Want her to get addicted to your texts? So that she’s craving your response?


And do you want to do so in a non-manipulative way? Yea I get it. That’s what I wanted to do, too. Here’s the good news:


I finally cracked the code…


I reveal how it’s done in this quick 2-minute video…




Boom. That’s how it’s done.


Before going deeper, I wanted to share a cool opportunity with you.


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#1 Trait Women Crave Revealed


Now, here’s your new best friend… Airplane mode.


If you want her to get addicted to your texts, there’s simply no simpler solution than putting your phone on airplane mode.


But why? Why does putting your phone on airplane mode work so well?





Men and women alike crave the things in life that are scarce and hard to obtain.


This is a well known phenomena often used by marketers in order to increase sales.


It applies in your texting game, too.


But the real secret to success using this strategy? Actually be busy doing something better with your time!


Go workout, work on your business, meditate, spend quality time with your family and friends, or open a book and read!


Meditation Guide for Men: How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps


What putting your phone on airplane mode does, besides creating space for women to chase you, is it gives you a chance to truly invest your precious time into quality activities!


You know it’s true: constantly checking your phone makes you anxious! Your phone, when overused, keeps you from feeling your best and fully enjoying life!


As I wrote about here, your phone can even zap your confidence!


So instead of having that, leave the phone on airplane mode and take full advantage of life instead! As you can imagine, women want to date a man who’s life is filled up with high quality activities, hobbies, and interests.


Keeping your phone off helps you enjoy life!


This is huge! Even more importantly than turning her on, you want to be the kind of guy who lives a high quality life! Yes, keeping busy while your phone lies dormant? This indeed attracts women to you.


That is the truth! 😉📲


5 Nasty Phone Habits that Zap Your Confidence Revealed


But this strategy first and foremost is designed to help you live a better, more fulfilled, productive life. This is more than a blog about “picking up chicks.”


Here, what I’m hoping you’re aiming for is this — to get closer to your peak potential as a man!


Again, the fact that women will also become addicted to your texts is simply a side benefit…


But let that be the cherry on top!


#1 Mistake Guys Make with Her Phone Number


Because remember, a truly attractive man acts for himself first.


He isn’t simply scheming up ways to attract women. He has more important things on his agenda than that!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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