this elephant in the room displays both your social awareness and your confidence. Without a doubt, women find a man who’s capable of speaking and acting truthfully — especially when it’d be easier to say nothing — highly desirable.


It’s simple. When a woman gives you a shit test, and tries to see what you’re made of, simply replying back with the truth works wonders. That said, note that if a woman asks you a question or gives you a shit test, and you find it’d be disadvantageous to give a reply, you’re also ALWAYS free to simply NOT respond. I wrote about this here.


Revealed: The Biggest Threat to Your Masculinity (and what to do about it)


The real key is this: if you’re going to speak, speak the truth. Women desire congruent men who don’t waver, don’t bullshit, and don’t lie.


Insight #4: Clean Your Room and Live with Discipline

It’s probably what Dr. Jordan Peterson is most well known for — telling people to “clean their bloody room” and “sort themselves out!” What he’s getting at is this: learning to discipline yourself and your life.


Whether it be by eating a healthy diet, working out, reading regularly, cleaning your bloody room, or disciplining yourself to NOT reply to text messages girls send you right away, applying Dr. Jordan Peterson’s teachings on discipline WILL help you attract women.


I mean, do you think a woman would be more attracted to the guy who works out, eats well, reads regularly, and kicks ass in his career? Or, would she prefer the bum who can’t even discipline himself to brush his teeth in the morning?


You already know the answer!


Discipline naturally makes you a highly attractive man. Use Dr. Jordan Peterson’s principle of cleaning your room and making your bed each morning as a starting point for building discipline. Then, once tidying your environment becomes automatic, extend the discipline doing so taught you to other areas of your life. In time, you’ll transform yourself. And doing so will undoubtedly make you the kind of man women are highly attracted to.


And know that each time you DO clean your room — or act with discipline — Jordan Peterson is out there smiling upon you… 😉


Dr. Jordan Peterson - How to attract women


In Conclusion…

You CAN become a highly successful, attractive, dominant man. I truly believe that. Especially since you’re still reading here, you’ve shown the discipline to finish an article! Congratulations! Most men these days cannot even do THAT!


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