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To say I loved the coaching program is really an understatement. If you can, sign up. Jason will get you where you are trying to go.

-Abdi G., Digital Marketing



With Jason, anything is possible. He understands the challenges one experiences in life through a series of disappointments and hardships. However, he also knows how to turn this around. He believes one can make a transformation as long as the individual also takes the initiative to do so.


As a mentor, Jason is always dedicated in helping you stay on track to achieving success. Clearly, he wants you to succeed and learn how to develop the techniques needed to transform your life/situation for the better.


Through his Confidence Building Sequence, he provides you with a strategy to deal with any fear you have, whether it is public speaking or meeting new people. Jason reaffirms this over and over until it is part of your philosophy.


Thank you, Jason for making a difference in my life!

-Manny M., Public Administration



I have approached 6 girls since the time we talked over the phone. My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. There is a massive improvement in my communication by embracing silence.


Everyone is responding to me differently just by making this change in my communication style. Today, while I was coming back from school, I noticed this hawt girl in the bus. I instantly made eye contact and went up to her. But I didn’t start speaking right away like I usually do. I took a pause and stayed silence for a good 10 seconds, then introduced myself. After I introduced myself, I didn’t have to say anything . She put in all the work and did most of the talking. I listened and encouraged her to talk.


She told me to put my number in her phone when she about to get off the bus.  I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons.


I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.

-Anmol B., University Student



I started as a very shy person and did not know how to manage stressful situations; however, after a session with him, I learnt how to manage my stress level well, became more confident in all social situations, and enhanced my interpersonal skills.

-Minh P., U.C.L.A. Medical / TV Personality



Working 1 on 1 with Jason was the single greatest investment I’ve ever made.

-Chris W., Entrepreneur / Property Management



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