Ever wanted to meet incredible women, but without the struggle of always relying on cold approach? 




If you’d like to meet incredible women WITHOUT approaching, then listen up 😉


Harvey Specter Winking


Side note: When I say “cold approach”  I mean starting a conversation with a girl you didn’t know — cuz she looked cute.


Cool? Cool. Now…


Even though I love cold approaching because it does work..


(For example, I just met Dee earlier today by cold approaching in the Malmo, Sweden central train station. She’s a total beauty — and not very shy, either. Here’s her “background pic” on her FB)…




…I know you probably don’t love cold approaching like I do! 


Am I right?


If so, then keep reading.


Here’s why…


You’re about to uncover how to meet women — in a way that’s 10X better than cold approach.


So what is it?




Get introduced to attractive women you like — from cool people in your social network.


Unlike a cold approach, getting a warm introduction from a mutual friend removes any “defense” a woman might display if you cold approached her.


And if the person giving the warm introduction has lots of social value, the girl will likely get interested in you immediately!


Getting a warm introduction is easily 10X more likely to get you the dating result you desire with a woman, than meeting that same woman by cold approaching her would be.


Did you catch that?


Women instantly warm up to you 10X more easily when you get a warm introduction — especially if your mutual connection is a well liked person!


Not too shabby, huh?


It’s a no-brainer: unlike doing a cold approach, getting a warm introduction to an attractive woman from a mutual friend stacks the deck in your favor!


To learn exactly how to master this epic way of meeting stunning women, check out this free in-depth video I created for you…


In it, you’ll uncover lots of secrets for meeting attractive women effortlessly, by mastering the art of getting warm introductions from people in your social circle.




Now, as you hopefully realize from the video just above these words, I’m not suggesting you stop cold approaching!


Sorry if that feels like I’m bursting your bubble! But I wouldn’t EVER bullshit you! I’ll always keep it real with you!


Here’s the stone cold truth…


Getting good at cold approach makes this social circle strategy far more effective!


Yes, it’s true that social circle is “better than cold approach,” insofar as you’re more likely to get a dating result when you get a warm introduction. There’s no doubt about that!


However, you’ll optimize your dating results when you COMBINE both cold approach and this social circle strategy together. As I shared in the video, they compliment each other nicely!


It’s why I always recommend my clients practice cold approaching each day WHILE building up their social circle. And to show that I practice what I preach, take a good look at each of these photos below.


What do you notice?


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


Notice that in the first picture, I’m doing a direct cold approach. (I was hitting on the girl with brown hair). And in the second photo, you can see I’m enjoying a night out with some “friends” from my female social circle.


See, I practice what I preach 😉


But enough about me…


Let’s talk about getting you epic dating results as quickly, and effectively, as possible.


To dominate your dating life, you simply need to do the following…


First, make doing a cold approach each day a habit, both to get your social skills sharp as a knife, and so that you can create your own dating abundance — without relying on anybody! Simultaneously, while doing a cold approach a day, build out your social circle — which I reveal how to do right here. Then lastly, and this is really just an extension of building up your social circle in your home town, make use of your social connections to meet women — whenever you can!


By taking action as I just described, you’ll soon unlock epic results both socially and romantically.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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