Quite obviously, learning to skillfully meet women drastically improves your sex life.


But my sex life isn’t the main reason I continue to approach women anymore.


The truth is, there are other ways to create dating abundance. Creating your own social circle and building your popularity in trendy spots in your hometown are two highly effective methods I now use to date.


And neither require you “approach” cold.


Yet, despite these “easier” paths to dating success…


I continue to approach women the ol’ fashioned way.


Eye contact


Here’s why…


Meeting women has taught me soonOooo much about social dynamics, psychology, and the folly of letting our fears run our lives…


Looking back, I’m convinced I literally learned more from approaching women than I learned in university.



Meeting lots of women transformed me from a nerdy anxious, awkward geek into a guy with legit street smarts and people skills.


To me, this is deeper than “getting laid.”


I’m dead serious when I state that nothing improved me as a man me quite like cold approach did.


But how? How did approaching women “change my life”?


To give you some perspective, I started actively meeting women almost 10 years ago, after avoiding women like the plague throughout my youth.


Here’s a picture of me around the time I started on this journey…



I’ll be honest. I was really bad at approaching women when I started.


My approaches were awkward. My legs would anxiously jitter. I’d stutter. And women would feel uncomfortable in my presence as a result.


I’d guess my first one hundred approaches (if not more) were each like this…


But I stuck with it. I kept learning. Kept improving my social awareness and skills.


And slowly but surely, my results started to improve.


Then, about a year into my journey?


Finally, everything came together…


I’ll never forget the day cold approaching earned me three different, beautiful dates on the same day. 


I’ll be honest, my second date went so well, I ended up postponing the date…


This was a “problem” my old self never ever had!



Now? 10 years later? I still like to push myself outta my comfort zones and chat up delightful looking damsels as often as I can.


To be clear, I still love approaching women!


To this day, approaching women sharpens my decisiveness, social acuity, & wit. 


Approaching women keeps my ego in check. My interactions with the women I meet help me stay detached from both the positive and the negative opinions…


The act of putting myself out there with women is almost like a form of active mediation (at least for me)…



And there’s one more BIG reason why I keep approaching women…


The benefit I care about most — that approaching women gives me? Self confidence.


Approaching women is a keen reminder that persistence, humility, and confidence are each needed to get real results in the real world!


These takeaways and lessons I receive from approaching women help me in business, they assist me in my client work, and they lead to improvements in my other relationships.


Of course, most guys get into “picking up chicks” to get some.


And I get that.


If I’m honest, it’s why I began on this journey of meeting women, too.


When I started, I just wanted to finally get laid!


And this exciting element still drives me to this day, I wont lie to you… 😉


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this.


We all have desires… And we all get one life to try and fulfill them.


Why not take actions necessary to bring our desires to reality?


But to me, meeting women has become so much more than that…


To me, this process is about total personal development on every level.


Furthermore, this focus on enjoying the holistic process keeps me level headed. It keeps my ego cool.


And as a result, I think it makes my approaches go even better — cuz I’m not so caught up in the results.


Because remember this: women love a man who doesn’t need anything from them. 


Therefore, if you want these life changing benefits…


My invitation for you is simple — start approaching an attractive woman each day for the holistic benefits discussed here.


Take on the challenge of meeting a new attractive woman each day!


Seriously! If geeky me could do it, you can do it!



And do it because of the transformational benefits this process has on your psychology, your confidence, and your masculinity.


This focus on the process of who you’re becoming as a man makes the challenge both sustainable and fulfilling!


Let the abundance of dating options that comes from this regular practice be the cherry on top. 🍒


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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