With vibrant blue eyes, flowing blonde hair, and the purest smile I’ve seen in quite some time, she was indeed a sight to see…


Yes — I met an adorable Danish girl last night.


It all started … on a bus.


I know, very romantic, right?


Here’s the story: I was heading out for the night with my brother Chris. We were bullshitting when suddenly, I saw his head snap back.


Then, he smiled mischievously.


Being the curious fellow that I am, I too took a look (but I was more subtle than him).


Sure enough, he’d spotted a true dime.


I could immediately hear that inner voice inside saying, “Dude, you gotta go talk to this girl! She’s sitting there alone and man, she’s just waiiiiting for you!”


But since “bros before hoes” is a real philosophy I live by, I asked Chris if he minded sitting alone for a minute, so that I could say hi.


In his California surfer accent, he told me, “Yea dude, wayy chill. Go get ’em tiger.”


That was all I needed to hear.


So I immediately got up, and calmly took a seat next to this beautiful Nordic blonde…


I asked her, “Why are you doing this to me?”


“Doing what to me?” She replied curiously — yet with a seductive little twinkle in her eye that made me believe she knew exactly what I meant.


I paused — and simply looked into her radiant blue eyes. “This is heaven,” I thought to myself.


Then, I broke the electrifying silence by telling her, “You and I both know what’s going on here. So let me ask you, are there any reasons whatsoever why I shouldn’t be here right now…?”


She was about to reply when I continued, “And how old are you?”


A little bit taken back, she told me, “No, there aren’t. I’m 18.”


Shaking my head with a big smirk on my face, I responded, “Gosh, I hate you.”


She giggled. And her cheeks went pink.


From here, we hit it off.


While riding through quaint little streets in the heart of Denmark, the two of us flirted our little faces off.


I was enjoying my time with my new “friend.”


But since we both had plans later — we had to settle for a phone number exchange.


Fast forward to this morning, and I got to thinking about my conversation last night on that bus ride. 


My mind then drifted in and out of all the other conversations I’ve had — with other lovely Nordic women I’ve met over the last few weeks..


(I’m in the middle of a 6 week trip thru Scandinavia).


Suddenly, like a ton of bricks, my daydreaming came to a halt. A BIG IDEA crash landed inside my brain.


Turns out it was a big idea that can help YOU unlock more confidence, more dates, and more abundance, too 😉


So what is it? What’s this “big idea?”


The importance of earning a new identity — or an alter ego.


To use myself as an example, back when I was shy, awkward and anxious, I didn’t see myself as someone who approached cute women.


Likewise, my old identity didn’t possess a confident persona that spoke up and cracked jokes.


Only my new self is comfortable approaching cute women, speaking my mind confidently, and acting in a dominant way. And I had to EARN this new identity — this new “alter ego” of sorts.


Earning a new identity is oh-so important for creating confidence and getting sick results. Especially since you’re probably like me: a guy who wasn’t born dominant.


Here’s the simplest way I can put it…


To get yourself a foxy little chica by your side, to unleash a newfound swagger in your step, and to unlock the other results you desire in life, you too must create a new and improved identity — aka an alter ego — for yourself.


I’ll be blunt: Creating your more dominant identity / alter ego will undoubtedly require action taking, struggle, perseverance, and humility.


While it wont be easy, it will be worth it.


Luckily, if you want help during your transformational journey, so that you get real results faster and easier than you ever could solo, there’s never been a better opportunity…


Learn how I’m helping lots of men transform themselves by earning their new dominant alter ego right here


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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