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Then follow these 3 strategies to naturally produce more testosterone (or T)…


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What follows is a simple review of the 3 ways to naturally boost your testosterone — as well as the research supporting each strategy. Let’s dive in…


Natural Testosterone Boost #1: Sunlight Exposure 

Sun exposure is the BEST way to increase your vitamin D levels. And you want optimal levels of vitamin D in order to produce more T naturally.


Vitamin D is a a steroid hormone. It’s essential for the development of sperm cells, and helps optimize semen quality and sperm count. Likewise, Vitamin D also increases levels of testosterone.


One study found that overweight men who were given vitamin D significantly increased their in testosterone levels after one year.


The advice I normally give my male clients here is simply to get outdoors and go for an hour long walk each day.


You can always bring a friend along 😉



While not an extreme way to get sun, the daily habit of going for a walk is a healthy way to get sufficient vitamin D. Likewise, a nice daily walk also helps reduce stress — and too much stress produced cortisol can actually decrease testosterone levels. Therefore, a daily walk is a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. You get sufficient vitamin D whilst maintaining lower levels of stress.


Natural Testosterone Boost #2: Replace Breakfast with HIIT

We’ll discuss “HIIT” in a minute. But first, let’s talk about skipping the almighty breakfast. Intermittent fasting, or the act of not consuming calories for a significant portion of your day, has been shown to elevate growth hormone and testosterone levels substantially.


Intermittent fasting increases T by boosting satiety hormones including insulin, leptin, adiponectin, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), colecystokinin (CKK) and melanocortins.


Each of these hormones are known to support healthy testosterone, increase libido and prevent testosterone decline as men age.


In fact, this study found people who fasted for 24 hours experienced an insane 2000% increase in growth hormone.


While you shouldn’t expect to get this type of spike from simply skipping breakfast, the benefits of intermittent fasting are real when it comes to testosterone and human growth hormone optimization.


To truly optimize your masculine hormonal functioning, I advise my clients to perform high intensity interval training  (HIIT) while fasted. HIIT includes sprints, circuit training, and other exercises that push you to your full limits.


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Intense workouts, or HIIT, increases testosterone on its own.


Better yet, doing HIIT while fasted doubles the positive effect on T and human growth hormone, as this linked study indicates.


Natural Testosterone Boost #3: Replace Carbs with Healthy Fats

We know from research that eating foods like avocados, nuts, oils, butters, and meats is essential for optimal testosterone production. The reason? Healthy fats, prevalent in the foods shown in the photo below, are crucial for steroid production.



Changing to a diet higher in fat has other besides steroid production alone. Replacing carbs with fats controls your insulin levels. In turn, this ensures you don’t experience chronic insulin spikes.


Cuz in the game of testosterone production, chronically high insulin is the enemy.


First, we know that insulin promotes fat gain. And carbs are filled with sugars that spike insulin. As such, cutting out carbs (pasta, cereal, bread, pizza), and the sugars inside these foods, and replacing those carbs with healthy fats is a surefire way to promote testosterone functioning.


But I know what you’re thinking: but I love carbs! 😁



I’ll be honest. I used to love carbs, too. And at first, cutting out carbs sucks! My body literally went through a mini-withdrawal phase, due to the sudden omission of sugars from my diet!


But after a week of replacing carbs with healthy fats, suddenly I didn’t crave carbs any more. Here’s why…


The energized feeling I got from the new high fat ketogenic diet I’m on is way better than the 20 minutes of pleasure I used to get from eating pizza or pasta! By combining this diet with intermittent fasting, I feel more confident and more concentrated than before — by a substantial amount. This elevated mood has felt extremely stable, too.


Again, this keeps your insulin low. Therefore, you don’t get the energy crash from insulin spikes. Instead, with this new dietary combination of high fat content and intermittent fasting, your body produces healthy levels of adrenaline.


In this state, HGH is also elevated. Remember the aforementioned study mentioning a 2000% spike after just 24 hours of fasting? These reactions explain my more focused, confident emotional state.


Lastly, I’ve found eating a diet high in fat and low in carbs makes me feel far more full. Yet another reason it’s become easier to stay lean.


Final Takeaways…

Optimizing your T levels goes a long way towards helping you reach your peak potential as a man. Just take a look at this illustration…


Testosterone Production


Luckily, as you’ve seen here, your testosterone levels are largely within your control.


You can spike and then maintain your T levels by doing the following…


  1. Get Daily Sunlight by Going for a Walk
  2. Skip Breakfast and Use the Time to Do Some Intense Exercise
  3. Stop Eating Sugary Carbs and Replace them with Healthy Fats


Making these three lifestyle changes will give you healthy, confidence boosting testosterone as well as other important hormonal benefits to improve your physical health and mindset.


What’s real cool?


Each of these aforementioned changes are totally natural.


From experience, I can tell you making these three changes has been game-changing.


It’s why I so strongly recommend you try out these three recommendations!


That said, if cutting carbs out of your diet seems insane, I recommend making the first two changes first. Begin with walking outside daily while skipping breakfast. Then, if you’re a big carb fan, only after those first two new lifestyle changes are in play, do I recommend replacing carbs with fats.


With that plan, you can expect to experience real changes within a month.


Like I said, since making these three changes, I have more energy, more muscle, I don’t get tired in the afternoons anymore. Best of all?


My confidence is higher today after making these three changes than it ever was before.


Now, it’s your turn. Make it happen. Let me know how I can help.


Lastly, if you have questions or comments, post below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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