“Ummm… hey, excuse me?”


She looked in my direction.


Then, she asked, “Uh, yea?”


“Hi, umm.. well, you look.. uh.. great. And I, uh, wanted to say hi.”


“Oh, thanks.”


Her body language said everything her words didn’t.


Despite lacking social calibration, even I could see it. I knew the approach wasn’t going well — at all.




So I politely excused myself.


Now, compare that to a more recent approach I did…




The girl paused, turned, and looked my way.


I smirked.


Still uncertain of who I was or why I was talking to her, she asked, “Yess….?”


Instead of saying anything, I just put my hand out, while looking into her lovely blue eyes.


This time, there was a flicker. She smirked. We shook hands.




Now, what’s the difference?


Well to be honest, there’s a LOT of differences. But these differences all stem from one core principle you MUST HAVE DOWN to attract and arouse women.


So what is it? Simple. In the first example, I was trying to avoid making an impact on the woman. In the second example, I was relishing the opportunity to do so.


To arouse her, you must impact her emotionally.


You’d better pack a metaphorical punch!


Which means you cannot play with fear of failure. If you’ve been rejected by women before you know that it’s not that big of a deal. So stop playing it safe!


You must be focused on the “win” that the two of you can create together ONLY when you bring the full potential of your masculine confidence to the interaction.


When you act with conviction with women, your non-verbal cues will signal dominance to her, and she’ll love it.


In-Field-Footage Reveals The Subtle Secrets Needed to Spark Attraction


Remember this: Whether it’s through your words, body language, eye contact, facial cues, your storytelling, or simply your “vibe,” women are reading you.


Women can almost instantly tell whether or not they’re attracted to you.


It’s true: She’s reading you when you approach her or talk to her. So instead of fearing this fact like most guys do, embrace it. Own it. And use this opportunity to shine.


When approaching and meeting women, the first impression is EVERYTHING.


It sets the tone for everything else that follows.


Most guys have approach anxiety, so they come in soft. They play it safe. Really, they act like a beggar, who’s asking for some chump change from the girl.


This is exactly how I was — when I started putting myself out there with women for the first time.


As you saw at the beginning of this article, in my first approach I wrote about, I came in timidly. I didn’t want to “rock the boat.”


Therefore, as a direct result of my less-than-masculine actions, the woman felt awkward and she instantly looked for an escape.



Upon repeating this timid way of approaching a few dozen times, I realized that shit doesn’t work. Women don’t find it attractive AT ALL. And they sure as hell won’t become aroused by a man who carries himself softly.


On the other hand, nowadays, when I approach a woman, I’m looking to make an impact on her.


The aim is to immediately impact her emotions, her mind, and really — to rock her world.


Personally, when my game is dialed in, my approach should be the most memorable part of her day


Eye Contact: How to Attract a Woman Simply with Your Eyes


So how do you do this? So that you can arouse her damned near instantly?


Besides making strong eye contact, flirting and bantering with her right outta the gate, and carrying yourself with calm, controlled, masculine body language, you want to “bring the heat.”


Though it’s not easy at first, it’s very simple…


Act with conviction. Play to win. Zero apologies. 



ANY indecision WHATSOEVER, when you’re approaching, speaking, or escalating with women — kills the “impact” you have on her.


When you act with a lack of decisiveness and conviction, she gets turned OFF.


It’s simple: if you want to attract and arouse women, come in gung-ho.


Play to win. Swing for the fences. And create an impact on her day. This is how you arouse her.


Anything less is just a lame attempt neither you nor the girl will appreciate. 


Here’s the final takeaway: when you get this right, you’ll see “that look” in her eye. It’s the “deer in the headlights” look — where she’s staring at you — and her eyes are saying, “Holy shit, who are you?”


Never Do THIS with Stunning Women (Total Attraction Killer)


When you see that, you’re on the right track, my masculine friend.


So get out there, put what you’ve just learned into play by taking action, and go arouse her already! 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps – by acting with conviction when you first see a woman — whether it’s your first time meeting her, on your first date with her, or on an eleventh date — you can instantly arouse her. Just try it — and see for yourself!


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