I just finished watching The Peaky Blinders, an awesome show about a racketeering group in Birmingham, England back in the 20’s. The main character in the show is Thomas Shelby. And the guy projects insane amounts of confidence.


So I had an idea: why not reveal the keys I’ve noticed he embodies — that make him look so confident?


4 TV Show Characters Ambitious Men Can Study (when they "Netflix and Chill")


What follows are (4) keys to project CONFIDENCE — no matter where you are — just like Thomas Shelby does in Peaky Blinders.


1) Master Your Facial Expressions

Have you noticed that the most confident guys out there always look like they JUST won an award? They look completely sure of themselves. Well, wearing your smirk is the ULTIMATE facial expression for projecting confidence yourself!


As I discussed on my youtube channel, your face is the first place people look when they see you — or meet you. So, if you’re cringing, showing strain, or otherwise wearing an awkward facial expression, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot!


Guys who project confidence, like Thomas Shelby, naturally wear either a poker face, your smirk, or a smile. These are the only three facial expressions you need for just about any situation. Here’s what each look like:


Project Confidence like Thomas Shelby - Facial Expressions Analysis


By wearing these three facial expressions — your poker face, the smirk, and your smile — you’ll instantly project confidence.


2) When Asked about Your Future, Share Your VISION

If you wanna project confidence, speaking about your big vision, your goals, and your dreams is a must. But the key here isn’t to “over-do” it.


Now, I’m sure you’ve met lots of guys who NEVER speak about their vision for the future. Bleh!


But on the other hand, have you ever known a guy who starting ranting about his dreams and his vision and his goals the very second you met him? You don’t wanna be this guy, either. This comes off as a “try hard” move.


The key is striking a balance. To project confidence, you only want to speak about your vision when asked, or when the situation calls for it.


Remember this: a truly confident guy doesn’t need to “prove” anything, so he wont go out of his way to tell you what his goals are. But if you ask him, he sure as hell wont pretend he doesn’t have goals — and a vision!


There’s a perfect example — of how to share your vision with confidence — in season 1 of Peaky Blinders.


In the scene, Thomas is speaking to Grace, and you could see she had doubt regarding their relationship (for a reason that would be a total spoiler if I shared it!).


4 Keys to Project Confidence like Thomas Shelby


At the time, Thomas believe she had doubts about their relationship because she didn’t realize what his true ambitions were.


So, for the first time, he spoke to her about his vision for the future. He revealed his plans. And he passionately shared his ambitions with her.


You want to do this yourself. Passionately sharing your vision — when the moment is right — is a sure-fire way to project confidence.



After watching four seasons of Peaky Blinders, I’ve yet to see Thomas Shelby slouch ONE SINGLE TIME on camera! Now of course, they can edit out any mistakes he, or the other actors, make. However, this is a standard to set for yourself regarding your posture!


Here’s why: we know from research, how you carry yourself physically directly influences how people respond to you. Just look at the findings from this U.C.L.A. study…



It’s pretty simple, mate. If you wanna project confidence on dates, in the boardroom, or in the bar, then keep those shoulders back!


Now, this doesn’t mean you wanna walk around like a stiff! Don’t pull your shoulders so far back that you look like a clown!


But yes, keep those shoulders back and hold good posture. And this also includes when you sit down! Taking a seat in a sofa or a chair isn’t an excuse to start slouching.


I think this picture of Thomas Shelby perfectly represents what good posture, where your shoulders are pulled back, looks like:



I think I’ve made my point. Let’s move to the fourth key for projecting more confidence…


4) Keep your HEAD UP

How many times this week have you seen a scene like this:


the #1 threat to your masculinity


Ugh! Don’t be that guy! Notice how his head is looking down AND his shoulders are slouched! This is NOT how you project confidence.


Rather, you want to keep your chin up. You should never be looking down, my friend! You wanna be looking up!


Simply raising your head and refusing to let it drop, especially when you also embrace the other three keys we’ve discussed thus far, will make a real improvement in how confident you look.


Suddenly, people will start treating you with more respect. And women will begin showing you interest much more frequently, too 😉



Which is what you want, right? To become more attractive to women? And to unlock next level results both professionally and socially? If so, then implement what you’ve learned here today! These four keys work!


To summarize now, when you master your three facial expressions, speak about your vision when appropriate, keep your shoulders back, and hold your head high, you WILL project confident.


But I’ll be honest, I still have lots more to share with you… 😉



Want more ways to project confidence? As well as explanations as to HOW to put the keys you learned here into play?


Then I made something just for you.


If you’re looking for more ways to project confidence, and if you want more insight regarding how to be confident like Thomas Shelby, then I made this video for YOU…




Now, I want to hear from YOU. What was the biggest insight you gained here? Let me know in the comments section below. We can continue the conversation 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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